What To Wear When Using A Chainsaw?

July 26, 2021

What To Wear When Using A Chainsaw?

What Should You Wear If You're Using A Chainsaw?

First, make sure you're wearing protection.

You won't need it if you're using it for light trimming, but there are a few safety precautions you should take for cutting wood, posts and other wood products.

These include:

  1. Wear safety glasses with side shields.
  2. When cutting wood, it's a good idea to keep your face away from the blade. If you're cutting vertically down, the blade will come towards you and you don't want wood flying in your eyes.
  3. Safety first. Always cut away from you, the wood or your helper.
  4. Wear protective gloves to avoid cuts on your hands.

It's vital that you wear the right protective clothing, particularly if you're using a chainsaw.

The key to staying safe is to wear protective clothing that covers your skin.

Chainsaw safety equipment

Chainsaw Helmet

It is a types of helmet that are popular protective equipment headgear used by woodsmen, farmers and some construction workers to protect the head from the impact of flying debris, falling branches, and trees.

So, if you plan to use chainsaw on pruning your trees and shrubs, try using a Chainsaw Helmet of ground helmet

Chainsaw Trousers

Chainsaw trousers are a style of trousers that are made from various materials.

From traditional denim to the more outlandish, we have seen some interesting designs over the years.

However, many of these have been made from synthetic materials, which may be less comfortable and less durable.

A chainsaw trousers is a piece of equipment that are made of a pair of trousers with a built-in chainsaw and are worn as protective clothing when using a chainsaw.

They are very useful for people who work with chainsaws a lot and need to be protected from the sharp teeth of the chainsaw.


Chainsaw gloves are a must have for any homeowner — even if you only use the saw occasionally.

If you had a pair of these gloves, no matter how infrequent your use of the power tool, you could be assured of a good grip and feel for using it.

The gloves are specially designed to protect and cushion the user's hands while using a chainsaw.

Protective Glasses

To protect your eyes from flying wood chips or to keep you from experiencing temporary blindness when working in front of a running chainsaw, you should wear chainsaw protective glasses.

Hi-vis Chainsaw Shirt

Hi-vis Chainsaw Shirt - The Chainsaw Shirt is the ultimate correct safety equipment and accessory for your garden.

It has been designed to be as visible as possible in order to make the most of your chainsaw.

Made from a strong, stretchy material, it is incredibly comfortable to wear and will not cause any irritation to the skin.

It is also completely waterproof making it ideal for wet weather conditions.

It is used by individuals who work in construction sites or in environments with an increased risk of potential accidents.

Should you wear chaps when using a chainsaw?

Chainsaws are a vital tool in the modern garden.

Not only do they make short work of trimming the trees and bushes that are taking over your property, they are also invaluable for shaping the garden beds and for cutting through the thickest waist-high grass.

But the sheer force required to use them can lead to considerable strain on your back, and wearing chaps may reduce the risk of your back muscles being damaged when you are using the machine.

Chaps are a great way to protect your legs when using a handsaw, a chainsaw, or any power tool in the yard.

They are made from canvas or leather and are a good idea to wear if you are going to be working with a chainsaw.

You should wear chaps when using a chainsaw to protect your legs from friction burns and cuts.

How dangerous are chainsaws?

Chainsaws are incredibly dangerous tools, and the ones found in Home, Garden, and DIY Stores can be very powerful as well.

If you don’t know how to use one, you could easily injure yourself or anyone else in the room. 

The chain brake rotates at high speeds and presents a serious danger if you do not use them correctly.

To prevent injury the user of a chainsaw is advised to understand how the tool works and the best safety practices to use when operating it.

Common are chainsaw accidents

Consider the risks of using a chainsaw.

One of the most common chainsaw accidents is, of course, when a chainsaw is dropped and the broken or blunt chain gets stuck in the handle, which in turn can cause the person using the chainsaw to receive fatal injuries and even death.

These also includes kickback- which occurs when the tip of the saw's blade catches on an object, causing the saw to violently kickback and potentially strike the operator.

These accidents cause severity of injury, ranging from amputations to severed limbs.

However, before using a list of chainsaw equipment you should talk to a professional about the dangers of these tools—before it's too late.

What happens if you put too much oil in a 2-stroke?

Oil is a great lubricant that keeps your chainsaw running smoothly. At the same time, oil can also destroy machinery that has not been designed for it.

Take the 2-stroke chainsaw for example. It has a pump to push oil through the engine.

If you fill the oil tank to the top, the pump will not be able to push any more oil through the engine.

When you start the engine, the oil will flash into the combustion chamber.

As the fuel mixes with the oil, it will burn and let out massive amounts of heat.

This will make the engine overheat and get damaged.

It's good to check the oil before each use to make sure it is filled properly.

Rules for using a chainsaw

A chainsaw is a powerful and versatile tool that enables you to cut down large trees and branches and perform other heavy duty tasks.

However, before you jump into using one, it is important that you understand the rules that you must follow to keep yourself safe.

The following are guidelines for using a chainsaw, with an emphasis on safety.

  1. Do not use it when you're sleepy.
  2. Do not use it when you're angry. 
  3. Do not use it when you're drunk. 
  4. Do not use it when you have been eating too much. 
  5. Do not use it unless you are willing and able to cut through a tree trunk. 
  6. Do not use it to cut branches from trees. 
  7. Do not use it to cut branches from hedges. 
  8. Do not use it to cut branches from shrubs. 
  9. Do not use it to cut branches from flowers. 
  10. Do not use it to cut branches from shrubbery.

When you're using a chainsaw, the safety of you and your family is always your main concern.  

Always remember to keep your hands and arms clear of the blade.

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