Best Petrol Lawn Mowers For Large Gardens - Reviews 2023 - 2024

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Best Petrol Lawn Mower for Large Gardens

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Our Recommended Best Petrol Lawn Mower for Large Garden Is The Hyundai HYM430SP!

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Have you been dreaming of achieving the perfect lawn or garden, but just do not know where to start when it comes to purchasing a petrol powered lawn mower? Whether you are brand new to the at home grass care game or are an expert when it comes to garden DIY, picking your next big power tool can prove to be more than a bit daunting. Whether you are a newbie or an expert, a petrol lawnmower can fit the needs of anyone who needs their grass trimmed, especially if you have a large area of land to take care of.

Before pulling the trigger and purchasing your next petrol lawn mower, there are several items to consider first. After all, you are going to want to buy the best petrol lawn mower for the needs of your large gardens and lawns.

Mower Features

Today, the best petrol lawn mowers on the market come with a plethora of incredible features that may or may not benefit you. The more features a mower has, the more expensive it will be.

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Cutting Heights

The best petrol lawn mowers will have an option to adjust the cutting height. This is a vital feature because at different times of year, it is healthier for your grass to be kept at different lengths. For example, at the start of the year during dry weather, it is best to keep your grass looking longer so it does not get too stressed out. At the start of the summer, however, it is better to keep your grass shorter so it has the ability to stay neat and polished looking.

Mowers that allow the operator to set the cutting height of the blade can do so in many different ways. Some devices have a centrally located lever that adjusts the cutting height in one motion, while others have adjustments for the cutting height at each wheel of the mower.

Starting Mechanism

The starting mechanism on your next lawn mower is another feature to consider before you spend your money. Most petrol powered lawnmowers are started with a pull cord. Nowadays, however, the best lawn mower can be powered on with the press of an ignition button.

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Ergonomic Handlebars

Adjustable and ergonomic handles are added features that do not come standard on every lawnmower. Although these features are more difficult to find, they are useful ones nonetheless. While some mowers have fixed length handles, other models will allow the operator to adjust them among a fixed range of heights. These features will make it comfortable for ever member of your household to use the mower, no matter how tall they are.

If the handles are situated at a fixed height on your new mower, then make sure that they handles are at a comfortable height for you, especially if you are taller or shorter than average. Adjustable handles also make it an easier task to store away your lawnmower. Some newer models even have handles that can be folded down all the way into the body of the mower to completely hide it away under a work table or in a small shed.

Rear Rollers

Some, but not all modern lawnmowers include a rear roller to give your lawn that country club striped finish. If this is important to you, then make sure your next petrol lawnmower includes this feature. A rear roller is a great addition to any lawnmower if you want to give your lawn a sharp cut and professional finish. A good rear roller will be on the heavier side, so a lawnmower with an integrated rear roller will tend to be a bit heavier than other models. This is an especially important aspect to consider, as petrol lawnmowers tend to already be a great deal heavier than their electric or battery powered counterparts. Also, this particular feature tends to markedly increase the price of any lawnmower, so budget may play a factor when thinking about all of these additional features.

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Grass Collection Box

A good collection bag is a vital add-on to most lawnmowers. A collection bag allows the user to collect garden debris as they mow the lawn to give it a clean, neat finish. A high quality, tight fitting collection box makes mowing your lawn an overall more enjoyable experience.

Petrol lawnmowers are the best type of devices for very spacious lawns and large gardens. They are also the most useful for cutting thick and even wet grass. The question now is: what is the best petrol lawn mower for large gardens that is available in the UK today?

Hyundai HYM430SP 4-Stroke Petrol Lawn Mower

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Even though Hyundai may be better known the world over for their cars and motorcycles, this reliable company also makes lawn, home, and garden power tools as well. Lawnmowers from Hyundai are affordable, reliable, and well designed. This is why the best petrol lawn mower on our list is the Hyundai HUM430SP 4-Stroke model.


  • 139 cc four stroke engine (no oil mixing required)
  • 42 cm cutting width
  • Tool free assembly
  • Operator Presence Control safety feature
  • Foldable, ergonomic handles
  • Easy start, contactless ignition system
  • Adjustable cutting height (25 mm to 70 mm)
  • 45 litre grass collector with level indicator

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The Hyundai HUM430SP 4-Stroke Petrol Lawn Mower is an affordable and easy to use petrol lawn mower that will service you and your garden for years and years to come. The build quality of this particular device makes it the best petrol lawn mower available for purchase today in the UK.This particular model is powered with a 139 cc 4-stroke engine that packs a punch, but is also low maintenance and economical to run. In addition to these facts, this engine also produces lower carbon emissions than the average petrol lawn mower engine, which makes it more environmentally friendly.

