Can I Use A Chainsaw To Trim Hedges?

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Can I Use A Chainsaw To Trim Hedges?

Is It Possible To Use a Chainsaw To Trim Hedges With?

Trimming hedges is a normal part of garden maintenance for many of us, but what happens if you only have a chainsaw on hand, can you use it for trimming? 

A chainsaw is not the most ideal choice for trimming a hedge since they are very powerful and harder to control, they can be used for pruning bushes with, however. 

To help you out with trimming your hedge, we will discuss what chainsaw cutting is mainly used for, when to use a chainsaw on your hedges, how they differ to hedge trimmers and some tips for using a chainsaw for trimming and pruning hedges.

What Is a Chainsaw Used For?

Electric chainsaw and petrol chainsaw models are typically used for cutting down trees, firewood, pruning, bucking and limbing. 

They are one of the most powerful and most dangerous garden tools out there and are reserved for heavy-duty garden work.

When To Use a Chainsaw For Trimming Hedges

We would only suggest using a chainsaw trim for hedges if it is a very overgrown hedge and you are not too bothered by accuracy. 

Chainsaws are exceptionally fast, but this brutal cut might not be received so kindly by the hedge so we wouldn't use it for delicate shaping, for this, we suggest a hedge trimmer or hedge shears. 

For pruning taller hedges a chainsaw is not recommended since you would need to stand on a ladder, since these tools are heavy you could likely lose balance. 

Chainsaws are best used for pruning one or two hedges thicker branches that are three inches in diameter or more. Most overgrown hedges will have these thicker branches which is where a chainsaw can come in handy for rejuvenation pruning.

Chainsaws Vs Hedge Trimmers - What's The Difference?

To understand why a chainsaw should only be used for heavy-duty pruning, it's a good idea to note the differences between these saws and trimmers. 

Chainsaws are meant to be an effective tool for cutting thicker branches and even concrete or metal, hedge trimmers on the other hand are correct tools for cutting tips of branches and weak branches, as well as shaping shrubs. 

All in all, chainsaws are meant for tougher work while trimmers are meant for sharing.

Tips For Using a Chainsaw To Prune Hedges 

Although a chainsaw is not used for trimming it can be used for pruning branches bigger than three inches in diameter. 

We've listed some tips for using a chainsaw for pruning hedges below.

  • Wear safety protection - Chain saws are mighty tools and you should be wearing safety gear when handling one, this includes gloves, goggles and ear protection.
  • Do not operate the chainsaw above waist level - Operating a chainsaw above waist level is very dangerous, never reach the saw above your head to cut a hedge or use it on a ladder, in this case, it's better to use a pole trimmer.
  • Use the right guide bar - Chainsaws can be used with three different guide bars, we recommend choosing the shortest bar for more control. If you are dealing with longer and thicker branches then size up appropriately.
  • Check your footing - Having the right balance and footing when pruning is very important, this gives you control over your chainsaw and improves safety.
  • Keep the blade sharp - Having a sharp blade reduces the chance of your chainsaw getting stuck in branches or damaging the hedge.
  • Be light handed - Avoid cutting too much of the hedge with your chainsaw, use it light-handed and always aim for less.
  • Use a hedge trimmer - Chainsaws are truly not ideal for cutting hedges with, we would suggest using hedge shears instead if you are on a budget or manual hedge trimmers.

Final Words 

Overall, you should not use a chainsaw for trimming a hedge, although possible, you may have less control and accuracy in comparison to using a hedge trimmer. Instead, we suggest using a chainsaw for pruning thicker branches on your hedge which are larger than three inches. 

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