Why Can't You Walk On New Turf? - Know Here

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Why Can't You Walk On New Turf? - Know Here

Why can’t you stand up on this new turf? 

Walking on new turf causes damage to the grassroots, which makes the turf less resilient.

It means that when you walk on the lawn, you may cause damage to the root system, which could lead to the turf dying sooner.

You must wait some weeks after installation before walking on it.

It is essential to know that if you do not walk on your new lawn for a while, it will be damaged and die faster than average.

If you are planning to use your new lawn in the summer months, the ground should be dry enough so that you can walk on it.

Helping new turf to root into the ground

If you want to help new turf roots into their soil, you should ensure that they have enough nutrients. 

It means ensuring that no weeds are growing nearby and that the area has been well-prepared before planting.

  • Deep root growth

Once the grass has started to grow through the soil, it needs to develop deep roots. It helps the grass to withstand drought conditions.

To encourage deep rooting, you need to ensure that the soil is well-drained as rainwater runs off.

Ensure that the soil is kept moist but not wet at all times.

When watering, water with a sprinkler or hose nozzle.

Avoid over-watering because this encourages shallow root growth.

Watering too often also leads to problems such as algae growth.

Avoid fertilising planted grass until the roots have developed to handle the extra weight of the fertiliser.

  • Fertiliser application

The best time to apply fertiliser is after planting.

  1. Apply a slow-release fertiliser, such as Osmocote® Slow Release Fertilizer.
  2. The fertiliser should be applied across the top of the soil using a trowel.
  3. Do not apply any fertiliser near the base of the plant stems, as this can burn the branch.
  4. Do not apply fertiliser onto the leaves, as this can cause leaf scorch.

How long does it take turf to settle?

Lawn owners usually have their lawns installed by professional installers in the UK. They recommend waiting at least two weeks before using the new turf.

Yet, they also tell that if you want to use the lawn immediately, then you should wait until the soil has settled.

The soil needs time to settle before you can walk on it.

When installing a new lawn, the installer will add sand or pebbles to help with settling.

What happens if I don’t wait?

If you don’t wait, you run the risk of damaging the roots and causing them to rot. You could even end up with a dead lawn.

If you have a high-quality lawn in your garden, you might not need to wait for the soil to settle.

But if you have a low-quality lawn, you should wait for the soil to settle before using it.

How do I care for my lawn?

Once you have waited for the soil to settle, you can start caring for your lawn.

  • First, you should mow the lawn to keep it looking neat.
  • Then, you should water the lawn to encourage growth.
  • You should only water the lawn once every week.
  • If you water too often, you could wash away the nutrients from the soil.
  • It would be best to avoid drowning during the day as this can make the lawn grow more.

Instead, it would be best if you watered the area around the base of the plants. This way, you will get the most benefit out of your watering.

How much water should I give my lawn?

To ensure that your lawn looks healthy, you should aim to water it about twice a month.

You should water the lawn but try to avoid over-watering.

Over-watering can wash away the nutrients from your soil.

Suitable ground conditions

The need for lawn turf depends on what type of soil you have. Ground condition is an essential factor to consider.

For example, if you live in an area with lots of clay, you will need a different type of turf from one that lives in a sandy environment.

So, if you are unsure whether you need a particular type of turf, you should talk to your local supplier.

They should be able to tell you exactly what type of turf you need.

If you are worried about buying a new lawn, you should consider getting a free quote.

This way, you can find out how much it would cost to replace your current lawn.

You can then decide whether you need a new lawn.

All sorts of lawn problems

  • Worse condition than normal

If you notice any issues with your lawn, such as yellow patches, you should contact your local supplier straightaway.

It is best to call them when you first notice the problem rather than later. That way, they can provide advice on dealing with the issue.

Final words

New turf or lawn is an excellent addition to any garden. It gives you something to look forward to each year.

But, it would be best if you took some precautions to don’t damage your existing lawn. Avoid stepping into your new turf for 7 to 10 days after installation.

It would be best if you waited until the soil has settled ultimately. If you don’t follow these instructions, you could damage your existing lawn.

And remember, you should always seek professional advice before making any changes.

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