How to Make Garden Ornaments -Your One Stop Guide!

Gardening can be hard work, but it’s also one of the most rewarding hobbies out there. Seeing your work come to fruition (sometimes literally) is a lot of fun, but what do you do while you’re waiting for your plants to grow?

Adding ornaments to your garden is a great way to make your outdoor space reflect your personality, and it doesn’t have to cost a lot of money or take a lot of time! Below are a few simple ideas to help customise your space – including everything from repurposed bricks to adorable animals.


All Tire-d Out?

Whether it’s gathering dust in the garage or sitting at the bottom of the garden, pretty much everyone has an old tire or two laying around. They may not look like much, but the good news is they can be repurposed in all sorts of ways, including as adorable animals!

That’s right, a quick lick of paint can turn an ordinary tire into a planter with ladybird spots or zebra stripes. Even better, if you have a sharp knife and a steady hand, a tire can be transformed into a sea monster just by cutting it in half and using the new shapes to make the loops of its body!

Light The Way!

Buy a few too many plant pots last time you went shopping? Well, getting carried away at the garden centre can pay off in some surprising ways! Stacking upside down ceramic pots (starting with the biggest and working upwards) creates a shape just like a lighthouse – and you can complete the illusion with a quick paint job.

Not just that, but this DIY can be upgraded in all sorts of ways. Why not glue the lighthouse to a plate perfect for birdseed? Or add a solar-powered lamp to the top pot that can light your garden during the night?

Brick By Brick By Brick

If the other DIYs seem a little too complicated, don’t worry, this one is perfect for getting the whole family involved – even the kids! All you need is a few stray bricks and a whole lot of paint, and you can transform your garden in just a few hours.

All you need to do is paint the bricks to look like your favourite books, then leave them to dry in the sun. How about a fairy-tale themed book-brick for the bottom of the fairy-garden? Or a copy of Peter Rabbit for the vegetable patch – the possibilities are endless!

Snake In The Grass

Speaking of kid-friendly DIYs, this is another small project that can make a big difference. If you have pebbles lying around from a trip to the seaside or left over from the patio, you can paint them and combine them into an awesome snake!

Simply paint them in all different patterns, glue them together, and add an extra rock on top with a face for the head. These little pet rocks are perfect for living in window boxes, where they can look out over the rest of the garden.

Magical Mushrooms

If your garden is lacking in a place to sit but also lacking in space, then this is the perfect ornament for you. All you need is a large terracotta pot and a draining plate, and pretty soon you’ll have the perfect tea-party spot.

All you have to do is paint the pot white like the stem of a toadstool, and the plate polka-dot like the head. Then simply turn the pot upside down and glue the plate on top, and you have your very own mushroom chair! If you have space, you can even add them in all different colours, to create a magical fairy meeting place.

Tin Can Treasures

Whether you’re obsessed with soup or just a big fan of baked beans, chances are you have a few empty cans lying around. The good news is, once you wash them off and remove the labels, they can take on a whole new life.

Carefully cut off the tops so they’re open on one end, and then poke a design into the metal with a needle, nail, or even a fork. If you place the cans in your garden with a mini tealight-style lamp underneath, then at night the design will shine through, filling your space with faries, dragons, or whatever else you can come up with!

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