How To Replace A Grass Trimmer Cord?

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How To Replace A Grass Trimmer Cord?

Our Guide To Replacing A Grass Trimmer Cord

Eventually, there will be a time when your grass trimmers string will snap and need replacing, this could happen due to wear down or if the string hit a sharp rock for example.

To replace a grass trimmer cord can seem overwhelming but once you do it a couple of times its easy maintenance, just simply make sure you have your nylon string on hand which is the right width and size for your grass trimmer.

We've put together a small guide below which will take you through why grass trimmers have a cord and how to replace one step by step, we've also included some other essential maintenance tips to keep your grass trimmer running well below.

Why Do Grass Trimmers Have a Cord?

Grass trimmers use a cord to cut with called a monofilament line, it's used for cutting weeds, grasses and other plants at a high speed.

Cutting heads, as well as lines, can normally be switched out in trimmers for a blade depending on the effect you want to make, the height can also be adjusted or they can be used vertically for cutting areas such as sidewalks.

How To Replace a Grass Trimmer Cord

Replacing a grass trimmer cord is a straightforward process, we've listed the exact process for threading a new string in your tool below.

  1. To begin with, start by preparing the line for your trimmer the width of this line will differ according to the grass trimmer, lengths typically range between 10-inches and 25-inches, it is always best to check with the manufacturer to make sure.
  2. Turn the trimmer off and make sure it has cooled down for your safety.
  3. Unscrew the retaining cap and take out the spool, find the starter hole in the spool, this is where you will thread your trimmer line through.
  4. Wrap the thread neatly around the spool in the direction of the hours, when around 5-inches is left you can snap this into the retainer.
  5. Take the retainer and line it up with the hole in your grass trimmer head, feed it through the slot and attach the cap.
  6. For a double line grass trimmer, make sure you thread the grass trimmer in both starter holes on each side.
  7. On speed feed trimmers you will need to feed the string through the eyelet.

Other Essential Maintenance Tips For Your Grass Trimmer

Apart from changing the line in your trimmer, you also need to consider how else to maintain the trimmer to keep it in the best condition.

  • Clean them well - Your grass trimmer can become caked in clippings overtime, always wipe it down after use to avoid rusting.
  • Check the fuel and oil - In a gas grass trimmer it's a good idea to check the fuel and oil levels before each use, you can check the oil with a dipstick, it will turn a dark colour when it needs replacing.
  • Store well - Store your grass trimmer in a well-ventilated place and drain the fuel tank before storing it away for long periods.
  • Check the air filter - Always monitor the air filter inside of your grass trimmer, see if it needs cleaning or not from dust and debris, some are washable if your air filter is very dirty it might need replacing.

Last Words

To conclude, replacing a grass trimmer cord is easy to do if your line happens to snap during trimming, make sure to use a string the right size for your strimmer and thread the new spool properly, always avoid using your grass trimmer where there is debris such as rocks since this can increase the chances of your line snapping.

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