Unlike many other petrol lawnmowers, the Hyundai HUM430SP 4-Stroke does not require a pull cord to start. Instead, starting up this device is a breeze as all that is requires is the push of the ignition button. In addition, the engine features operator presence control (OPC) technology which automatically stops the engine any time the operator release the power control on the handle of the mower. This also prevents the engine from starting when the mower is not in use, which makes it a vital safety feature.

The Hyundai HUM430SP 4-Stroke Petrol Lawn Mower has a hardened steel deck with a cutting width of 43 cm, which makes it suited for mowing sizable lawns and large gardens.

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One great additional feature on the Hyundai HUM430SP 4-Stroke Petrol Lawn Mower is that the cutting height is easily adjustable. The operator can select from six different cutting heights ranging from 25 mm to 74 mm so you can easily use this mower throughout the year and in all seasons. Easily swap between the different cutting heights using the lever that is centrally located on the body of the mower in front of the right rear wheel. This feature, coupled with the fact that this mower is petrol powered, means that you can even mow your lawn when it is wet.

A glaring issue with petrol lawn mowers is that they can be difficult and uncomfortable to operate. Luckily, this is not the case with the Hyundai HUM430SP 4-Stroke petrol mower. The biggest asset that assists with making this mower easy to use is that it is a self-propelled mower. This feature helps to offset the heavy weight of the mower while pushing it around your lawn. The handles on this lawn mower are designed with ergonomics in mind. These handles reduce vibrations felt by the operator. They also help to reduce strain and user fatigue.

The Hyundai HUM430SP 4-Stroke Petrol Lawn Mower comes with a grass bag that has a capacity of 45 litres. This grass collection bag is large enough that you will not have to empty it halfway through mowing your lawn. If you do not want to collect your clippings in the grass box, you can use one of the cutting modes available in order to discharge them. There are modes for mulching as well as modes for cutting and dropping. Mulching is a great option if you want to return vital nutrients to your lawn without the use of harsh chemical fertilisers.

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  • The engine on the Hyundai HUM430SP 4-Stroke Petrol Lawn Mower is extremely powerful.
  • Ergonomic handles reduce user fatigue and because it is self propelled, it is easy to operate.
  • This petrol lawn mower is much more quiet than other traditional petrol lawn mowers.
  • The Hyundai HUM430SP 4-Stroke Petrol mower is extremely affordable compared to other petrol mowers.
  • Customers have noted that this mower is extremely easy to assemble straight from the box upon deliver.


  • This lawn mower is on the heavier side.
  • Some customers have complained that the grass box that attaches to this mower leaks clippings from the grill and near the top of the flap.

All in all, the Hyundai HUM430SP 4-Stroke Petrol Lawn Mower is one of the best lawnmowers on the market today in the UK. It is one of the best petrol mowers because it is affordable, easy to use, and incredibly powerful.

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Murray EQ300 Petrol Lawn Mower

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Although it is a lesser known company than others in the lawn mower space, Murray is a company that produces affordable and reliable lawn mowers. Some of the best petrol mowers available in the UK are Murray ones.


  • Briggs and Stratton 300E Series engine
  • Two in one cutting system (rear discharge and clipping collection)
  • Ergonomic and foldable handle bars
  • Adjustable cutting height

The Murray EQ300 is the perfect lawn mower for large lawns and garden. The Murray EQ300 Petrol Lawn Mower is powered by an incredibly strong Briggs and Stratton engine. This ESERIES Briggs and Stratton engine is the best in its class for petrol powered push mowers the world over. If a mower features a Briggs and Stratton engine, you know that is it built to last.

This particular model employs a smart two in one cutting system that features rear discharge of grass clippings as well as the ability to collect clippings in a grass bag. Purchase of this particular lawn mower comes features a huge 60 litre soft grass bag for grass clipping collection. The soft grass box allows the operator to collect lawn debris without being weighed down by a bulky metal or plastic one. Since the capacity of the grass box is a huge 60 litres, this mower is perfectly suited to a large lawn or garden.

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Ergonomics were certainly not ignored when it comes to the design of the Murray EQ300 self-propelled mower. Not only is this mower very smart looking, but it is incredibly comfortable to use as well. This particular device has an ergonomically designed handlebar that can be adjusted to three different heights. This way, members of your household that are different heights can comfortably and safely operate the mower. The handle can also be folded down onto the body of the mower to make storing it away incredibly easy. This mower can be stored under a low workbench or in a small garden shed with no problem at all.

