Best Electric Lawn Mower With A Roller For Stripes 2023 - 2024

Flymo EasiMow 340R Electric Rotary Lawn Mower - 34 cm Cutting Width, 35 Litre Grass Box, Close Edge Cutting, Rear Roller, Central Height Adjust, Comfortable to Manoeuvre, Foldable Handles
Our Top 1
  • Utilises a powerful 1400W motor so you can tackle your lawn with ease
  • A 34cm cutting width and 20-60mm cutting height ensures a neat and tidy finish to your lawn
  • Equipped with a large 35 litre grass box meaning less time spent emptying grass clippings
  • It’s 10m cable gives you the freedom and flexibility to move around your garden area without the need to worry about reach
  • Equipped with dual lever handles allow you to comfortably operate the lawn mower with either hand for greater flexibility and manoeuvrability
Hyundai 13
  • 330mm cutting width: Ideal for small lawns
  • Ultra-lightweight and durable rust-free chassis: Weighs just 9kg
  • Rear roller mower: Get that traditional British striped lawn
  • Eco-friendly mulching feature: Returns extra-fine grass cuttings to the lawn for a greener, healthier lawn
  • 3 adjustable cutting heights: Get the perfect finish on your lawn
  • 30L grass catcher bag: Minimises time spent emptying the cuttings
  • Quick and easy to assemble: Foldable handles for easy transportation and storage
  • Long-reach 10m power cable: Reduces the need for an extension cable
  • Low maintenance: No petrol or oil to deal with - simply plug in and off you go!
  • Peace of mind: 3 year Hyundai warranty
Flymo EasiStore 340R Electric Rotary Lawn Mower - 34 cm Cutting Width, 35 Litre Grass Box, Close Edge Cutting, Rear Roller, Central Height Adjust , Space Saving Storage Features
  • Utilises a powerful 1400W motor so you can tackle your lawn with ease
  • A 34cm cutting width and 20-60mm cutting height ensures a neat and tidy finish to your lawn
  • Equipped with a large 35 litre grass box meaning less time spent emptying grass clippings
  • It’s 10m cable gives you the freedom and flexibility to move around your garden area without the need to worry about reach
  • Equipped with dual lever handles allow you to comfortably operate the lawn mower with either hand for greater flexibility and manoeuvrability.


The Best Electric Lawn Mower With A Roller For Stripes 2023

There's nothing like a striped finish on your grass to show that you maintain your garden, not only is this striped lawn finish aesthetically desirable, but it is great for the health of your lawn too. 

But if you're new to lawnmowers, you might be wondering how to achieve this striped lawn appearance, and that's by buying a lawn mower with a roller. 

All type of lawnmowers can come with a roller, from electric mowers to a petrol lawn mower or even a riding mower. There are many different features to consider in a roller mower too such as its size, which will have to be suited to the size of lawn you have. 

So as we can narrow down the best roller lawn mower models on the market, today we will start by reviewing electric lawnmower models with rollers and review them one by one to find the best mower for you. 

Our Number One Electric Roller Lawnmower - 

The Flymo EasiMow 340R Electric Rotary Lawn Mower (Editor's Choice)

This Flymo EasiMow electric rotary lawnmower comes with a 1400W motor power and a 34cm cutting width making it suited to small-medium types of lawn. It is equipped with its rear roller too so as you can create that striped lawn finish. 

Notable specs of this Flymo electric mowers model are also its adjustable cutting heights which range from 20-60mm, the cutting deck design allows you to mow a stripe up to the edge of a lawn and it uses its 35-litre grass box to collect blades of grass, this grass box has an indicator too that allows you to see when it needs emptying.

The overall weight of the corded mower's design is 10.8kg and it has an electric cable length of 10m. Its whole design additionally can fold up for storage and it has dual-lever handles for easier operation.


To conclude, this electric motor rotary mower is a reliable model to choose for homeowners with lawns if you have a small-medium lawn type you want to create stripes on and mow with accuracy. 

