Does Gardening Count As Exercise? Find Out Here

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Does Gardening Count As Exercise? Find Out Here

You can get exercise just by doing your gardening, but it does take some effort. It can be as simple as walking between your garden beds.

It can be using your new garden tools like a hoe or spade to give you a work out. It might involve digging deep into your beds to get at the soil that has built up over the winter months.

Gardening has long been an activity that is both enjoyable and beneficial to one's health. Many people have turned a passion for gardening into a full time job.

Gardening is a great way to get outdoors and spend time in the fresh air. The act of gardening is a form of exercise that is easy on the joints.

It also gets your heart pumping since you are walking all over the place.

Although it doesn't involve sweating, heavy lifting, or running, gardening is good for you and not just because it allows you to enjoy the warm sun and fresh air.

Research suggests that spending time working in your garden regularly can help you maintain a healthy weight and live longer.

Gardening can offer the same stress-relieving, mood-boosting, and other health benefits as more traditional forms of exercise.

Gardening is a great way to lose weight and keep fit

Gardening can be a great way to lose weight and keep fit. Gardening is one of the best exercises you can do. It's free and you don't need anything special to do it.

It provides you with a fun activity and a workout all in one. You can burn about 500 calories an hour working in the yard.

Plus, it involves a lot of physical labor, which is a great way to get in shape.

The reason for this is because gardening will help you to relax, get you away from the TV and computer, and it will get you into the great outdoors.

Gardening is also good for the environment, which means that you will be helping the environment.

Gardening is a truly rewarding and relaxing pursuit, but when done regularly you can lose weight and get a full work out too.

Not to mention, if you're also growing and eating your own fruit and veg, then you can build a well-rounded and healthy life style all from your own back yard.

Ways to lose weight while gardening

1. Mowing instead of Treading

Treadmills are good if you want to lose weight but don’t want to go out, but if you want to get fit while doing something fun, why not try mowing the garden grass.

If you want to get rid of your garden grass but don't want to go to the gym for a workout, you could try mowing it instead. 

Mowing the garden grass, a task that most people think of as dull and boring, is actually a great way to get fit.

Mowing the garden grass can be an enjoyable way to get fit since you can listen to music or talk on the phone while you do it, and it can be a great way to lose weight.

2. Raking instead of Rowing

Raking instead of Rowing is a great way to incorporate physical activity into your daily routine.

Raking burns as many calories as rowing. It is not surprising that raking is such an effective exercise.

Raking is a full body workout that incorporates the major muscle groups of the arms, shoulders, chest, and back.

It works the quads, hamstrings, and glutes, as well as the core, which includes the abdominals

3. Digging instead of Lifting

Digging instead of lifting to lose weight and keep fit. As we all know gardening can be an excellent way to keep fit and burn calories.

It can also help to reduce stress and improve your mental health. The key is to choose digging over lifting.

If you are digging to create new garden beds, or plant bulbs, shrubs and trees, or simply to aerate the soil, then you will be at the right level to get the most out of your gardening.

You will be working your arms, chest, abs and back muscles, using your body in a way that is similar to traditional weight-lifting exercises and great for your overall fitness.

You'll be surprised at how quickly the pounds drop. 

4. Weeding and Planting instead of Cross Training

Weeding and planting instead of cross training is becoming a popular way to lose weight and keep fit.

Simply by weeding and planting your garden you can tone your body, lose weight, increase your stamina and feel great.

And the more you weed your garden, the more weight you will lose. That's why gardening is a great way to lose weight, get fit and, most importantly, feel better.

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