The grass cutting height on the Murray EQ300 lawn mower can be adjusted to one of six different settings from 28 cm to 92 cm. The adjustable cutting heights on this mower gives the operator complete control over the finish on their freshly mowed lawn. This also allows you to make sure that you will be able to use this mower all year round and in any season.

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  • Customers have noted that this particular mower is more lightweight compared to other mowers in its class.
  • This mower is very easy to assemble straight from the box upon delivery.
  • The rear wheels on this particular mower are quite large, which makes it easy to manoeuvre on all types of terrain.
  • The Murray EQ300 mower is incredibly affordable, especially when compared to other petrol mowers suited to cutting a large lawn.
  • Since this is a self-propelled mower, it is incredibly easy to use and it will not tire you out, even when mowing a big garden.


  • The lever mechanisms that are located on the handle of the Murray EQ300 are further apart than the span of the average hand, so gripping and operating them can be a bit of a nuisance.
  • Some customers have said that this mower does not roll backwards very easily; some even go so far as to say that the wheels leave tracks in the lawn when the user tries to move the mower backwards.

The Murray EQ300 is an affordable, simple to use machine, which is why it makes it onto our list of the best petrol mowers for large lawns and gardens. It is simple to use and operate and will suit users of all kinds of skill levels, from lawn mowing novices to experts.

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Webb Classic 41 cm Self Propelled Rotary Lawnmower

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If your budget is your main concern when it comes to purchasing a quality petrol lawn mower, then look no further than Webb products.


  • DVO130 Webb four stroke engine
  • Steel 41 cm cutting deck
  • Adjustable cutting height (seven positions; 25 mm to 75 mm)
  • 45 litre fabric collection bag
  • Two in one cutting system (cut and collect or rear discharge)
  • Two year warranty

The Webb Classic 41 cm Self Propelled Rotary lawnmower is a traditional petrol lawnmower that is durable, reliable, and incredibly affordable. This particular model is powered with a high quality 132 cc Webb four stroke engine with overhead valve technology for increased fuel efficiency, nearly silent operation, and cleaner running. Since this particular mower is self propelled, it has not problem going up hills, covering difficult terrain, and chopping through weedy grass.

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The Webb Classic 41 cm Self Propelled Rotary lawnmower is fitted with a 41 cm steel cutting deck that features a lever to adjust the cutting heights of the lawnmower blades. With one toggle of the lever, the operator can adjust the cutting height between 25 mm to 75 mm so you can keep using this mower all year round and in all seasons.

One feature that is unique to the Webb Classic 41 cm Self Propelled Rotary lawnmower is the two in one cutting system. The operator has the choice of collecting the grass clippings in the spacious 45 litre grass collector or tidily discharging them from the rear of the mower.

The grass box is made of fabric in order to cut down on added weight to the lawn mower. This also makes it easier to store away when it is not in use. The grass collector has a capacity of 45 litres, which makes is large enough for cutting even the largest lawns and gardens.

The handlebars on the Webb Classic 41 cm Self Propelled Rotary lawnmower are ergonomically designed to cut down on vibrations and user fatigue. They are also able to be folded down onto the body of the mower, which makes storing the whole device away a breeze.

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  • Customers rave that the assembly of this mower is incredibly easy thanks to the fact that it can be done without tools.
  • This mower is much more quiet when compared to other comparable petrol lawn mowers.
  • Changing the cutting height of the Webb Classic 41 cm Self Propelled Rotary lawnmower is super easy and can be done with one hand.


  • Some customers have had problems starting up the mower with the pull cord.

Overall, the Webb Classic 41 cm Self Propelled Rotary lawnmower makes our list of the best petrol lawnmowers for a large lawn or garden because it is super easy to operate and extremely affordable. The option for grass collection or rear discharge gives the user total control over their grass cutting experience.

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Grizzly BRM 4210-20 Petrol Lawn Mower

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Though it is a lesser known name in the lawn care and garden DIY space, Grizzly still produces effective and affordable mowers with excellent build quality for every homeowner. The Grizzly BRM 4210-20 is no exception!


  • Four stroke 99 cc OHV engine
  • Robust steel casing
  • 50 litre grass collector bag
  • Ball bearing wheels (front: 17 cm, rear: 20 cm)
  • Durable PVC tyres
  • Adjustable cutting height (five settings from 25 cm to 75 cm)
  • Folding ergonomic handles with quick release fasteners

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The Grizzly BRM 4210-20 lawnmower is powered by a powerful four stroke engine that delivers 1.6 kW to the mower itself. The engine utilises OHV technology to make sure of operator safety. Combustion in this engine is incredibly efficient, which reduces fuel consumption, optimises performance, and reduces carbon emissions.

