Ideas For A Small Garden – Making The Most Of The Space!

Small Garden Ideas – Tips And Tricks!

Nowadays, very few people can get a garden that can be described as large. With more outdoor spaces appearing on rooftops and on balconies, it can feel very limiting regarding what you can do with the space available.

What is the purpose of your garden?

While deciding how to design your box garden, first ask yourself, what will the overall purpose of the garden be?

Do you want it to be wildlife friendly?

Do you want an area to hold barbeques or to entertain guests?

Do you need it to be an area where you can relax after a long day at work?

It may be a combination of all three but once you have that idea cemented in your mind, the ideas for maximising the space will become easier.

But there are some key aspects you need to consider, whatever your gardens overall function may be.

Tips for a Small Garden

Vertical is key

When picturing a traditional garden, the focus tends to be around the garden; you will want to shift the focus of yours and visitor’s attention to be upward.

If you want flowers in your small garden, you will need to explore climbing flowers. With tight garden space, a trellis and a honeysuckle plant become your best friend and has the bonus of smelling heavenly. In fact, any climbing plant and any vertical garden structure can maximise the space you have and once established, can provide shade on warm summer days.

Do you want to grow vegetables in your garden? Not a problem! You can make a vertical vegetable planter using a wooden pallet, perfect for growing lettuce and herbs while taking up minimal space.

You can even make vertical planter using a set of gardening pots of varying sizes and stacking them in a formation like a Russian doll.

Raised beds

Another great way to utilise space, raised beds can be tucked easily into a corner and have the benefit of being stackable, like vertical planters.

They provide a deeper level of topsoil, allowing you to create several planting layers above ground. They are perfect for growing vegetables and fruit bushes in confined space.

They can be made with anything from brick to woods and look stunning when established.

Mass Planting

With a small garden, the last thing you want is it to look crowded. If you plant multiple different types of flowers or plants in a small space, you risk making the garden appear too busy.

Remembering the overall purpose of your garden, focus on one or two types of plant and fill the garden with them.

If you want a colourful garden, use shrubs that provide year-round colour, like daphnes or azaleas.

If you want to attract butterflies and bees to your space, perennials like lavender are perfect for that while also painting your garden a beautiful shade of purple and smelling divine.

Say no to tall

Is your small garden long and narrow? If so, it is best to avoid taller plants, as they can create a tunnel-like appearance, which will accentuate the size of your garden.

Plants that grow lower to the ground can create a more open feel, so growing plants like violets or black Susan’s will provide a mat of ground cover. They will also be in the best position to receive full sunlight, thus increasing their growing period.


Hanging Baskets

Hanging baskets are a great way to make use of available space and depending on which flower you plant; they can give your tiny space an exotic feeling too.

Why not put up a wooden pole in your garden and attach multiple hanging baskets?


We use shelves indoors to utilise space, so why not do the same outdoors? If you have a sturdy wall or fence, screwing in some wooden shelves will allow you to have multiple plants in a limited some wooden shelves will allow you to have multiple plants in a limited area.

Multiple shelving units can provide a multi-tiered garden and will make watering easier too.

Window Boxes

If you have minimal outside space, window boxes are a sure-fire way to make the most of the space.

It may seem odd to try and plant so many species of plants in a small space, but many plants happily cohabit in window boxes, such as nasturtium, verbena, miniature rose and even (if you are feeling adventurous), wild strawberries.

If you want to have a strong-smelling flower in our window box to provide your room with an organic air freshener, lavender is probably your best choice.

You can even grow herbs in a window box; perfect to have just outside a kitchen window to ensure you always have fresh herbs to hand when cooking.

Water features

Just because you are short on space doesn’t mean you cannot have a water feature.

If you want a relaxing feel to your garden, running water is the best way to achieve this. Many garden retailers sell small, running water features; all you need to do is decided where you are going to put them.

If you want to attract wildlife to your space, the easiest way is to build a pond. This may seem hard in a tight space but even a small bucket with some pond plants will suffice in attracting birds, bugs and if you are on ground level, foxes.


If you are pressed for space in your garden, adding a mirror not only creates the vision of more space, but you can use a mirror to reflect light into a dark part of the garden.

They can also be used to cover up unsightly spots in the garden and larger ones can create stunning illusions, just make sure they are clean.

If you don’t want to add such a modern quirk to your garden but want a reflective surface, a mirror ball is a fun way to jazz up your garden, while also providing you with space-creating reflective qualities.


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