Best Cordless Electric Lawn Mower - Reviews [2023 - 2024]

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Best Cordless Electric Lawn Mower Review

Once reserved solely for larger industrial purposes or purchased as a designer toy for the most lawn proud gardener, battery-powered lawn mowers are becoming more common in domestic settings.

Nowadays, cordless battery mowers run on common lithium-ion batteries, making them overall cheaper and more effective to use.

Benefits of Choosing a Cordless Battery Mower

Small & Powerful

Don’t let the size fool you, these little fellas can really pack a punch when it comes to cutting grass.

Significantly smaller than traditional lawn mowers, battery-powered mowers are a great option if you have tight storage space or if you simply need a mower that can cut an area the size of a tennis court quickly and effectively in a single setting.

Better for the Environment

When they were first released, cordless mowers ran on lead acid-based batteries. This presented obvious hazards to the handler if the battery overheated and exploded, while also creating environmental problems.

Thankfully, today all battery powered mowers run on lithium-ion batteries that produce no direct fuel emissions and are easier to dispose of.


If you have a larger garden or are purchasing the mower for maintaining multiple spaces, you don’t want to be tethered by a heavy machine with a defined cord length.

Great for cutting grass on slopes, hills and verges, battery-powered cordless mowers are lighter, easier to push and pull while also being ideal for transporting between multiple locations without hassle. You can lift them with ease on to raised beds if required along with other difficult to reach areas.

No Fuel Needed

Though it may not be viewed as a major inconvenience in rural areas, ensuring you have the right fuel or petrol for your lawnmower’s engine can create issues if you are in a remote area.

Also, as fuel containers can be bulky and large, they can take up space in your storage area. This can be an irritant if space is tight. You also risk spillage and damage to neighbouring products with your mower's fuel along with creating a potential fire hazard.

Lithium ion batteries are small, cheaper in the long term and easy to purchase. They usually come in packs of multiples, so it will be a while before you run out completely. They are light, making them suitable for use by people with mobility issues, as they do not weight the mower down like an engine.

BLUE RIDGE BR8761 36V Lithium-Ion Cordless 34cm Lawn Mower

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The hardened steel blade and air flow technology really add to the cutting performance of this mower.

Designed for larger scale gardens, it packs a 40-litre cutting collection meaning you can mow your lawn quickly with minimal break times

It’s lithium-ion battery charges quickly and can give you a smooth and effective cutting experience of up to 35 minutes.

The cordless design eliminates the hard tugging needed to star most battery powered mowers; simply press the button and go.

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  • Tool-free assembly
  • Comes with a spare battery
  • Average 20 minutes mowing time, so ideal for smaller to medium lawns
  • Larger grass cutting collection of 40 litres
  • Simple height adjustment with a lever
  • Quick charge battery of just under an hour

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  • The battery can lose charge if left
  • Designed for larger lawns but inadequate run time to mow larger area-average 20 minutes
  • The blade can jam quite easily
  • Battery replacement is quite expensive
  • More power would be useful when cutting longer grass

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Greenworks G40LM41K2x Cordless Lawn Mower

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A fast charging, cordless mower with an easy to fit battery and no starting cords to battle with.

With its supersized collection box of 50 litres, this cutter is perfect for all size lawns but really shaves time off of cutting larger lawns; it also comes with a mulching option.

A fully charged battery allows you to mow without restriction for up to 35 minutes, mowing a lawn up to 400 square metres.

It's lightweight allows for easy carrying and transportation, while it can also be folded down to store easily in a shed or outhouse.

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  • Large grass cutting collection of 50 litres
  • Multipurpose; cuts lawn but also includes mulching option
  • Easy storage; simply fold it down
  • No pulling of cords; just press a button and go
  • Simple height adjustment with lever- no fiddling about with wheels
  • Minimal maintenance brushless motor

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  • Additional battery extremely expensive
  • Battery run time varies and can be unpredictable

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Swift 40 V EB137CD22 Cordless Digital Wide Lawn Mower

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This electric mower gives you the cut you want, with minimal effort and outstanding results. Designed with ‘intellicut’ technology, this mower adjusts its speed and power depending on grass length and depth.

It also comes with 5 cut heights included, in case you want a precision cut to your lawn.

The deck-based design allows you to cut close to fencing and walls, leaving minimal grass uncut.

It’s 30 litre grass collection makes it ideal for medium to small lawns and it’s lightweight makes it easy to use, with minimal effort when transporting. The lithium-ion battery allows power share, so you can put it into other gardening tools without issue.

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  • Dual port charger- charge 2 batteries at once
  • Can be folded down easily for minimal storage space
  • Changes power and speed depending on grass height and thickness
  • Longer run time due to 2 batteries
  • Five height settings
  • Replacement batteries are standard lithium; easy to purchase

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  • Not suitable for larger gardens due to smaller grass collection capacity
  • Replacement parts difficult to locate and purchase
  • Relatively short battery life of 25-30 minutes
  • Long charge time of 2.5 hours per battery

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*TOP TIP* When purchasing a battery-powered mower, ensure that it has enough grass collection space for your lawn; it is always better to aim for a higher storage capacity than under, as this cuts down mowing time and saves battery power.

When charging a new battery for the first time, for safety reasons, do not leave it unattended. Defective batteries may explode, create smoke or fires when being charged, so always keep an eye on your charging battery.

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  1. Before you start mowing, always do a quick check of your yard and remove anything lying around - hoses, sprinkler heads, dog bones and children's toys are easy to miss and could become dangerous flying projectiles if you accidentally mow over them. Also, mowing over foreign objects could cause damage to your mower blades or the mower deck.

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