What Is Included In Lawn Mower Tune-up? Find Out Here

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What Is Included In Lawn Mower Tune-up? Find Out Here

If you are like most people, you are probably getting ready to start spring cleaning.

While this may refer to dusting and vacuuming, it can also mean pulling your riding lawn mower out of the shed and doing a tune-up.

This way, you can be sure that your mower will start up and run properly when you need it most.

You’ve been using your old lawnmower for years, and finally it’s time for a tune-up. The key to a tune-up is taking the time to clean your mower and sharpen the blades.

When your mower is clean and sharpened, it will run better, last longer, and cut your lawn more efficiently.

Tune-up your lawn mower before summer: Clean, change the oil, sharpen its blades

Getting ready for the summer season in your yard is easier than you think. Before you fire up the lawn mower for its first cutting of the season, be sure to give your mower a tune-up.

Checking your lawn mower's oil level and cleaning out the oil filter are tasks you can do without the help of a mechanic, while sharpening the blades with a grinding wheel or file will give you a clean cut.

There is a lot to consider when you are maintaining your lawn mower. The average person will have around 5 to 10 different things to check and maintain on their mower.

On top of those regular maintenance tasks, there are other tasks that you should consider. You should try to check the braking system on your mower on a regular basis. The braking system on your mower may be made up of a few things.

You should check to make sure that the wheel blocks are in good condition. You also have to make sure that the brake cable is in good enough condition to be able to do the job.

It's important to do a tune up on your lawn mower before each mowing season. This helps to keep it running properly and save you money.

The tune up includes changing the oil, replacing the spark plug and cleaning the air filter to make sure the air and fuel mixture is correct. Other tune up jobs include checking the oil level, adjusting the choke and throttle and sharpening the blades.

Clean it

You'll start by doing a basic tune-up. Clean the air filter, change the oil, sharpen the blade and clean out the gas tank. With a little care, you'll be ready to go next spring.

May is a great time to clean up your lawn mower and tune it up for your season of mowing. This will help extend the life of your lawn mower so it can provide you with years of clean-cut grass.

Sharpen and balance its blades

Sharpening your lawn mower's blades can improve the mower's performance, save you money on the cost of mower blades and make the yard work a bit easier.

In addition, sharp blades can help improve the appearance of the cut lawn, making it look sharper and denser.

Lawn mowers typically have three blades. To sharpen the blades, loosen the nut on each blade using a wrench or ratchet. Use a file to sharpen each blade.

Drain the Old Oil

When you have a lawn mower that has been sitting for a while, you should always drain the oil before storing the mower. Always check the oil level before storing the lawn mower for any length of time and make sure that the oil is changed.

If you are storing the lawn mower for longer than, say, a month, drain the oil and then change the oil.

What's the best way to catch old lawn mower oil? The easiest way is to set a bucket or oil drain pan under the mower's oil drain plug before draining the old oil.

This will catch the oil as it drains out of the mower. If you plan on recycling the old oil rather than disposing of it, be sure it's collected in an approved container. (Otherwise, you might end up with a fine for illegal dumping.)

Install a new spark plug

Your lawn mower is an important tool for helping you keep your grass looking nice. If your lawn mower is not well maintained, it can end up costing you a lot of time and money. The most important part of your lawn mower is the spark plug.

This is the part of your lawn mower that provides the spark which ignites the fuel inside the engine, ultimately turning it into the power that will make your mower function. Without the spark plug, your mower will not run.

Tuning up your lawn mower is to remove the spark plug wire and the spark plug from the engine. Next, remove the air filter cover and clean and then replace the air filter.

Replace the spark plug and put back the wire and plug the spark plug wire back in. Check the oil on the dipstick.

Spark plugs can come in a wide variety of styles for different lawn mowers. Some lawn mowers have the spark plug encased in a metal housing that is part of the engine. Other models have the spark plug on the outside, but inside the engine.

Still others have a plug that is external to the engine entirely. The plug can be installed in the hole in the center of the engine housing, or above the engine on the side. Whatever the design, the process for installing a spark plug is pretty much the same.

Last Words

One of the most important parts of keeping a lawn mower running smoothly is to properly tune up the engine. This will help decrease the risk of an engine failure, which can be unnecessarily costly. (It can be cheaper to buy a new mower than a repair a broken one.)

Tune up your lawn mower at least once per season, as well as after any use that involves heavy work, like mowing through thick grass or weeds. Most important, when you tune up your mower, be sure to clean and inspect it before you start.

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