Best 5 In 1 Multi-Tool - Reviews 2024

Cordless Weed Eater Battery Powered Black, 4-in-1 Electric Weed Eater 2.0 Ah Li-ion Battery, 3 Types Blades and 8 Lines for Garden and Yard Trimming by Shintyool
  • Great Gift for Dad, Mom, Husband, Friends And Family.
  • Full Accessory Multipurpose brush cutter weed wacker includes battery and charger included, 2*7 inch saw blade, 2* 8 inch plastic blades, 2* 8 inch metal blades, 2* wheels, 8 lines, 1* manual and 1* toolkit.
  • Lightweight& Portable Detachable wheel all-in-one machine, three-height wheel adjustment design, even the elderly or women can control and use it for a long time.
  • Adjustable And Safety Feature Adjustable telescopic rod, 90 degrees adjustable lawn edger can rotate into different positions..Note On Battery In order to protect the battery, please do not charge more than 4 hours. In order to maintain the battery’s capacity, please store the weed eater with the battery fully charged while not using it.Note: please fully charge the battery before its first use. Please do not charge the battery for overnight since it will badly damage the battery life..
  • International products have separate terms, are sold from abroad and may differ from local products, including fit, age ratings, and language of product, labeling or instructions.
GOWE Multipurpose 52CC 2-Strokes 7 in 1 Multi Brush Cutter Lawn Mower Grass Trimmer Tree Pruner Bush Cutter Whipper Snipper
  • Product Description; Specification:2)Displacement: 52cc; 3)Max. Power: 1.8KW/7500r/min; 4)Ignition system: CDI; 5)Fuel tank capacity: 1.2L; 6)Fuel/oil mixture rate: Up to 20 hours: 20/1, after: 25/1; 7)Guide bar length: 12"/30cm; 8)Diameter Of Aluminiom Pipe: 26mm; 9)G. W/N. W: 13/11KGS; 10)Packing size: 1090X270X280mm; 11)Loading amount: 350pcs/20GP
  • Pole chainsaw / pruner attachment features"; Makes quick work of pruning trees and shrubs.Inertia-type safety chain brake with manual backup helps stop chain if kick-back occurs; Automatic adjustable chain lubrication system; Easy chain tensioning and a safety lock; Grass blade attachment:Grass blade attachment used for mowing heavy grass and weeds.
  • Nylon line trimmer attachment designed for mowing and trimming around obstacles.Solid straight shaft gear drive with bearings; 560mm(22'') hardened steel dual-action razor edge blade; 28mm(1.1'')cut distance; 135 0adjustable cutting angle.
Greenworks GD24LT33K4 Cordless Strimmer Lawn Edger With Wheel For Medium Gardens, 33cm Cutting Width, Autofeed 2mm Nylon Line And 24V 4Ah Battery & Charger, 3 Year Guarantee
  • POWERFUL, LIGHTWEIGHT AND WELL BALANCED GRASS TRIMMER - with a height-adjustable loop handle on the shaft for excellent control - ideal for trimming grass where your lawnmower cannot reach
  • NEW GENERATION LITHIUM 24V 4Ah BATTERY AND LONG LIFE BRUSHLESS MOTOR – engineered for reliability, lower maintenance and more power, fuelled by an advanced battery that you can use in any Greenworks 24V tool to cut waste, save money and storage space
  • PIVOTING CUTTING HEAD FOR TRIMMING AND EDGING - the cutting head adjusts with a simple press of a button, so you can go from trimming under hedges and low hanging shrubs to defining lawn edges quickly and easily
  • PROTECTION FOR PLANTS AND TREES - you can vary the speed for more gentle strimming around delicate plants, and a built in plant guard allows you to protect the bark at the base of trees by placing it against the trunk while you cut
  • 3 YEAR GUARANTEE WITH 2 YEAR BATTERY WARRANTY – by Greenworks, a world leader in electric tools and battery technology, with a global reputation for smart design, high performance and outstanding customer service​


The Best 5 In 1 Multi-Tool Review

A good multi-tool can be a blessing for your garden. In this review we look at the best 5-in-1 multitools currently in the market.

