Best Hover Lawn Mower For The Money In 2023 - 2024

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The Best Hover Lawn Mower For The Money

Hover mowers are one of the more modern mowers which have entered the lawn mower market, these lawnmowers use a fan inside the mower to create pockets of air which causes the mower to float along rather than use wheels. 

These new lawnmowers are mostly available as electric hover mowers, however, you can find a few petrol engines on the market too.

As hover mowers can be a confusing type of mower to understand, we have put together a list of the best Flymo ones below and reviewed their key features so as you can see which Flymo hover lawn mower might suit your type of garden best. 

So without further chat, let's get into it!

Our Top Hover Mower - 

The Flymo Glider Compact 330AX Electric Hover Lawn Mower (Editors' Choice)

Flymo is known most for its reliable hover types of mower on the market. 

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This Glider Compact 330AX model, in particular, has a 1700 watt powerful motor and comes with a cutting width of 33cm, the model additionally has variable cutting heights ranging from 12-32mm which allows its metal cutting blade to cut a variety of lawn types. 

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Design-wise, the Flymo hover lawn mower has a 22L grass collection box with a vision window so as you can see the amounts of grass clippings inside, it also has a ten-metre mains cable and folds up neatly for storage with a foldable handle. 

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The overall weight of this corded hover lawn mower is around 9kg and the air cushion hover system allows you to move the mower around in any direction on your grass. 


To conclude, this Flymo compact glider hover mower is a great option for small gardens and people who want a light weight electric mower that doesn't require too much user effort. 

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This mower is perfect if you have a garden with slopes and the transparent grass box is useful to tell you when it needs to be emptied. 

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Downfalls of this Flymo lawnmower model have to be its overall build quality which is reported to be quite poor, with reports of the mower falling off and the belt. The electric model's grass collection box is also said to leak grass clippings when being used. 

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  • Perfect for small-sized lawns. 
  • 1700w motor.
  • 22-litre grass box. 
  • Ten-metre cable. 
  • Variable cutting height adjustments. 
  • Folding handles. 
  • Light weight. 


  • Grass clippings leak from the grass box. 
  • Very poor build quality.

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Flymo Hover Vac 260 Electric Hover Lawn Mower

Next up, we have the Flymo Hover Vac 260 model, the electric hover motor has a power of 1400 watts and it uses a 26cm cutting width, making it ideal for smaller gardens. 

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Main features of the electric hover lawnmower its steel blade adjustable cutting heights which range from 11-31mm and a 15-litre grass collection box. 

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The hover mower additionally has a 10m cable and a small weight of only 6.5kg, making the model easy to manoeuvre. 

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Overall, the Flymo Hover Vac 260 lawn mower is a great choice for people who are on a budget and want a light mower for their small-sized gardens. 

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Its grass box helps keep your garden tidy while you mow and the cutting adjustment heights are useful for longer or shorter grass patches. 

[aawp fields="B08827X2YH" value="thumb" image_size="large" image="5"]

Drawbacks of this model have to be its small-sized grass box which is reported to need emptying often, the lawnmower further is said to be difficult when trying to adjust the blades. 

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  • Electric hover motor of 1400w. 
  • Centre height adjustment lever. 
  • 10m cable. 
  • 15-litre grass box capacity. 
  • Light in weight. 
  • Easy to use. 
  • 26cm metal cutting blade.


  • Small grass collector needs emptying often. 
  • Blade adjustment is difficult. 

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Flymo Turbo Lite 250 Electric Hover Lawn Mower

If you are after a budget Flymo hover lawnmower, it could be worth checking out this Turbo Lite 250 electric lawn mowers model

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Feature-wise, the lightweight mower uses a 1400 watt motor for power and has a 25cm cutting width to cut a small-medium garden with ease. Adjustable cutting heights of the metal blade range from 11-31mm and it uses a 10m cable for power to cut even bumpy gardens. 

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The cushion air effect of the electric hover lawn mower means it only has a light weight of 5kg and is easy to store away because of its folding handles. 

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Overall, for people on a budget, this Turbo Lite model is not a bad choice at a reasonable price in comparison to other hover mower options on the market. 

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It's also very easy to assemble and is a manoeuvrable mower due to its air cushion system which allows you to swing the mower from side to side rather than push it. 

[aawp fields="B07KGXS3FH" value="thumb" image_size="large" image="5"]

Negatives of this budget model have to be its design which is said to struggle on types of lawn that are uneven and bumpy, the mower is also said to be quite noisy when in use. 

[aawp fields="B07KGXS3FH" value="thumb" image_size="large" image="6"]


  • Great for small mid-sized garden. 
  • Adjustable cutting heights. 
  • Light weight of 5kg. 
  • 10m cable. 
  • Folding handles. 
  • Easy to move. 
  • Struggles to mow on steep slopes. 
  • Noisy. 


