Are Garden Multi-Tool Attachments Universal?

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Are Garden Multi-Tool Attachments Universal?

Can Garden Multi-Tools Attachments Be Used Universally?

If you are starting as a beginner gardener, you might be interested in gardening multi-tools that offer multiple tools within one device, saving you money and space.

Unfortunately, when you buy gardening multi-tools, their attachments cannot be used universally, they often have to match the brand of the tool that you are buying from, for example, Hyundai multi-tool attachments can only be used with Hyundai tools.

In our guide below, we will take you through exactly what garden multi-tools are, the pros and cons of them and a small buying guide for them down below.

What Exactly Are Garden Multi-Tools?

Garden multi-tools are technically two-stroke engine petrol tools, the engine of these models drives a shaft through the tube to power any kind of attachment you want, as long as it's from the matching brand, hence why they are not universal.

Most of the time, these multi-tools come with all the attachments you need such as a pole extender, chainsaw, brush cutter, strimmer and a hedge trimmer. They also included safety equipment.

What Are The Pros & Cons Of Garden Multi-Tools?

A garden multi-tool might seem appealing at first, but you should consider the pros and cons of owning one before investing.


  • They save space - Garden multi tools can save you space in your shed rather than buying all of the tools separately and taking up more room.
  • Great for beginners - If you're not sure about gardening and what tools you need, starting with a multi-tool is a great idea since they typically have all the tools you need!
  • Can save you money - Multi-tools often have a cheaper price than buying all of the tools separately.
  • Saves time - Rather than picking up and starting each tool when maintaining your garden all you have to do with multi tools is simply change the attachment, saving you time.


  • Often made cheaply - Unfortunately, garden multi tools are often made quite cheaply and are nowhere near as durable as other tools.
  • Hard to repair - Buying garden multi-tools online with varying brands can make it very hard to get a replacement or repair if your model breaks.
  • Difficult to store - Despite saving space, these tools can be hard to store due to all their moving parts which rust easily, since these are mostly petrol tools you will also need to add a fuel additive for storage.
  • Not suitable for large gardens - Garden multi-tools cannot handle heavy-duty large garden work and should only be used for maintaining small gardens otherwise attachments can easily break.

Features To Consider When Buying a Garden Multi-Tool

Investing in a multi-tool can be overwhelming if it's your first time, so to get the best value for money you should watch out for these essentials below.

  • The number of attachments - Typically, a garden multi tool should have about four or five attachments, the more then the better since it means you can do more types of gardening! Do keep in mind that some tools might advertise themselves as having five attachments when in reality the fifth attachment is an extension pole.
  • How easy they are to change - You do not want to spend too much time switching between attachments, ensuring they are easy to change to get the most out of your tool.
  • Electric or petrol - You can find electric multi-tools on the market but they are mostly petrol run, electric models might be slightly more expensive but are easier to maintain.
  • Weight - These petrol tools can become very heavy due to the engine inside, check the weight before, especially if you will be using them with their pole extender.
  • Warranty - Always ensure that your multi-tool comes with a one or two year warranty, these tools can often be cheaply made, this protects you in case of a faulty attachment.

Final Words

Overall, garden multi-tools and attachments cannot be used universally, their attachments can only be used on the multi-tools matching brand. Always make sure that your garden multi-tool has a warranty and avoid using the tool for very heavy-duty work, in this case, it would make sense to invest in a separate tool for the job.

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