Are Electric Lawn Mowers Better For The Environment? Find Out Here

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Are Electric Lawn Mowers Better For The Environment? Find Out Here

How Much Better Are Electric Mowers For The Environment?

We all know gas mowers and other gas-powered garden tools are not the most environmentally friendly types out there due to the internal combustion in their engines which release harmful pollutants, but how much better are electric mowers? 

Well yes, electric lawnmowers are much better than gas mowers for the environment thanks to their absence of an engine, but this does depend on where the energy is sourced from the mower. 

Within our short guide below, we will discuss why petrol mowers are bad for the environment, the eco-friendly pros to electric mowers as well as their cons and some tips for better eco-friendly mowing with your electric model.

Why Are Petrol Mowers Bad For The Environment?

Before we can discuss just how good electric mowers are for the environment we first need to understand why petrol mowers are so bad as the alternative. 

Petrol lawnmowers run with a fuel engine and release many greenhouses in the air just like cars, from carbon dioxide to carbon monoxide.

Two-stroke mowers are considered worse than four-stroke mowers for the environment due to the fact they have incomplete combustion in their engine.

We've listed the biggest disadvantages to petrol mowers on the environment down below. 

  • Air quality - One of the main negative after-effects of petrol mowers is on the air quality, gas lawn mowers contribute to emissions and soot in the air which in turn can affect people respiratory health.
  • Air pollution - Nitrogen oxide, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide are all produced from petrol mowers and pollute the air, particulates from running are also released into the air harming the ozone layer.
  • Spillage of fuel - Refilling petrol mowers can often mean fuel spilt which contaminates the ground and surrounding runoff streams.

The Environmental Advantages & Disadvantages To Electric Lawn Mowers 

Now we know why electric mower models are the preferred eco-friendly alternative to petrol mowers we can discuss just how good these electric mower models are and their limitations below. 

Environmental Pros 

The main advantages to electric mowers over gas-powered mowers in terms of the environment are that they don't run on the engine, which stops combustion and emissions being released into the air. 

Since these corded and battery-powered mowers do not run off fuel they also don't have any risk of spillage when doing maintenance. 

  • Do not run with an engine. 
  • No fuel spillage. 
  • No emissions.

Environmental Cons

Although electric mowers are certainly the more eco-friendly option over gas mowers these cordless mowers can have their cons when it comes to the environment. 

For example, if their power does not come from a clean energy source power plant they are still contributing to the carbon footprint. 

Battery mowers are also a big problem when it comes to their batteries being dumped in landfills, to avoid landfill waste these batteries need to be specially recycled.

  • The battery contributes to waste in landfills. 
  • Energy sources should be considered.

Conclusion - Just How Good Are Electric Mowers For The Environment?

Overall, electric mowers are a much better choice for the environment as long as they are getting their power from a clean energy source and the battery inside the mowers are disposed of properly. 

These mowers have no risk of fuel spillage and do not contribute to emissions in the air.

How To Use Your Electric Mower More Eco-Friendly 

One way to make your electric mower even better for the environment is by using it in a more eco-friendly way. 

We've listed some tips for making your electric mowing more green below. 

  • Use rainwater - Rather than using your main water supply to water your garden, why not try re-using rainwater for the job, this is a natural way of irrigation and doesn't waste any water too.
  • Mulch with your mower - Mulching is an excellent way to re-use your lawn clippings and improve the health of your lawn in an eco-friendly way rather than throwing them away as garden waste.
  • Dispose of the battery properly - To avoid contributing to landfills ensure you are recycling your battery from battery-powered lawn mowers properly by recycling them to a dedicated place.
  • Compost - Composting is excellent for the environment plus your lawn will love it as fertiliser too, this is a great way to make use of any kitchen waste rather than throwing it out, simply put a top layer over your lawn and watch it grow!
  • Avoid chemicals - Try to avoid chemical weed killers and naturally pull weeds out, chemicals can leech into water streams around and damage environments causing direct pollution.

Frequently Asked Questions About Electric Mowers & The Environment 

What are the most eco-friendly kinds of mowers? 

The most eco-friendly kinds of mowers are push mowers, cordless mowers and corded electric mowers.

Are electric lawn mower models more expensive than petrol mowers?

Yes, electric mowers are much more expensive than petrol mowers but are also more energy-efficient, these types of mowers require much less maintenance too in the long run so the price ends up being fair.

What is the impact of lawnmowers on the environment? 

The emissions from lawn mowers contribute to greenhouse gases in the environment, they are the equivalent of a 100-mile car ride because of their engine emissions, they also come with other issues such as fuel spillage.

Final Words 

To conclude, electric lawn mowers are much better for the environment than petrol mowers due to the reduction in emission and no fuel. Always ensure you get your electricity from a clean energy source and dispose of any batteries correctly if you have an electric mower. 

To keep your mowing more enviro-friendly we also suggest implementing practices such as mulching and using rainwater for irrigation.

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