The benefits of garden maintenance can be enhanced and easily achieved with a multi tool, these can be cordless garden tools, corded, or even petrol powered.

Read on to learn about our recommendations on the best garden tool/multi power tool options in the UK for this year!

Success Criteria

It's important to establish what actually makes a multi - tool for your garden worth the money. We need to consider various things such as the types of tool attachments, and are they versatile tools?

  • If you're dealing with brushes, they'll need a brush cutter
  • If you're looking to trim a hedge, you'll need a trimmer head attachment
  • If you're looking to saw away at rough material, you'll need a pruner chainsaw 

You also need to consider the level of ergonomic design- you will be holding these tools for hours, they should be comfortable. You need to also consider what kind of protective gear you'll need.

Number of Attachments 

The main reason you're likely opting for a 5-in-1/multi tools option to handle your garden jobs/gardening tasks is because they offer you all the essential tools in one package. These types can give you better value for money, but it's important to see what exactly you get.

Make sure you know what you need, and what comes with the package. If you find yourself not in need of two, let alone three attachments- then consider buying those tools separately.

The ideal multi tool to properly manage a typical garden task would ideally have:

  • A thorough instruction manual (the amount of power tools with poor instructions is incredible)
  • 4-5 attachments (strimmers, pruners/chainsaws, brush cutters, hedge/grass trimmers, and similar tools)
  • A handy and highly extendable extension pole to help you reach higher areas or tall hedges (without the need for a ladder... a ladder + a dangerous power tool is a recipe for disaster)

One thing we noticed while searching and reviewing these garden multi-tool options is that they're often advertised as a "5-in-1" garden multi-tool, but this usually includes the extension pole. Hence the Stanley one we'll discuss today is the same as the others, just advertised a little rawer and truer! 

Power Type

There are three main power options that garden multifunction tool options may use: petrol, corded, and battery-powered. There are advantages and disadvantages to each, but it's entirely down to your personal preference to dictate which one you choose to go for, ultimately. It's our job to provide you with a comprehensive Garden Multi Tool Buyers Guide to help you choose!

  • Battery-powered garden maintenance tool options are usually quieter and easier to clean/maintain, but they run out of charge really quick, hence aren't ideal for larger lawns or longer work times
  • Corded ones are typically also heavier tools, but a heavy tool doesn't always equate to a nuisance to avoid- they can be used, essentially, limitlessly- as they're connected to a consistent power supply. There is a cord however, so this will restrict your work space unless you have an extension
  • Petrol ones are another heavy-duty tool as they provide you with a tonne of power, while giving you all the working time you need. You just need to top it up with fuel. The downside with these is that they get dirtier quicker, and they most definitely are noisier. 

Other Important Factors

Besides the above two main features, you should look out for:

  • The weight; since power tools are heavy, the lighter they are, the better they are- if you're concerned about your ability to hold heavy items for long periods of time, find the most lightweight possible option. You don't want to mess up with a dangerous power tool!
  • Easy to start or not? Power tools, particularly petrol garden multi-tool options, can be difficult to rev up and get going, but many modern multi-functional garden tool options feature a quick/easy start mechanism- so look out for it
  • Item warranty; power tools are tricky ones to say the least. When you're spending over £100 on an item, you'll want security. Especially with seemingly risky purchases such as power tools that often start bugging out after a year. Longer warranties can provide you with security should anything go wrong- and we like Amazon for this reason. We always buy our tools from there. You can always contact their reliable customer service team if you have an issue too. You shouldn't find a single frequent concern if you follow our guide though. 
  • Attachment changeability: Chainsaw attachment, check. Hedge trimmer attachment, check. Chainsaw pruner, check. 3-year warranty, check. Individual attachments like these are great, but changing them around is often a mission. If you'll be doing several different jobs, you likely won't want to spend time fidgeting around trying to change the attachments. Go for a well-designed piece of equipment to save you time. 

