How Much Fuel Does A Petrol Lawn Mower Use Per Hour?

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How Much Fuel Does A Petrol Lawn Mower Use Per Hour?

What Is The Fuel Consumption Of a Petrol Mower Per Hour?

The cost of a gas-powered mower itself is one thing to consider when you planning to invest in a lawnmower, but you should also factor in the prices of running a petrol lawnmower too. 

When figuring out how much fuel your gas-powered mower needs to run per hour, you need to factor in additional variables such as the capacity and size of the lawn. But on average, a typical gas mower will use about one litre of fuel for a full tank per hour or more.

So as you can calculate how much fuel your mower will use and what affects fuel consumption, as well as whether or not an electric lawnmower could be more suitable, we've composed a short guide below to explain everything in better detail. 

How To Calculate How Much Fuel Your Petrol Mower Uses 

On average, any person with a gas-powered mower will consume around 2 gallons of fuel per 1/2 acre when mowing their lawn. 

To work out how much fuel you are using per hour, you simply need to figure out how much it costs to fill up a single tank capacity of your lawnmower according to your local fuel prices then see how much fuel is left after mowing for an hour. 

For working out the cost of your fuel, simply keep track of how many hours you mow annually, see how much one litre of fuel costs then go from there. 

For example, currently, one litre of fuel in the UK costs £1.20 on average per litre, now if your lawnmower holds a litre of fuel, you might use around a litre or per hour, then you can calculate.

Variables Affecting Fuel Consumption In Your Petrol Mower 

There are many variables which can affect how much fuel your lawnmower is using, for example, if you are using a small electric mower for mowing a large uneven terrain garden, it's going to cost more to run than a petrol mower which is more efficient on this type of land. 

We have listed some other variables which can affect fuel consumption below along with some tips on how to lower the fuel consumption of your lawnmower too. 

  • Your speed - Using your petrol-operated lawn mower at full throttle while mowing all the time will eat through fuel quicker than you can believe!
  • Type of mower - Mowing with a typical mower tank which is suited for a small-sized garden will take more time and lead the petrol-powered lawnmower to end up using more gas than you would if you matched the gas lawnmowers garden to the size of the work. Bigger engines should always be used for bigger gardens so as you can use less fuel and money.
  • Maintenance - Clogged parts on your lawn mower such as a dirty air filter or dirty carburettor on your gas mower can cause your lawnmower to be using excess fuel to run, making the engine work harder.
  • Grass collecting - If you collect your grass clippings as you mow then the weight of the grass bag will make your lawnmower work harder to propel itself forwards, using more fuel in turn. 

Electric Mower Vs Gas Mower - Which Is More Cost Friendly? 

If you are looking for a more fuel-efficient mower that doesn't cost as much as petrol types of mowers then it might be worth studying an electric mower for comparison. 

Electric Lawn Mower

Electric lawn mowers are cheaper to run than petrol-powered lawn mowers due to their lithium-ion batteries which only have a charge cost of around £40 a year (this is variable to a lot of factors) in comparison to the running cost of petrol mowers with maintenance which is much more. 

The electric system of a mower is more efficient for smaller gardens too and very eco friendly in comparison to the fumes emitted by petrol-powered mower users. 

Drawbacks of an electric lawnmower are the initial cost which tends to be more expensive than a gas-powered lawnmower, they also might need a couple of charges to mow a large lawn, making the time per recharge waiting less practical. 

Petrol Lawn Mower 

Petrol lawn mowers will always use a lot more fuel in comparison to electric lawn mowers which is more expensive to run, they additionally have a high amount of running costs for maintenance if you want to look after your lawnmower with care. 

However, these mowers save you money initially as they often sold cheaper and work better for gardens of a large size with uneven terrain, they additionally don't need to be recharged while mowing allowing you to save time and get the job done quicker. 


Overall, whether a petrol push mower or electric battery mower is more cost-friendly comes down to the type of lawn you will be using it for. 

Despite the running costs of petrol mowers, these models can save you money when it comes to cutting large areas of the garden and harsh terrains, whether an electric mower is more expensive yet cheaper to run off a single charge for a smaller sized garden.

Final Words 

To conclude, the amount of fuel that your lawnmower uses per hour is affected by a large number of variables, but on average you can expect the mower to use anywhere from one litre of fuel per hour depending on the model, you can lower consumption by following our tips above or switch to an electric mower if you think it can save you costs according to your garden type.

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