We also like this Flymo model because of its very lightweight design which allows you to mow strips of lawn without getting fatigued and also makes the mower easy to store after use in your gardens. 

Downfalls of the Flymo electric mower with roller have to be its cutting heights adjustment settings which are said to be difficult to set and not high enough for grass, meaning it cuts grass too short even when set on the highest level. 


  • Rear roller. 
  • Affordable.
  • 10 metres of cable. 
  • 34cm cutting deck with close edge design.
  • Compact storage due to foldable handles. 
  • Lightweight design. 
  • Adjustable cutting heights. 
  • 35L grass collection box.


  • Cutting height adjustments are limited and difficult to set. 

Hyundai HYM3300E 33cm Electric Lawn Mower & Roller

The Hyundai HYM3300E electric lawnmowers model comes with an electric motor power of 1200w and is equipped with a 33cm cutting deck to hand small-medium-sized lawns.

Important specs of this electric mower are mulching function which comes with a quick-release mulching plug and its roller which enables you to create stripes on any type of lawn. Three cutting heights are incorporated with the model ranging from 20-60mm depending on the grass you are cutting. 

For collecting grass clippings there is a 30L grass collection box attached to the lawn mower and it has a lightweight of only 9kg. A 10m electric cable, folding handles, safety button and a three-year warranty are additionally included too.


Overall, this Hyundai HYM3300E is not a bad choice for creating a striped lawn everytime you mow your lawn, the model has great functions included for its price such as its mulching plug, along with a very lightweight and folding handles which reduces the overall footprint of this lightweight model. 

Negatives of the Hyundai mower are its design which is said to be of poor quality and can leave an uneven cut on your garden, the lawnmower is further reported to have a difficult adjustment system for its cutting heights too and a limited range.


  • 33cm steel blade. 
  • Lightweight mower with foldable handles. 
  • 30L size grass collection box for lawn cuttings. 
  • Three-year warranty. 
  • 10m electric cable.
  • Roller for lasting stripes
  • Safety button.
  • Quick-release mulching plug. 


  • Poor build quality produces uneven cut. 
  • Cutting heights are limited and difficult to set. 

Flymo EasiStore 340R Electric Rotary Lawn Mower

If your looking for an electric mower with a roller that is more suited to medium garden sizes it could be worth considering this model by Flymo. 

Feature-wise the electric rotary mower comes with a steel deck cutting width of 36cm and uses a 1400w lawn mower motor power to tackle shorter grass or even thicker lawns. Height adjustment for cutting on this mower ranges from 20-60mm and its close edge cutting feature allows you to mow a pact of grass right to the edge. 

In terms of design, the electric mower weighs 11kg and can be folded down for easy transportation or for vertical storage which allows you to save space. A 35L size grass collection box is additionally incorporated with the mower for collecting grass clippings along with dual lever handles for better control. 

Extra specs of this electric mower are its 10m electric cable and a two-year warranty for buyers confidence. 


The Flymo EasiStore model is a good roller lawnmower to choose from if you want a lightweight model that can be stored easily after use and took out quickly when needed. 

Its larger size grass collection box allows you to avoid emptying grass clippings too often, reducing your mowing time and getting the job done quicker, allowing you to focus on your striped lawn everytime.

Drawbacks of this Flymo roller lawnmower have to be its assembly which is reported to be hard to set up, the design of the cutting height adjustment is also said to repeatedly slip down to the lowest setting as you are mowing. 


  • Reliable roller lawnmower with lightweight. 
  • Rotary blade width of 36cm. 
  • Can be stored vertically with an ergonomic design. 
  • Great for medium-sized lawns. 
  • Solid grass collector of 35L for the lawn cuttings. 
  • Two-year warranty. 
  • Height adjustment.


  • Difficult assembly. 
  • Cutting height lever slips down to lowest setting during use. 