1) STANLEY STR-4IN1A 4-in-1 Multi-Tool

 While this is marketed as a 4-in-1 multi-tool, we mentioned earlier that this is the case with most multi -tool options you'll come across. The 5-in-1's extra fifth attachment is the extension pole, which is also included here.

We love the value for money, and the quality of the items (is unbeatable- Stanley are renowned for their excellent quality tools). You can buy all the tools as individual units if you only have one (or two, at most) jobs to do- but this time we're talking about the the 4-in-1 multi tool which is a highly recommended buy.

What We Love: 

  • Renowned Stanley Quality: As masters in the trade for years, you cannot go wrong with Stanley tools. They are relatively safe to use and are expertly designed. The quality materials can be felt when you hold the tools- they are solid, but not too monstrously heavy (though it is a heavy unit). There are five, high-quality attachments, which we'll explore below.
  • Pole Hedge Trimmer: The pole head trimmer of this multi - tool has an extension pole included, and is able to reach a cutting length of 450mm (45cm). This is definitely not amongst the awkward attachments- the cutting angle is also an adjustable head by 180 degrees, which is a handy feature for reaching those awkward places and bends- without having to put yourself in an awkward position to reach it. The maximum cutting diameter is 2.4 centimetres.
  • Chainsaw: An extension bar is included in this garden tool to help maximise the functionality. This attachment of the all-important attachments has a cutting length of 210mm (21cm), as well as an oregon chain and bar. The chainsaw blade can be adjusted by 90 degrees- less flexibility than the aforementioned attachments, but still flexible nonetheless. There is also a handy 150ml lubrication oil tank to ensure it's working at it's optimal ability. 
  • Brush Cutter Heads: The brush cutter attachments of the Stanley STR-4IN1A features a 4-teeth blade, designed to vigorously chop through material with speed. Take great caution when using these brushcutter attachments, as well as during the changing of attachments. The brush cutter blades are extremely sharp- which is hazardous but highly effective at brush-cutting. The blade diameter is 23cm, so you can get larger areas done with minimal effort- paired with a powerful 1.6mm thick blade to chop everything up using the power of air resistance as an advantage! 
  • Soft Grip: This powerful engine and dangerously effective set of attachments have immense power to transform your lawn, but they are also pretty darn heavy, posing a real challenge. The soft grip handle makes it easier to use the machine and safely complete domestic gardening/essential gardening tasks with ease; thanks to a 2-component ergonomic soft handle with cockpit operation.
  • Easy Transportation: Not only does this machine have a second "D-handle" (which is also adjustable), the central shaft is divisible along the middle- making the tool a whole lot lighter and easily-transported. 
  • Hi-Tech, Jet Force 3 Engine: While this is a relatively heavy and large garden tool, the build is convincingly justified by the tremendous power unit of this garden tool engine- with 750 watts of power that can produce up to a maximum of a 9000rpm engine speed! Despite sounding like a detrimental tool for the environment due to the incredible power, the unique Jet Force 3 engine is designed to be less fuel consuming and reduces exhaust emission levels. The engine is a trusted 2-stroke 26cc motor, and uses a 40:1 fuel to oil ratio (which is comparatively very efficient).
  • Specialist Ice Starter 3 Functionality: This power tool is the British person's best friend, as it's highly weather-friendly. In cold conditions, the startup is easy and quick. Just give a couple of pulls. 
  • Anti-Vibration: The handle of this piece of kit is designed to be anti-vibration, and it's true! When we tried these brilliant petrol tools out ourselves, despite the powerful motor, the vibration was almost undetectable. 

Summary and Verdict

The current price online for this heavy unit 4-in-1 multi tool is about £290, but it's on Amazon for about £230. We got ours off there to save a little extra money. To wrap this one up, check this out for a quick-view:

  • 5 essential component options (some are plastic components) including a hedge trimmer, a chainsaw, a brush cutter, a lawn trimmer, and an extension pole 
  • Soft grip design for maximum comfort despite the relatively heavy unit weight and size
  • Hi-tec, Jet Force 3 engine with 750 watts of power, 2-stroke 26cc motor, a 9000rpm engine speed, and a minimally fuel-consuming, exhaust-emission reducing functionality
  • Ice Starter 3 functionality means it performs equally as well in cold weather
  • Anti-vibration for added comfort 

The only issue we came across when trying to start it up was that you definitely need to be guided on how to start it up. The start-up isn't as easy and straightforward as other multi-tools, like the Honda ones. Always make sure all of your cords are in good condition too- we recommend buying a really good quality one, as this one didn't work as well with worn out cords when we tried it out.

