When Is The Best Time To Cut A Beech Hedge? & Some Tips!

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When Is The Best Time To Cut A Beech Hedge? & Some Tips!

How Often Should I Cut My Beech Hedge?

Beech hedges are one of the fastest-growing hedge types for your garden and are an amazing hedge plant to use as a privacy hedge as they are a dense hedge, young Beech plants especially grow very fast. 

Typically, you should cut your Beech hedge once in March and once in late summer around August after the summer growth spurt, this is so you can maintain a full hedge all year round and promote growth while keeping it under control. 

We have composed a small guide below that will cover when to cut your Beech hedge in more detail, how quickly these hedges grow and how to cut them in the best way possible for a fuller hedge. 

When Should I Cut My Beech Hedge? 

As we mentioned it is best to cut your Beech hedge twice a year to maintain nice-looking bushier hedges, once in late summer and once around spring, cutting your Beech hedge in the later summer allows your hedge to keep its leaf coverage on the hedges in winter.

For common Beech hedges which are very overgrown, you should cut them back hard during the month of February after winter.

You should always cut any diseased parts of your Beech hedge straight away before they have a chance to develop on the rest of the hedge.

How Quickly Does a Beech Hedge Grow? 

Beech hedges are an attractive hedge which grows very quickly like Hornbeam hedges and other Evergreen hedges. On average these types of hedge plants tend to grow 40 to 70cm each year depending on conditions such as weather and soil as well as how often the hedge has been cut. 

How To Cut Your Beech Hedge 

Cutting your Beech hedge is a very simple task and should be done at the correct time each year, during winter months it is best to leave your Beech hedge alone, most pruning should be done after the summer growth spurt. 

We have listed some tips below for cutting your hedge if it's your first time. 

  • Pick your hedge trimmer or shearers, shearers give you better control while a trimmer is better for Beech hedge plants that are overgrown. 
  • Use a string guide for cutting your Beech hedge plants in a straight line and make sure to pick your hedge prunings out as you go along the hedge. 
  • Always start cutting the top of your hedge first then work your way down the sides of the Beech hedge plants.
  • Cut each branch of the hedges in summer near the bud.

Final Words

To conclude, cutting your Beech hedge should be done twice a year, once at the ideal time towards the end of summer and more consistently after the time of planting. The other suitable time is around March after winter to get rid of dry leaves.

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