Our Verdict - Which Electric Lawnmower With Roller Is The Best?

To conclude our top three electric roller lawnmower reviews, the best model on our list for achieving that striped lawn everytime has to be the Flymo EasiMow 340R electric rotary lawnmower

This Flymo roller lawnmower is perfect for the average homeowners with lawns of a small size who want to create a professional striped finish to their lawn without the hassle of having to push a heavy mower around thanks to its lightweight and dual lever handles for easier operation.

We also put this Flymo 340R rear roller lawn mower as our number one because of its grass box excellent indicator feature that allows you to empty less and see when your box is full as you mow strips of lawn.

What to Look For In The Best Electric Lawnmowers With Rollers (Our Buying Guide)

After comparing and reviewing the best rear roller lawn mower electric models on the market, it might be worth getting to know some more about what specs you should be looking for in the best model, how to use a roller lawnmower to create stripes and the best tips for creating the most desirable stripes possible.

So to simplify it all, we have composed an informative buying guide below that will leave you as a professional to picking your rear roller lawnmower and using it on any types of lawn. 

Let's get into it!

What Is a Rear Roller Lawnmower? 

A rear roller lawnmower is a lawnmower with a roller attachment at the end, this roller is the same width as your mower and is effectively used to flatten your lawn down as you mow, leaving a professional-looking striped finish to your garden after you have finished mowing. 

You can buy some rear roller attachments for your mower if yours doesn't come with one, the only mower you can't use a rear roller with is a hover mower, as the cushion of air system doesn't let the mower touch the floor. 

The heavier that your mower and roller are then the longer the stripes will last on your garden.

Why Are Striped Lawns Popular? 

Not only are the striped lawns created by your mower nice to look at, but they are a symbol of professionalism used by many homeowners with lawns and on football fields in the world, they further flatten the terrain of your soil and lock in the nutrients of the dirt, making your lawn more healthy.

Using a roller to create stripes on any sized gardens can also hide imperfections such as discolouration on your lawn and make it look like a healthy lawn instead.

How Do I Create Stripes With My Mower? 

Cylinder self-propelled lawn mowers tend to work the best with a roller for creating stripes on your lawn as they keep you straight and give the best cut.

However a rotary mower for stripes and any type of mowers such as a push or manual models can work too as long you have a roller attachment, we will list how to create some typical patterns on your entire lawn below. 

  • Basic straight striped lawn - To create the well-known straight striped lawn, you simply need to mow strips of lawn in one direction then turn and come back around in the other direction. 
  • Checkerboard - For a checkerboard pattern you can follow the steps above, but then repeat them width ways.
  • Diamond checkerboard - Instead of mowing width ways as you would to make a standard checkerboard pattern, mow over your straight lines diagonally.

Best Features To Consider In a Rear Roller Electric Mower

As well as the roller itself, you should consider some other important features in your electric mower if you want to maintain a healthy lawn and use your roller lawnmower to the best of its ability. 

We have listed these essential features to consider in your roller lawnmower below. 

  • Cutting width - One of the most important features to consider on your electric rear roller mower is its cutting width, this will determine the size of the lawn you can tackle and how long it will take you to create stripes on strips of lawn.
  • Power - Most homeowners with lawns shouldn't need a power of over 2000W on their mowers motor, more power from your lawn mower motor does mean more durability when it comes to cutting thicker lawns and bumpy lawns.
  • Cutting height - Adjustable cutting heights are essential on your lawnmower as you don't want to be cutting your grass too short, especially when you are trying to create that striped effect.
  • Weight - The weight of your electric mower matters as you want to feel comfortable to be pushing it around for a long period without too much fatigue, you should look for a weight of no more than 10kg.
  • Grass collection box - A grass collection box with a small capacity can become very annoying and interrupt your stripes as you will have to be continuously emptying the box, a good grass box capacity should be around 30L for collecting lawn cuttings.
  • Metres of cable - As we are talking about an electric roller lawn mower for stripes, most of these are corded, meaning you need to ensure you have enough metres of cable to work with so as you are not restricted as you mow.
  • Design - An ergonomic design on your mower is much easier to work with for longer periods, foldable handles are also great to watch out for storage purposes and a vision window is excellent for viewing when your grass box is full or not. You should additionally make sure the design of your mower is durable with a robust steel deck for thicker lawns.
  • Warranty - No matter what, your electric roller lawnmower must come with either a two-year warranty or a three-year warranty so as you can be protected against any faulty parts such as the motor. 

