How To Deal With Overgrown Garden - Find Out Here!

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How To Deal With Overgrown Garden - Find Out Here!

How To Clear An Overgrown Garden 

Overgrown garden beds look ugly and unkempt. They also make it difficult to plant new flowers or vegetables.

But we all have our reasons why we have an overgrown garden.

We're not here to judge but to help!

With a little bit of work and time, you can make your garden bed look amazing again.

How To Get Back Your Overgrown Garden

First and foremost, scan your garden. 

Take a while to really take it in and walk around your garden before you even start. This will motivate you, but most importantly, you'll be able to notice things you haven't before because you're so used to them.

After looking around, you can now strategies and plan your next steps.

Every garden is different to determine what is important to you and the end result you want or need.

What to Consider When Clearing an Overgrown Garden

Plants, Process, and Tools

Knowing what plants you want to keep, remove, or prune will lead you to the right process and tools to get.


Plan when to work on your garden.

Consider the season. It's better not to work in harsh conditions like the extreme summer heat or freezing winter.

You can prepare appropriately for the season you are working.

Also, consider your time. If you have any deadlines for work or need your garden cleared in a specified time, then you can adjust your pace and process accordingly. 

We recommend portioning your garden into squares and working on there specifically than working all around the place so you can see your garden cleanup progress sooner.

Energy and Skills

Gardening can be a cute hobby, but it's also hardcore, especially if you're dealing with an overgrown garden.

Consider your health and energy levels and work at your pace.

If you have to sell the house in a month, well, that's a different story, but if you don't, you can always work on the garden gradually. 

Also, consider the skills you have.

Knowing your limits can mean safety. Sure, using a chainsaw will make the process so much faster, but don't even try if you can't handle it.

Know when to rest and when you need help from a friend or a professional.


Last but not least is knowing your goals.

Do you want to just clear out the overgrown weeds and do a bit of pruning, or maybe you want an overall garden makeover? 

Having a clear goal will lead you to a more precise plan and process.

Now for the hard part, get ready to get your hands dirty!


Garden Clean-up Process

Establish a Goal, Plan, And Prepare

Knowing what you want will lead you to the things you need to have and do. 

Getting the right tools for the job you want to do is crucial. It can make the process so much easier. 

Scissors and pruning sheers are not the same things. 

Planning includes determining the plants you want to keep and those you want to get rid of. 

Clear Any Litter

Pick out any garden waste like broken pots and scrap wood. Also, set aside any garden items like gardening tools and furniture. 

Basically, anything lying around. 

Removing bits of rubbish will give you more space and decrease obstacles. 

This includes the garden, patio, and path. Clearing your patio and path can help you move around better and give you a place to rest.

Remove Weeds And Dead Plants

Before thinking about which of the healthy plants to keep or get rid of, let's deal with the obvious ones first. 

Depending on the pace you want or need to work, you can manually remove the weeds using a garden fork or apply a week killer before pulling everything out. 


You can use an old carpet to make weeding easier. Simply place an old carpet made of natural fibres on top of the weed and wait for them to limp and turn yellow before pulling or digging them out.

If you decide to use chemicals, make sure to avoid plants you want to keep.

If you're having a hard time pulling out the plants or weeds, wait for the rain or irrigate the soil. Wet soil is much softer than dry garden soil, so it will be easier to work with. 

Prune, Trim, Mow, or Remove

You've decided which plants to keep and to remove, right? 

Now is the time to finalize that. 

Remove or move the plants you don't want anymore. You can learn or have someone do a root ball to the entire root of the plants to move them. 

Then, prune any trees, shrubs, and overgrown plants you will keep. 

Trees are big, and giving the canopy of trees crisp edges will help transform your garden.

Trim or mow your overgrown lawn to make your garden look cleaner. 

Also, trim the edges and garden borders that still have overgrown grass to get a cleaner and easy-to-make garden path.

At this point, you should be able to see results in your garden clearance project. 

Your garden should look so much better compared to when you started. 

If you're satisfied with this, then great! Well done. 

But if you want to take it to another level, that's good too.

Take this time to decorate and update your garden design and garden layout. Even simple things like pitting pebbles around the garden or using a dark mulch would make a difference. 

You can also utilize mulch to decorate and prevent more weed growth. 


Avoid working in summer as much as you can, but if you have to, make sure to avoid the afternoons when it's the hottest.

Make sure to stay hydrated while you work. 

Make sure to wear appropriate clothing and protective gear like garden boots, eyeglasses, and gloves. When working in the sun, make sure to apply some sunscreen. 

Remember to add any compostable material you get along the way to your compost pile; if you don't have one, now's the perfect time to start. 

Your fantastic compost will be useful for rejuvenating your now clean garden.

If you found out that wildlife has made your overgrown garden their home, let the local authority know and seek their advice. There are laws that protect them, so it's best to seek advice on how to properly treat them.

Keep on top of garden maintenance duties as much as you can to avoid having a messy garden and doing such a big garden clean-up job again. 

Be familiar with the plants growing in your garden so you can pull any emerging weeds or unwanted plants before they grow.

If you're going to apply fertilizer to rejuvenate your soil, do it in the summer and avoid autumn when the cold is starting to set in.

Consider gardening professional services to help you with the upkeeping and maintenance of your garden. 

Aside from skills from expert gardeners, they can also offer special and extra equipment that can make the clearing process easier and faster. 


Dealing with overgrown gardens will be hard and exhausting, for sure, but it doesn't have to be stressful. 

We've listed and separated the process into manageable tasks, but it's easier written and read than done. 

Remember that it's okay to take your time and take breaks.

Enjoy the process - clear your garden, and clear your mind at the same time. 

We're sure your hard work will all be worth it once you see your beautiful garden all cleared out.

Happy gardening! 

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