What Are The Best Pet Friendly Weed Killers?

Are There Weed Killers Which Aren’t Dangerous To Pets?

Many people who own a pet dog or cat have a back garden, or another outdoor space for their beloved pet to frolic in. Obviously, any outdoor space has the potential to turn in to an overgrown forest and if you are not physically able to maintain the space or simply don’t have the time, you will want a herbicide that is both safe for your pet and will keep the weeds at bay.

Some weed killers can kill any seeds that are in the area, in case of a serious weed problem.

What to look for

Is it safe?

When searching for a pet-friendly weed killer, you should ensure that it contains all organic and or natural products. Be aware of harmful ingredients too, such as chloroform, tetrachloride; both are carcinogenic. Steer clear of weed killers containing 2 4-D (or 2, 4- dichlorophenoxyacetic acid) as these are toxic to pets, despite being an organic compound.

Exploring online, there are many options available. Be mindful that almost every weed killer/preventer you will come across in your search will contain glyphosate. Despite many rumours now circling that this chemical is toxic, this claim is largely discredited by many gardeners and chemists. In fact, a small dose of glyphosate is less harmful to you than a cup of coffee!

Is it suitable?

When picking a weed killer, assess the extent of your weed problem. If weeds cover your entire garden, you may want a liquid-based weed killer to cover a wider area. If you have a few weeds in a small corner, a non-liquid based weed killer may be more suitable for your needs.

Safety first

When using any weed killer, make sure you are wearing long sleeves, gloves, and covered shoes. This is to prevent any potential allergic reaction you may have and limits cross contamination with any other plants you may wish to keep.

So, let’s take a look at the best pet-friendly weed killers on the market and the best ones you can make yourself.

Ones you can buy

Eco Smart Weed and Grass Killer

100% organic and free of any harsh chemicals, this weed killer is safe to use around children and pets. It is quick, efficient and unlike many other weed killers, you will notice the effects of it in a few hours of using it.

Johnathan Green Organics-Organic Weed Control

Perfect if you are also growing vegetables, this natural weed killer has the bonus of added fertilizer to feed any plant you want to keep while simultaneously killing the weeds surrounding it. At this point, it should be noted that this is not suitable for use in a wildflower garden!

This weed killer can only be purchased online from Amazon, but it’s added benefits more than make up for that.

Doctor Kirchner Natural Weed Killer

The best weed killer to cover a wider area, this fast-acting weed killer is safe for both your pets and any children you may have visiting. Unlike many herbicides, this one is also bee friendly and does not contain any ingredients that can harm its surrounding environment.

It begins to work within an hour of being put on the ground and naturally biodegrades when it has finished killing the weeds.

Bio-Safe Weed Control

This organic control method is great at killing weeds that are established while also keeping young weed and their seeds under control. Totally non-toxic, this weed and grass killer works within 2 hours of application, as it breaks down the plant’s cells and destroys any built-up food supply in the root of the weed. A benefit of this weed killer is that it is also rainproof and is suitable to use in all weathers.

Perfect for larger areas, each 2-fluid ounce of this product can cover an area of 200 square feet, so its great value for money too!

DIY Alternatives

If you are on a tight budget, you may wish to try and make your own organic weed killer. Rest assured, many can be made from common household ingredients, are easy to make and are safe for use around your furry friends.


A thick layer of mulch inhibits weed growth in two key ways. Firstly, stopping the weeds from receiving sunlight will prevent them from germinating and spreading and used as a preventative measure, it will prevent many weeds from growing. Secondly, bare soil is the perfect palace for the seeds of weeds to land and germinate. With a thick layer of mulch, they cannot come in to contact with the soil and will die. As it contains no chemicals, it is non-toxic to your pets, children, and wildlife.


Any vinegar that contains a high level of acetic acid makes a perfect homemade weed killer, as the acid kills the leave and thus prevents photosynthesis. Simply apply the vinegar in a spray bottle to your chosen weeds multiple times a week to see the best results. This ensures that the vinegar will deplete the weeds energy reserves and kill them. As vinegar is a liquid, it can be used on wider areas with ease.


Best used in conjunction with other weed killers, cornmeal attacks the seeds of weeds and prevents them for germinating. As it is non-toxic and is a preventative measure, it can be used over a wide area.


A well-known weed killer, salt works by dehydrating the weed or grass. Simply, sprinkle some salt at the base of the plant and repeat every 2-3 days. This is not suitable for use on larger areas as it may kill other plants that you wish to keep alive.

Boiling water

Perhaps the easiest and most overlooked pet-friendly weed killer, boiling water is a great way to kill weeds. Just boil a kettle and pour on to the roots of the weeds a couple of times a day to get the best results. Just make sure any pets or children are not around when you pour it; we want to avoid anyone getting scalded.

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