Quirky & Cool Things For The Garden – Our Guide [2019 – 2020]

Weird & Wonderful Ideas For Your Garden

Your garden, regardless of its size, is a space that can reveal a lot about your personality.

Indeed, many garden designers believe you can tell if a person has an introverted or extroverted personality simply by looking at their garden.

Extroverts- gardens tend to be more minimalistic; this is because they are less likely to spend hours on end maintaining their garden space.

They will generally have fewer plants and will often have more striking, easy to keep garden features such as standing ornaments or water features.

There will usually be a clear, defined area for socialising and the furniture will usually be on the pricier side; they want to impress others with their choices.

Introverts – are often more invested and committed to their gardens; they will often have multiple areas dedicated to different plants or purposes.

As they are more likely to spend long solitary hours happily pottering away in their garden maintenance, there will often be lots of added features to enhance every part of the garden.

You can easily get lost in an introverts garden, even if it is well maintained, simply due to everything that is going on; there will usually be pots growing seeds, multiple types of plants, garden arches with climbers and often wildlife friendly spots too- they really know how to make most of all the space they have.

Does personality really matter?

When you go into your garden and decide you want to add an unusual or ‘quirky’ feature, you should consider some of the previous points- how long will you have to maintain it?

Will it be easy to set up and can you leave it for long periods without having to check on it?

Top Ideas

In this guide, we will be looking at some interesting ways to add a touch of eccentricity to your garden, while also focusing on how it may suit both an introverts and extroverts garden.


Your garden shed is your storage space that may also double up as a place to put your Christmas decorations.

If you want to add an eye-catching twist to your outdoor space, your shed can make a great starting point.


If you have an extroverted side, you may want a shed that can be double up as a space for guests to sit in during house parties.

This may be difficult to do with a shed that is already built, however, adding some sitting pieces outside your shed, such as a garden hanging egg chair will look fabulous and will have your guest fighting to sit in it.

If you are building the shed from scratch, add some larger windows to maximise the light into your shed/sitting area and if you feel adventurous, some light roof tiles can make your shed look like a smaller designer house.


If you are an introvert, your sheds function will probably be to store your multiple garden tools, bird food, and seeds. This doesn’t mean it can be quirky!

Unusual colour schemes are an easy and eye-catching option, suitable for both personality types.

But if you really want to get creative, why not make your shed have a theme? Like a pirate ship, a haunted house or, if you are a Doctor Who fan, a Tardis?


Don’t undersell the importance of planters in complementing the theme of your garden; given some time and thought they can really add something unique to your garden.


Nowadays you can get some very unusually shaped planters.

Bold designs, like animal shapes or shells, can really make your garden a memorable space. You can even get planters painted with modern patterns and daring colour schemes, though these may be on the pricey side.

With a bit of thought and some scaling, you can even make your garden planters a key feature in your garden’s design.


Usually, if you can grow a plant in it, that is good enough for an introverts garden as functionality is more important than appearance.

But, if you need low-cost planters that can grow lots of seeds, why not use plastic bottles?

That’s right, cut properly and arranged on a sunny part of the garden, plastic bottles can add an interesting touch to your space while also being extremely functional and cheap.

Given a bit of research and creativity, you can make a plastic bottle into a common garden animal, like a hedgehog, which ad truly unique touch to your garden.


Colour Scheme

Colour schemes aren’t just for rooms in your house; in a garden space they can be just as striking and add some real personality to your garden.


Bold colour schemes are more visually impressive, so why not colour co-ordinate your shed with your patio, garden pots, and garden furniture? It will really make your garden the talk of the town.

Black and white are the easiest colours to obtain for garden furniture but why not add a dash of a third colour, link a vibrant pink?


Black flowers are not easy to come by, so why not pick some more common coloured flowers to make your colour scheme? Reds and yellows are typically the easiest to obtain and are usually the most striking.

If you really want a challenging outdoor project, why not create a hue-based colour scheme? Carefully selecting flowers in one colour that will fade from a dark shade to light makes a beautiful addition to your garden.

Why not even colour your garden with all the brightness of the rainbow? Very unusual and very striking too.

Painted Stepping Stones

Depending on your available space, you may have stepping stones to highlight a certain path.

Personalising them or painting them may seem unusual but hey, that what we are going for!


Going back to the colour schemes, it is often easiest to get pre-painted or designed stepping stones to match your overall design concept.

If your garden’s design incorporates a lot of warmer colours like orange, why not pick a contrasting colour like blue?

Stepping stones don’t have to be round; why no pick some that have unusual or irregular shapes, like triangles?  Matched with a bright colour, this will really catch the attention of your guests.


When picking paving stones, introverts are very rarely content with modern designs; they want something to look at when they are walking that adds something personal and unique to the overall space.

Look for stepping stones that use lesser known colours (like cerulean) but also have pictures or words included.

If making from scratch, why not design some with your favourite garden animal in mind, like a butterfly?

Want steeping slabs made from wood? Great. Why not draw some designs on them by hand and using a chisel or ice pick (and lots of care and patience) carve the patterns into the woods and then wash over with a coloured varnish; that’s something you don’t see every day and will reflect your creative side.

These are just a few ideas for you to think about; remember, your garden is your space and is a great way to convey your unique personality to the world.

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