  • May struggle on uneven terrain. 
  • Noisy during operation. 

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Our Judgement - Which Flymo Hover Mower Is The Winner?

Now we have compared and reviewed our top three Flymo hover mower options we can confidently say that the best hover mower on our list has to be the Flymo Glider Compact 330AX model thanks to its compromise between weight and power, which allows the mower to maintain a 9kg lightweight despite its 1700 watt motor.

We also like this hover mower due to its 22L grass box capacity which enables you to empty less often in comparison to the other hover mower market range and its range of cutting height adjustments that allow you to tackle overgrown grass or uncut grass. 

What To Look For In The Best Flymo Hover Lawnmower (Our Best Buying Guide)

When choosing your hover mower you must look for all the best features you need in your model so as you can be sure it will perform to its maximum capacity in your garden. 

You might also be on the edge about whether or not a hover mower is really for you instead of petrol mowers or standard corded electric ones. 

So to make everything a little clearer, we have put an extended buying guide about hover lawnmowers below that should answer all questions and give you all the essential knowledge you need to know about these hover mowers. 

What Are Hover Lawnmowers? 

If it's your first time looking into hover lawnmowers, you might be a little confused as to how these mowers cut grass without touching the ground. 

Hover lawnmowers as we mentioned at the start of our article are still quite new to the lawnmowing industry. These devices simply create a cushion of air in between the mower and the ground which allow the machine to effectively 'hover'. 

This hover effect is created via the motor or engine inside the light plastic housing of the mower, this then turns the fan blades inside of the mower to help it lift off the ground and trim grass as you move it over your lawn with the flow of air.

Are There Petrol Hover Mowers? 

There are also a few petrol hover mowers on the market, but not as many as electric cord hover mowers, these mowers tend to be powered by a petrol engine to create air circulation and manage to have a little more power. 

Electric hover mowers are more suited to small lawns with gentle slopes, larger lawns with hard terrain will require a tougher type of lawnmower like a petrol lawn mower.

Best Features To Consider In a Hover Lawnmower

When purchasing your best hover mower for the first time there are some essential features you need to be watching out for and considering before making a final purchase. 

For example, smaller cutting widths on your hover mow will mean it will take you more time to mow your lawn, you also need to consider other essential features such as the length of the corded mower if you choose an electric model. 

We have listed the important features to consider in your hover lawnmower below.

  • The type of hover mower - First of all, when deciding on your hover lawnmower you should consider the type of power it uses. Petrol hover mowers will tend to have more power so be best suited to more heavy-duty mowing, while electric corded models are affordable and great for small gardens. There are also a couple of cordless hover mower options on the market but these aren't very common.
  • Cutting width - The cutting width of your hover mower is very important, the bigger you go then the fewer passes you have to make with your mower, but also the less space you have for tight corners and the more money you have to spend. On average, as hover mowers are most commonly used for small-sized gardens, a cutting width of around 30cm from a metal blade should be sufficient.
  • Cutting adjustment heights - Having a good range of cutting adjustments on your hover lawnmower will allow you to grass quick no matter its height, a great range to look for is anything from 20-70mm, and you should also ensure that your mowers blades are easy to adjust with a lever system.
  • Power - Whether you go for a petrol or electric corded model, you should ensure that the power of either will be enough for your work. A good wattage in hover mowers tends to be around 1800W and above.
  • Cord length - If you choose to buy a corded electric hover mower then you should ensure that the metre cable is long enough and won't become restricting as you are mowing.
  • Storage - Hover lawnmowers may be lightweight, but can still take up storage space in your shed, that's why it's important that your model has foldable handles for easier storage and to minimise its footprint.
  • Weight - You still effectively have to push a hover mower, so do make sure that it doesn't weigh too much, most models will typically weigh around 10kg, avoid hover mowers with a heavy weight.
  • Grass collector - Don't get a hover mower without a good grass collection box capacity, doing so will restrict how long you can mow for without having to empty it all time, try to never buy a model with a capacity of under 20L.
  • Warranty - No matter what, your hover mower should come with at least a 2-year warranty or a 3-year warranty. This protects you against any faulty parts in your machine.

Advantages & Disadvantages Of Hover Lawnmowers 

After covering the important features to look out for in your best hover mower, we can over the benefits to users and disadvantages to users that a hover mower will bring, this can help make your decision a little clearer if your on the edge about whether or not a hover mower is right for you and your garden. 

