Best Garden Solar Powered Water Feature - Reviews 2023 - 2024

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Best Garden Solar Powered Water Feature Review

Once only seen in the garden of the wealthy, water features are now becoming a more common feature in most gardens.

It is easy to understand why. They provide a relaxing atmosphere to any space they are put into, increase overall air quality, increase humidity (great for certain plants) and can drown out the noise of the city with the calming sound of running water.

When you are looking for a water feature for your garden, think about the underlying reason you want to have one. If you want to attract wildlife, a small pond is a way to go.

If you have a large garden and want something spectacular, a large, stone water fountain may be what you are after.

But, if you want something a bit smaller, less grandeur with a little bit quirk, then keep reading.

Solar vs Electric

Traditionally, if you wanted running water in your garden, it would need to be connected to the house mains.

As solar panels came on to the gardening scene, the paradigm shifted and now you can purchase stunning water features powered solely by the sun at a fraction of the price of mains assisted.

This is not the only reason to choose solar over electric, however.


As solar panels use U V light to power photovoltaic cells, it is a clean and sustainable source of energy. It does not add to your household’s electricity bill, requires no noisy or damaging excavations to install and needs minimal maintenance,


You don’t have to purchase additional tools to run a solar powered water feature.

With electric features, you would need to also but extension wires and would also need to call a qualified electrician to help you set it up but also maintain it. If your water feature is problematic, this can push the maintenance costs up.

With a solar-powered feature, minimal assembly is required, and you don’t need a qualification in electronics to work out how to use it. Simply attach the panel to a wall, pole or just put it in a bright spot and voila! Instant power with minimal effort.


It cannot be denied; the reality is that mixing electricity with water is not safe. If you are not experienced in setting up electric based water features, for your own safety, you will need to call an electrician.

Water getting into your features wiring, even with a leak detector, can destroy your water feature, wreak havoc with your electronics and cost a lot of money to repair.

Solar paneled features are contained, thus keeping any potential problems away from the home and minimising any associated risk.

Also, there is an inherent safety issue in running wires across your lawn; they are a trip hazard and, can ruin the overall ambiance you are trying to create.

Primrose Etna Solar Ceramic Cascade Water Feature

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There are few materials that add a touch of rustic charm the way terracotta does.

This simple, genuine terracotta water feature is extremely durable, weather resistant and has the added bonus of a backup battery in case the solar panels fail.

The LED will keep your feature illuminated through the night if you wish; perfect for those late-night garden parties in the summer.

As the panels store solar energy, you are also able to choose the hours you want this water feature to run and it is easy to change them if you wish.

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  • Real terracotta; no cheap looking plastic
  • Battery backup for solar panels
  • LED light; keeps your garden bright at night
  • Easy to assemble
  • Option to set how long it runs for
  • Stores sunlight in cells to optimise running time
  • Weather resistant

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  • Instruction leaflet may be difficult to follow
  • Issues with resetting run time

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Smart Garden Solar Duck Family Umbrella Fountain

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A whimsical garden feature for anyone who has a soft spot for ducks.

This striking resin water fountain is a perfect addition to any garden, providing the gentle and pleasant sound of water trickling on a warm, bright day.

Beautifully detailed duck figures hiding from the rain under an umbrella, and finishes with a bronze effect paint, this quirky and adorable water feature will brighten up any garden on a rainy day.

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  • Resistant to the elements; can survive heavy frosts and snow
  • Easy to install
  • 2 solar panels to help it run all day
  • Doubles up as a bird bath
  • Looks more expensive than it is

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  • Only works in full sunlight, power is not stored in cells
  • Bird poop pulls paint off when removed
  • Does not store a lot of water; dries up easily in hot weather
  • Lightweight and may need weighting to prevent blowing over

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Amur Solar Water Feature

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This spherical water fountain is a striking way to add water to your garden while not being over the top.

Its simplicity adds to its charm and its small size makes it suitable for small gardens, terraces or conservatories.

The solar panels come equipped with a spike for placing in an optimum spot in the garden; alternatively, use the bracket wall attachment to get the most power. They also hold the solar charge in the cells, ensuring you can use back up power if you want to.

This feature comes with an LED light on top of the black orb; perfect for adding a haunting ambiance to your back garden at night.

Easy to assemble and rarely needing a water top up, this fountain is definitely more suited to the more modern looking garden.

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  • LED light located on top of the orb, beautiful nighttime lights
  • Weather-resistant resin; durable and hardy
  • Appropriately weighted; no risk of it falling over in high winds
  • Easy to assemble
  • Battery powered back up for use when the sun goes down; up to 8 hours

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  • It needs to be on a completely flat surface to function correctly 
  • The solar panel may not charge correctly and battery turns itself off for no identifiable reason

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