2) Hyundai HYMT5200X Functional 5-in-1 Petrol Multi-Tool Set 

 Hyundai are a fairly diverse name in the engineering world, from motorbikes to batteries- and their products are always star performers.

The HYMT5200X is a bright-blue coloured 5-in-1 tool designed to handle the excess of gardening with dedicated gardening equipment including five different tools. These are all great at their individual tasks, but some are better than the others. We particularly found the hedge trimmer head could have been better. 

What We Love: 

  • Very Strong Engine: Even the toughest brushes, trees, and shrubs were easily tackled when we tried out the Hyundai HYMT5200X multi - tool. It features a hefty 52cc, 2-stroke engine power which will slash away your bushes like fruit ninja. 
  • Ergonomically designed: The HYMT5200X has a compact build, but is also highly powerful and durable. A multi - tool can be difficult to hold for extended periods of time, as they are heavy and dangerous. This multi - tool has an ergonomic design including a full double shoulder harness, which really does add the extra support and evenly distribute the weight. You can really feel the difference with this Hyundai technology. 

  • 3-year Commercial Warranty: Customers warranties are a powerful aid that we highly recommend looking for when purchasing a multi - tool. This Hyundai piece of kit has a 3-year commercial warranty when bought off of Amazon (most power tools come at 18 months warranty, so this one is great in terms of purchase security)! 
  • Space-efficient design: While this multi functional garden tool is compact, you can still benefit from a high-torque (for extra control in reaching awkward places), a 2-string nylon cutting head, as well as a balanced weight and a 3-tooth metal blade. The engine is a Hyundai 52cc engine (immense power).
  • Pole Saw/Chainsaw: This attachment is great for tree branches, logs, and other rough/hard material. You can use the extension to reach overhead or high places too. 

  • Handy Hedge Trimmer: This one's got to be our favourite bit- you get to have a feel around with twelve easily-adjustable positions. The hedge trimming attachment was particularly commendable- it sliced straight through material like a sword. You can handle any trimming or pruning task with utmost precision and manual control. Additionally, the head of the trimmer attachment is adjustable by 180 degrees in position, allowing it to reach very high up and far away locations when paired with the extension shaft! 
  • Grass Trimmer/Brush cutter: This attachment is excellent from chopping through long grass and bushes, much like the other attachments' performance. 

  • Recoil System Integrated: This power tool features a handy soft-start recoil system paired with a digital rev-limiter that is designed to protect against over-speed damage.

Summary and Verdict

The current price online for this 4-in-1 multi tool is about £210, but it's on Amazon for about £195. We got ours off there to save a little extra money, again (as with every one here). We had a slight issue when we bought it- a part was missing. The excellent customer service from Amazon fixed our problem fast, and we had a replacement offered. To wrap this one up, check this out for a quick-view:

  • 5 attachments for gardening including a hedge trimmer, pole chainsaw, brushcutter, grass trimmer and an 80cm extension shaft
  • Generous three-year warranty
  • Hedge trimmer head is adjustable by 180 degrees with 12 different height adjustment positions 
  • 80cm extension shaft to reach further
  • Soft-start recoil system and digital rev limiter
  • 2-string nylon cutting head and a 3-tooth metal blade
  • Easy assembly and space efficiency design 

The only issue we noticed was the startup mechanism in cold weather. For some reason, when we tried this product in the winter (we test our mowers out seasonally to compare performance), the startup took a little longer than it did in the summer. England is notorious for cold weather, so keep this in mind if you're someone who wants the job done as quickly as possible with zero-fuss in starting it up. Once started, the machine worked very well.

