Can An Electric Chainsaw Cut Down A Tree?

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Can An Electric Chainsaw Cut Down A Tree?

Is It Okay To Use An Electric Chainsaw For Tree Cutting - Our Guide!

Chainsaws are very powerful tools, whether your using electrically powered or gas powered models, but can you use an electric model to cut down a tree?

Yes, an electric chainsaw can be used to cut down a tree, however you should be familiar with the safety precautions when cutting to avoid the tree falling on you, they can also be limited in reach if using a corded model.

In our guide below, we will first take you through what an electric chainsaw can be used for, and how to use one to cut down a tree, we will also cover how they match up to gas chainsaws for tree cutting. 

What Are Electric Chainsaws Used For? 

Electric chainsaws are growing in popularity in comparison to other types of chainsaws, they are excellent for cutting small tree limbs and are lightweight. Other simple tasks they can be used for around the garden are for small tree felling. 

The majority of people like electric chainsaws since they are quick starting too.

How To Use An Electric Chainsaw To Cut Down a Tree 

If it's your first time cutting a tree with an electric chainsaw, you might be a little overwhelmed, not to worry, we've put together some steps below to follow to make a simple guide. 

  1. Plan the direction - Before we can even think about cutting a small sized tree, we should plan the direction it will fall. Consider electric lines and objects, if the tree is natural leaning one way, go for this direction.
  2. Check the area - You will likely need to retreat after cutting a tree, so ensure the area is free of debris or roots that could trip you up when moving away.
  3. Get rid of tree limbs & make a landmark - Use a downward stroke with your chain saw to get rid of any supporting limbs and roots to the tree piece. Landmark where you want you tree to fall so as you can line up the angle of your cuts.
  4. Make a directional notch - Now its time to make a series of direction notch cuts, to make the top cut, cut at a 20 degrees of the tree trunks diameter at a 60-degree angle then another cut parallel underneath to make a curved notch in the tree.
  5. Check your surroundings and start the felling hinge - Make sure your zone is free of kids and animals then make your felling hinge cut by making a cut on the opposite side of the tree which is level to the undercut, this should be about 10 diameters and horizontal.
  6. Move away (fast) - Move quickly and calming away, keeping at a 90-degree angle, always keep your eyes on the tree, they can sometimes fall in the wrong direction.

Tips For Cutting Down Trees With An Electric Chainsaw 

How you cut a tree with your chainsaw is often determined by the size of the tree itself, for example in larger trees you might need to make two directional notches rather than one to avoid the saw getting stuck.

We've listed some other tips below. 

  • Wear protective gear - Protective gear such as goggles and a helmet is so important when cutting trees.
  • Don't panic if your saw gets stuck - If you get stuck, avoid trying to force it, always turn off the machine and plan.
  • Use felling wedges - Felling wedges are excellent for preventing your saw from getting pinched and slot it between your notches.
  • Have a second person on guard - A lookout is important and useful when cutting trees, they see things you cannot when cutting and could potentially save your life.
  • Study the tree - Before even cutting, you always need to get to know the tree, is it leaning to one side, could dead branches fall on you? If there are too many things which could go wrong, it might be best to call a professional in.

Electric Vs Gas Chainsaws For Tree Cutting 

One common question people ask is if electric chainsaws are weaker than gas chainsaws for cutting trees? 

Well, it is true, gas chainsaws do pack plenty of power, so are often used for larger trees, they also do not need a power outlet and are more of a heavy-duty chain saw. 

This doesn't mean that you can't find high-powered electric chainsaws however, they just might be limited in the size of tree cutting unlike gas-powered chainsaws. They are much better for the environment and need little maintaining too.

Do not be fooled that electric chainsaws are safer than gas models, both are just as dangerous, electric chainsaws can often feel lighter in weight, so people become more relaxed when using them.

Final Words

Overall, an electric chainsaw can be used for tree cutting of small-medium tree trunks, you might consider using a gas model for a larger tree since they have more power.

Always wear safety equipment before using an electric chainsaw and if using a corded chainsaw ensure it will reach the tree and the extension cord will not trip you up. Tree cutting is one of the most dangerous outdoor cutting tasks out there, always take the time to study and judge the felling zone before starting to cut.

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