Does A Garden Room Need Planning Permission? Find Out Here

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Does A Garden Room Need Planning Permission? Find Out Here

A garden room is exactly what the name suggests. It is a room in your garden that is used as a room in your garden.

You may be considering building or buying a garden room, which can be a great way to add extra space to your garden and grow some of your own food.

But, before you go spending your money, you should first check whether building a garden room requires planning permission, as they are subject to the same regulations as the main house.

Planning permission is required for any structure built in the garden, unless it is exempt under certain categories, such as those for sheds and greenhouses.

Even if the structure does not need planning permission, there may be other restrictions.

If you do want to build a garden room, or want to extend your existing room, there are a number of things to consider.

Here are a few tips:

  • A garden room needs to be constructed with the correct materials, and built by a competent builder.

Failing to do so could lead to a building inspector deeming the room unsafe and, as a result, the structure being demolished.

What is garden room?

A garden room is a small, enclosed, space designed for relaxation, reflection, and entertainment, which is usually located outdoors.

Cultivate your green thumb with a garden room that features all the elements of indoor living, including a kitchen, bathroom, and sleeping quarters.

Many garden rooms are partially or fully underground for maximum comfort and performance.

A garden room or outdoor room is a room that is built into a garden, usually an extension to an existing house.

The garden room may be used for entertaining and usually includes a kitchen, often with built in appliances.

Often the garden room has floor-to-ceiling glazing, which may be screened with insect mesh or interlaced with blinds or shutters.

There's something magical about a garden room: it can be a place for relaxing, thinking, and entertaining, as well as a place for growing food.

There are few better ways to escape the hustle and bustle of the city than to head out into your garden.

How much will they cost?

If you're planning on building a new garden, or improving or extending an existing one, it's important to know how much garden room will cost.

The biggest cost by far is the soil, which accounts for more than half the total cost of a new garden, and is best if bought directly from a garden center.

That way, you can be sure of the quality of the soil you're buying, and you're less likely to be stung by an unexpected change in price.

The price of garden room is determined by the floor size, and there will be an additional charge for walls.

Most people choose to retain the current layout of the room, but you will have more flexibility if you knock down a few walls and spread out into the garden.

The cost of the garden room depends on how big a garden you want. The cost of a garden room also depends on the materials you choose.

The cheapest options are metal, while the most expensive are wood. The cost of building a garden room also varies according to the location.

When to build garden room?

There are many factors to consider when you want to build garden rooms. Since garden are an extension of our homes, the garden room planning will depend on the space you have in your garden.

Before you plan to build a garden room, you should know how big the garden room should be.

The construction of a garden room is governed by the same planning rules as a conservatory, which includes all buildings, typically attached to a house, which have their own external access and which are designed to be used for specified non-residential purposes.

This includes garden rooms, which are structures designed to be used for living accommodation or storage, and are typically built onto the rear of the house.

A garden room should be constructed to withstand wind and rain conditions similar to those required for permanent dwellings.

It must have a floor, a ceiling and a means of providing artificial light and ventilation.

Things to consider while planning to build garden room

1. Check if the project will be larger than a certain square footage

When building a garden room, you might have to check if the project will be larger than a certain square footage.

This will help you decide how big your garden room will be, and how much it will cost to build it.

To accomplish this task, check the area of your garden and add any features that you want to include in the garden room.

2. Check if a garden room is considered a separate building

If you want to build a garden room, you might want to know if the room is considered a separate building.

Part of the planning permission application process involves filling out a series of questions about your project.

One of these questions is whether the project will require a planning application or not.

If the answer is yes, it probably means you have to submit a Building Regulation approval application too.

3. Check if a garden room is considered a detached building

The first thing that any prospective builder should do before constructing their garden room is to check if it will fall within the remit of any local building regulations .

These rules usually apply to any building that is detached from the main building on a property and range from the materials required for the structure, to the planning permission required for the project.

A  garden room is not considered a separate building and therefore falls under the same rules as the main property, as long as it has its own walls and windows and is built completely from scratch.

4. Check if the property is within a conservation area

The type of land you are building your garden room on is important because of the different levels of protection that are afforded by different types of conservation area.

Generally speaking, you do not need to apply for planning permission to build a garden room on land that is not within a conservation area.

Therefore, a garden room may be in breach of planning laws if it causes any harm to the conservation area, or is built in.

Is a garden room a dwelling?

The garden room is a perfect place to relax, entertain friends and be outside and all of these things have to do with one of the favorite places of British people: the garden.

The garden room is a place that is both in the garden and not in the garden because it is an extension of the house and its garden.

The housing market is very different for sheds and garden rooms, because the latter are supposed to stay on the property of the house that they are attached to.

They tend to be in the same state as the house, which is rarely furnished.

A Garden Room, sometimes called an orangery, is a building which is specifically designed to be used in a garden for storage, work or recreational purposes.

When used for storage or works purposes, it is usually located in the garden, as opposed to in the house.

A Garden Room is usually fully enclosed and heated. When used as a room for recreational purposes, the Garden Room would be located in the garden but is more likely to be an open structure, with the door opening directly into the garden.

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