How Many Amps Does A Lawn Mower Use? Electric & Battery - Our Guide!

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How Many Amps Does A Lawn Mower Use? Electric & Battery - Our Guide!

What Amps & Power Does An Corded & Battery Mower Use?

In comparison to petrol mowers, figuring out how many amps your electric mower uses can be a little difficult, once you know how many amps your specific mower uses, you can work out how much it's running costs are too.

On average, an electric corded lawnmower will use 700-1800 watts of electricity per hour, or in other words 10-15 amps. Cordless battery lawnmowers will tend to use around x amps an hour depending on their battery voltage. Most battery lawnmowers come with a 12V battery, translating to 48 amps.

To help you understand your lawnmowers power consumption clearer, we have put together a short guide below that will tell you everything you need to know about your electric mower.

How To Workout How Much Power Your Mower Is Using

As we mentioned above how many amps your electric or battery mower uses will depend on the model or the battery inside of your lawnmower.

Corded electric mowers can draw up to 1800 watts of power per hour and battery mowers will depend on the voltage of the battery which is typically 6v or 12v.

To work out the cost you simply need to know how much your electricity bill charges and see what 1800 kWh will translate to.

For battery mowers, you should know that the bigger the amps does not always mean your mower is powerful. To work out how much battery power your battery mower uses you will have to take the amp rating of the battery per hour and times it by the voltage, this will give you the watt-hour that your mower uses, the overall amps your mower produces should be stated on the battery.

What Costs More To Run - Corded Or Battery Lawnmowers?

Once you have figured out how many amps/power your lawnmower uses, you might be wondering what would cost more to run long term, and the answer to that is - a battery mower.

A battery mower might be cheaper to run on the lawn than a cordless one but will need additional batteries over time which does not come cheap. A corded mower will probably cost you around 40p to run per hour, and a battery a little less.

Tips For Mowing With a Corded Mower

If you decide to use a corded mower rather than a cordless battery model, we have put a few tips below which will help you get the best out of your mower.

  • Always ensure your grass is dry - As this kind of mower is run by electricity, you should never risk mowing a wet lawn and always wait for it to dry out beforehand.
  • Start closest to the cord - Start mowing closest to where your mowers cord is plugged in so you have more freedom to move with the cord as you mow without it crossing your path.
  • Check the cord for damage - Always double-check the cord of your mower and make sure it isn't damaged or that the wire is exposed.
  • Use the right extension - Use the correct powered extension for your model and ensure it is plugged into a grounded outlet.

Tips For Using a Battery Mower

Now we covered the tips for using your corded mower, we can get on to how to look after your mower's battery.

  • Use the correct charge - It's very important you use the correct charger for your mower battery, using a charger that is too powerful could damage it. If you want to keep your battery from going flat when in storage, you could try using a trickle charger.
  • Keep it clean - Use a wire brush to clean your battery regularly and prevent corrosion from building up.
  • Always check terminals - Ensure your terminals are not damaged and make sure your battery is always tightly fitted into your mower.

Frequently Asked Questions About How Many Amps Corded & Battery Mowers Use

What are amps on a mower?

Amps are similar to volts and are used to measure electricity on a mower. Amps differ as they measure the electrical current of your mower, for battery mowers, this will be how much amps they use constantly.

You should also look at CCA on mowers which are cold crank amps, telling you how much amps your mower will need/use to a cold start.

Are petrol mowers more expensive to run than corded & battery mowers? 

Yes, petrol mowers do tend to be slightly more expensive than electrical mowers to run due to the fuel needed.

Last Words

Overall, the amps your corded and battery mower will differ depending on the model you are using, for corded models you can look at the watts it consumes per hour and for battery mowers they should have this rated from their battery.

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