Benefits Of Hover Lawnmowers 

  • They are flexible - The best advantage to hover lawnmower has to be how easy they are to move around, this is because of their cushion of air function which allows you to move the mower around in any pattern you want without it missing any grass to cut.
  • Low in price - Most hover mowers are under £100 which makes them very budget-friendly for someone who is looking for a cheap mower to keep their small backyard garden maintained.
  • Easy to function - Hover mowers are very simple to operate in comparison to petrol models, especially for people who are old or struggle pushing heavyweight devices. 
  • Can handle gentle slopes - These kinds of mowers can make inclines easier to deal with as they hover over them and don't require too much user effort to push them up the hill. 

Drawbacks Of a Hover Lawnmower 

  • Not suitable for bumpy gardens - Hover lawnmowers may be able to deal with small inclines but will not be able to handle very bumpy lawns or uneven terrain.
  • Corded models can be restricting - Unfortunately, the corded hover mowers can be restricting to mow depending on their total length and can get in the way when you are mowing. 
  • Mostly found for small lawns - Due to how to hover lawnmowers operate, they often aren't as tough as petrol mowers, so can't be used for very large lawn sizes.

Hover Mowers VS Rotary Mowers - Which Wins?

If the time has come where you have found yourself stuck between a rotary mower and a hover mower, you might be wondering which type of mower is more ideal for your lawn. 

Well, this all comes down to your lawn and the type of power you need, we have compared the two types of mowers below to help make your choice. 

Rotary Mowers 

Rotary mowers are one of the most popular kinds of mowers you will see on the UK market, they use a spinning blade to mow your grass and are often powered via battery, electricity or via a petrol engine.

These rotary lawnmowers use four wheels for their mobility and have a spinning blade for cutting grass. 

Advantages of rotary lawnmowers have to be their three in one feature which often includes mulching and side bagging, whereas hover mowers are more limited. There is also a huge choice of petrol models on the market and you can create professional stripes with their rollers

Some drawbacks of rotary mowers in comparison to electric hover mowers have to be their limited mobility range, rotary lawnmowers can only go in one direction, while hover designs are manoeuvrable mower that can go in all directions. 

These mowers can sometimes come with a heavyweight depending on the types of mower you buy and they can often leave tracks on your grass.


  • Toughest lawn mower designs. 
  • Huge range on the market. 
  • Come with rollers.


  • Heavy weight. 
  • Leaves tracks on the lawn. 
  • Limited mobility.

Hover Mowers 

Hover mower types on the other hand use their cushion of air to operate, allowing them to remove the need for wheels, they can come with a gas motor or electric motor but cordless models tend to be less available. 

Electric hover mowers are the best affordable solution for people who are looking for a lightweight mower for their mid-sized garden. These mowers can be used in multiple directions, are great for gentle inclines and tend to be more compact which makes them easy to store. 

Drawbacks of hover mower range models are that they can often give an uneven cut due to swinging motion when using them, they also have limited cutting heights, tend to be unsuitable for rugged and large gardens and don't have any cordless models which can make them quite restricting. 


  • Light in weight. 
  • Great to manoeuver. 
  • Compact & affordable.


  • Uneven cut. 
  • Unsuitable for large gardens with bumpy terrain.
  • Limited cutting options. 

Conclusion - Which Mower Type Is The Best?

Overall, for small to medium-sized lawns which you desire a professional cut in, we recommend a rotary mower, however, if you after a very lightweight mower and you have a small backyard with some slopes, a hover mower could come in handy too, it's mostly down to personal preference.

Frequently Asked Questions About Hover Lawnmowers

How big should the grass box be on a hover mower?

The grass box capacity on a hover mower should be at least over 20L to avoid you having to empty it too often.

Do hover mowers cost a lot? 

No, hover mowers are quite affordable and only around £150 or under.

Are there any cordless hover mowers?

No, there might be one or two battery hover mowers in the world, but in the UK there are currently none, just petrol and corded electric mowers.

Can I use a hover mower with an extension cord?

Yes, but you must make sure that this extension cord can be used outside and is of the correct power to match your lawnmower.

Are hover mowers suitable for larger gardens?

Hover mowers are not as ideal as rotary mowers for larger gardens as they often come corded which can be quite restricting. 

Should a hover mower blow grass everywhere?

Unfortunately, your hover mower will end up blowing grass trimmings everywhere during operation as this is the nature of these devices, even with a grass box, the trimmings are still likely to be blown due to the circulation of air. 

One way to tackle this is to use your mower in a clockwise direction so as all the grass trimmings can be blown to the centre of the garden and you keep it tidy.

Our #1 Hover Lawnmower For Cutting Your Lawn Effectively

Our number one hover lawnmower for cutting your garden is the Flymo Glider Compact 330AX model due to its powerful motor and easy to use lightweight design which makes controlling the mower very simple.

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