The cutting heights are adjustable on this particular petrol mower with the central height adjustment lever. There are five different cutting heights to choose from varying between 25 mm and 75 mm.

The grass collector bag that comes with the purchase of this petrol mower has a capacity of 50 litres. The large capacity serves to make sure that you will be able to mow your entire garden without having to empty out the clippings from the grass box halfway through. The grass collector also comes with a fill indicator that inflates during mower operation. This way, you can monitor the levels of grass collection while you are using the mower. If the grass collection box is completely filled, then the filling indicator will collapse.

The handles of this device are ergonomically designed, which means that vibration is reduced during operation and the user will be able to grip them comfortably. With just a few steps, the handles can be folded completely onto the body of the petrol mower so that it can be easily store away under a work table or in a small garden shed.

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  • The body of the mower and engine are housed in a hardened steel casing for added durability.
  • The tyres on this device are made of durable PVC.


  • Some customers have complained that the cutting height adjustment lever is difficult to operate.
  • There is no mulching option on the Grizzly BRM 4210-20.

Overall, the Grizzly BRM 4210-20 petrol mower is one of the best petrol mowers for keeping up large gardens. Its sturdy steel deck in tandem with its sharp blades, powerful engine, and ergonomic design make the Grizzly BRM 4210-20 a great choice for your next lawnmower.

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Mountfield HP 41 Rotary Lawn Mower

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Mountfield is known the world over for creating affordable and reliable petrol lawnmowers that will last you and your household for years and years to come. Mountfield has been a leader in the UK lawnmower market for more than 50 years, and their products definitely stand the test of time. If you are looking for a mower for large swaths of grass, then look no further than the Mountfield Rotary lawnmower.


  • 100 cc Mountfield RS100 engine
  • Cutting deck with a width of 39 cm
  • Hand propelled
  • Adjustable cutting height (five positions from 25 mm to 70 mm)
  • 40 litre grass collection box

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The Mountfield HP 41 Rotary lawnmower is powered with an RS100 OHV four stroke engine that is easy to start up. Although this mower is not self propelled, it is lightweight enough to be comfortably manoeuvred with all of the power from the operator.

The polypropylene cutting deck on the Mountfield HP 41 is lightweight and durable, which makes the mower itself very economical to use. The cutting width is 39 cm and the cutting height is adjustable. There are five different height settings from 25 mm to 70 mm.

The grass collector is easy to attach and detach from the mower itself. The grass collector has a capacity of 40 litres, which is indeed large enough so you will not have to empty it of its clippings halfway through cutting your lawn.

The ergonomic handles on the Mountfield HP 41 make operating it an absolute pleasure. They reduce user fatigue and make cutting a very comfortable experience.

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  • Customers have noted that this lawnmower is much easier to start up compared to other petrol lawnmower
  • Assembly of the Mountfield HP 41 Rotary lawnmower is extremely simple and the instructions that come with purchase of this lawn mower are easy to ready and understand.
  • The build quality polypropylene chassis of this lawn mower is extremely strong, despite not being made of steel.
  • The Mountfield HP 41 Rotary lawnmower can cut wet grass as well as dry grass.


  • The Mountfield HP 41 Rotary lawn mower is not self propelled, which may be a deal breaker if you have to mow grass on a slope.
  • Some customers have urged prospective buyers to invest in the more expensive Briggs and Stratton engine 300 motor oil, as it makes the engine of this lawn mower perform better.

All in all, the Mountfield HP 41 Rotary lawnmower makes quick work of mowing your large garden or lawn. It is one of the best petrol lawnmowers because of its lightweight polypropylene body, its large cutting deck, and its easy to start engine.

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Best in Show: Hyundai HYM430SP 4-Stroke Petrol Lawn Mower

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Our vote for the best petrol lawn mower goes the the Hyundai HYM430SP 4-Stroke model because of its superior build quality, large cutting width, and powerful 139 cc four stroke engine. Although this particular model does not have the more popular Briggs and Stratton engine as one of its features like some of its competitors do, the included Hyundai engine gets the job done every time.

From the tool free assembly, to the spacious cutting collection bag, to the single touch ignition system, the Hyundai HYM430SP 4-Stroke is truly the best lawn mower on the market today for large lawns and gardens.

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