3) Wolf Creek 58G Multi-tool 

Next we'll be exploring the 58G multi functional garden tool by Wolf Creek. This garden multi-function tool is a great choice for the price you pay, as it may not have fancy extras but it's definitely a high-quality product. Wolf Creek garden multi-function tool options aren't always the first name you'd associate with this niche, but their 58G multi tool is an effective garden tool with extensive garden tasks suitability.

Read on to see why this one will be a great aid in the future of garden tool choices.

What We Love: 

  • Extra-Long Hedge Trimmer: The hedge trimmer is perhaps the best attachment included in this set, with it's handy ability to rotate from 120-270 degrees, while allowing you to fix it in ten different positions. Initially, the net length is 236 centimetres (approximately 93 inches). When used with the extension pole attachments, the length increases to about 320 centimetres (approximately 126 inches)! 

  • Garden Tool - Brush Cutter: With one of the garden cutting tools, the brush cutter, your job will never get easier, simply switch up to the brush cutter attachment and blitz away (keep a garden rake handy)- this attachment is great for transforming average-sized gardens, basic gardens, all all gardens in need of T.L.C, into a beautiful garden. Just bring out the garden rake to dispose of the waste.
  • Quick Attachment Garden Equipment - Strimmer Head: Perfect for managing weeds and marshy/meadow areas, this strimmer head is an excellent attachment to utilise. The 18-inch diameter twin-nylon strimmer head provides you with greater coverage. There is also a handy protective cover in a bright, invigorating orange colour. Initially, these engine tools start off at 222cm (89 inches)- but when the quick attachment pole is used, the length increases to about 320cm (126"). 

  • Tree Pruner/Chainsaw: This budget model/cheaper model is an excellent choice of corded-electric models/general power tools that use the worldwide-renowned Oregon cutting chain. The pruner has a 10-inch cut (25cm), with a pitch of around 0.325 inches. You can handle all types of trees, whether the branches are small or monumental. Initially, it has a total length of 222cm (89 inches), but when the pole attachment is used, the length reaches 320cm (126 inches). 

Summary and Verdict

The current price online for this 4-in-1 multi tool is about £170, but it's on Amazon for about £159. We got ours off there to save a little extra money, again (as with every one here). To wrap this one up, check this out for a quick-view:

  • Chainsaw/Tree Pruner attachment using a world-renowned oregon cutting chain
  • Strimmer head attachment for weeds and meadow areas, with an 18-inch diameter twin nylon head
  • Brush cutter head (can be extended)
  • 120-270 degrees handle rotation for the hedge trimmer attachment
  • Budget model with high-quality parts for reliability and extended longevity 
  • Initial length is 222cm/89 inches, extended length is 320cm/126 inches
  • 58cc 2-stroke powerful engine (fuss-free motor) for dedicated gardening equipment
  • CE Quality certification

For some mowers, we get a few of them just to check and see if other user's negative reviews are just an anomaly. This mower has been reported to have the occasional petrol leak, so we purchased 5 to check if this was an anomaly, or an actual concern. None of the mowers we had exhibited this problem, so it may very well be an anomaly. If you have a problem, you can always get a replacement or refund via Amazon, easily.

4) BU-KO Long Reach Petrol Multi-Functional Garden Tool 

The Bu-KO model Long-Reach Garden multi tool is another top quality option for your garden maintenance. While it is in the pricier end of the spectrum, it's a great choice for someone who's willing to dash a little extra cash for a long-term investment. 

With five different attachments and a powerful 2-stroke, 52cc high torque petrol engine/power unit, this awesome multi tool will be loved. 

See what we love about this BU-KO model below. 

What We Love: 

  • Powerful attachments: In this product, you get the following components included- an innovative strimmer attachment (very smooth and easy to use), a 4-line head grass trimmer, a 3-tooth and 40-tooth brush cutter blade, long-reach chainsaw,  long-reach hedge trimmer, and a solid 1-metre extension pole! They are all easy to switch around and clean too, making maintenance a whole lot easier. 
  • Powerful BU-KO Engine: This incredible BU-KO model is amongst the rather expensive petrol models, but rightfully so. The powerful motor is both CE and EMC approved, and uses a 2-stroke oil ratio of 40:1- which is very efficient. You'll find your oil going a long way. The electric motor unit has a maximum power of 2200W, and can produce an rpm of 7500!  