Tips For Creating The Best Stripes On Your Gardens 

Most people assume once you have a roller on your electric lawn mowers model, stripes are easy to create, however, there are a couple of great tips and tricks you can be doing when using your mower to create the best and most professional stripes possible. 

We have listed out top tips and tricks out below.

  • Check your grass types - Some grass types are better for making stripes with than others, cold season grass always tends to be the best as its blades bend easily due to the water content being high inside of them, warm-season grass is much harder to stripe with and the blade stripes will not bend as easily.
  • Change the patterns - Every one of two weeks you should change the pattern that you mow grass in to avoid the thicker grass lying down flat permanently and becoming hard to change in the future. 
  • Don't cut the grass too short - Your ideal grass height should be between 2.5 inches to 4 inches, this will give the best cut to show light reflection and will also help them stay bent for longer, cutting a patch of grass too short will make it harder to bend. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Electric Lawnmowers With Rollers 

Can I create stripes on larger sized gardens?

There is no reason as to why you cannot create a striped lawn everytime on your larger lawn as long as you have the correct sized type of mower. Expensive models such as riding mowers with rollers can be used for creating a striped finish on extra-large lawns.

Does a powerful motor mean a better mower? 

More power from the motor on a roller lawnmower can help its steel deck cut thicker strips of lawn or thicker lawns with more bumps, however, this is not always the indicator of a better mower.

The same goes for a petrol lawnmower, just because it has a bigger engine, doesn't always indicate it will give a better cut.

What are some other benefits of a roller lawnmower? 

Other benefits of a roller mower that you might not have considered are stability, as the roller helps keep the mower straight, they can also help with lawn health and act as a guide when you put down fertiliser on your larger lawns. 

How much do electric lawn mowers with rollers cost? 

This all comes down to the brand and model that you purchase, however, typically for small-sized electric lawn mowers with a roller they can cost around £100.

Can you buy cordless lawn mowers with rollers? 

Cordless mower options with rollers are available on the market and are a great option if you are looking to create stripes on bigger lawns as the absence of an electric cable means you are not as restricted, just ensure you choose a model with a big enough lithium-ion battery capacity for the size of your garden.

What are the best cutting heights to have on a mower?

The best range of height-adjustable cutting options on your mower should be between 20-70mm, and around five adjustment options are the most suitable for grass cuttings of all sizes. 

If my mower has a short electric cable can I use an extension cable? 

A short electric cable can be very restricting but easily remedied with an extension cable to give your electric cable a better reach, just ensure this extension electric cable matches the voltage of your mower and is outdoor use protected.

How do I create long-lasting stripes in my garden?

Unfortunately, there is not a particular hack for making your stripes last longer on your lawn, but one of the main ways you can ensure your stripes look the best is by not cutting the grass down too short, especially on thicker lawns, as this will make the blades more resistant to bending and make the stripes seem less visible on a larger garden.

Our #1 Electric Lawnmower With Roller For Creating Stripes On Your Lawn

Our number one electric lawnmower with a roller is the Flymo EasiMow 340R electric rotary lawnmower

This Flymo model not only comes with a great warranty but is a dream to operate thanks to its easy to use lever design and lightweight which makes the push operation of this lawnmower much less tiring.

We recommend this model for homeowners with lawns of small-medium sizes who want a simple mower to push and create professional stripes with due to its rear roller.

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