  • 12-month Warranty: One of the best things is buyer security here, which is expected for an expensive tool. With our purchase, we received a free instructions booklet and tool kit. In addition, we were given PPE protection and a harness. BU-KO customer service is also great, so get in touch with them any time if you need help with yours. They offer replacement parts and also have their own holistic, full repair centre. The 12 months warranty is a reason enough to entrust your money with BU-KO.
  • Great Value Set: Included in the set, you get a free toolkit, a pair of durable safety gloves, a free safety harness, a gas bottle, and the chain for the chainsaw attachment.

Summary and Verdict

The current price online for the BU-KO 52cc Multi-functional garden tool is about £200, but it's on Amazon for about £179. We got ours off there to save a little extra money. To wrap this one up, check this out for a quick-view:

  • Semi wet quick remove/install air filters
  • 52cc Two-stroke Petrol Engine with a 40:1 fuel ratio
  • Garden tool - Brush cutter head (can be extended)
  • 12 month warranty
  • Recoil, pull start mechanism
  • Primer bulb for assisted startup
  • Handle located throttle switch for safety
  • 1200ml Fuel Tank
  • Transmission is through an automatic, Centrifugal clutch with bevel gearing

This is a slightly more budget-friendly option, hence the downside here is that the lower quality can be felt. The plastic parts do feel rather cheap, but if you're just after a quick, cheap tool to help you get all your garden tasks done, then this one is great. Just be aware that you won't feel much luxury when you're holding it.

5) AOSOME Multi Function 5 in 1 Garden Tool

Last on this list is the multi-functional garden tool by AOSOME. While this is a slightly more expensive option, it's definitely worth the money and will prove to be a worthwhile purchase for people who are interesting in spending the extra cash on a long-term investment.

Read on to see what we love about this 5-in-1 tool.

What We Love: 

  • Innovative Strimmer Head Design: The standout feature of this AOSOME multi-tool is the newly designed strimmer head, which features a circular, high-quality, heavy duty body. The loading is very easy despite the weight, and no disassembly is required. This is an excellent accessory/attachment for straight-shaft garden strimmers as well as petrol/gasoline/electric grass trimmers. 

  • Bar Cover with Knob: For the pruner, this innovative knob design is great for its assembly, as well as being labour-saving, with no external tools needed, and a speeded assembly.
  • Adjustment Range: There is a wide range for which the head can be changed, between 90 and 270°. 

  • Protective Bracket: With many other multi-tools and garden tools in general, the protective bracket is usually made of a plastic or hard polymer, but this tool has a sturdy metal one. This further reinforces and protects the tank. 
  • Double Shoulder Harness Strap: You can evenly distribute the load over your shoulders with the harness strap attached. It features quick-release coupling to allow for easier usage without the need to take the strap off. 
  • High Speed Range: This solid multi-tool can rev from an idle value of 3000rpm, to a maximum of 6000rpm! 

Summary and Verdict

The current price online for the AOSOME garden tool is about £250, but it's on Amazon for about £219. We got ours off of there to save a little extra money. To wrap this one up, check this out for a quick-view:

  • 3000-6000rpm range
  • Double shoulder harness strap for weight distribution and ease to carry
  • Metal protective bracket instead of the common plastic one
  • Bar cover with knob for faster assembly, less labour required
  • Innovative strimmer head design with no disassembly required
  • 90 and 270° adjustment range

One thing to be noted with the AOSOME is that it may have a slight overheating problem if used at high speeds for extended periods of time. We did a runtime of 2.5 hours, at maximum speed, which is when we noticed the body and engine starting to heat up. Hence, we don't recommend this for professional use- however, for domestic purposes, this multi-tool is great.

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