How To Sharpen Garden Shears? Here's The Answer

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How To Sharpen Garden Shears? Here's The Answer

Garden shears are one of the most important tools in your garden shed, but they have a tendency to become dull after just a few uses, and trying to get straight edges with them can be a chore and they can hurt.

Sharpening garden shears is actually an easy process, and can be done in just a few minutes.

It’s true, you can’t do without a shovel or trowel, but those tools are basic; you can dig a hole with a spoon if you have to.

Garden shears are like having an extra hand they are the way you trim back plants, harvest herbs, and prune your garden.

You can do a basic mill file or sharpening stone can return shears back to their sharp selves, with not much effort. 

Before you start to sharpen your shears, it is essential to remove rust and dirt before you start sharpening. In order to remove grime and rust, you can use high-grit sandpaper.

Can You Sharpen Shears?

While shears are an essential tool for any gardener, they can go blunt or rusty over time.

Most shears are made of steel, which is an alloy made mostly of iron and carbon. This means they can be sharpened with a simple tool made of the same material: steel.

Most sharpening stones are made of this material, so you can use one to sharpen your shears, although you should always check the stone’s instructions before using it.

Sharpen your shears to get the most out of your tool. If you sharpen one side of the blade, the tool is more likely to cut in a straight line.

If you sharpen both sides at the same time, the tool will cut in a curve.

Can You Sharpen Shears Using Sandpaper?

Garden shears are an essential tool in every gardener's toolkit, but anyone who has used them knows that they can start to get dull pretty quickly.

Fortunately, you can sharpen garden shears with sandpaper. All you need is the shears, some sandpaper, and a few minutes of your time.

Place a sheet of sandpaper on a smooth, flat piece of plywood. You'll be able to feel the burrs on the back side of each blade caused by the filing action.

To remove them, lightly sand the back side of the blade. Keep the blade flat and move it in a circular motion.

After making several circles, pick up the blade and gently feel the edge. When the burrs left by the file disappear, assemble the blades and lightly oil the moving parts.

Then try a test cut with the shears. They should cut better than ever. 

There are a number of ways to sharpen garden shears, and the best method for you depends on what type of shears you have and how much you want to spend.

How Do You Sharpen Blunt Garden Shears?

The first thing to understand about garden shears is that they don't always stay sharp. This is especially true of the larger, heavier models, and it is also true of most hand tools.

But when it comes to sharpening garden shears, the right process is critical to getting a professional-quality result, and avoiding injury.

If your garden shears are blunt, you can sharpen them using the following method:

Step 1: Get a pair of pliers and a whetstone or a sharpening stone

Step 2: Put the pliers around the blades of the shears, so that the blade is held in that position.

Step 3: Make sure to se the whetstone to sharpen the blades.

Why Garden Tool Care Is Important?

The garden tools are the basic tools needed for maintenance of the garden. Without the right care, even the best tools will have reduced life expectancy and effectiveness.

If the tool is not properly used, it will not only affect the quality of the garden, but also affect the person who uses it.

Gardening tools are one of the most important things to have if you want to have a successful garden.

Without them, the physical act of gardening can be extremely hard and tiresome.

It is essential to take care of your tools to ensure that they last for a long time and that you are able to use them for a long time or to prolong the life of your garden tools.

Garden tool care is important to keep your garden tools in good working condition.

Also make sure to dry the tools carefully to prevent moisture build up which can cause tools to rust. 

Garden tool care involves inspecting tools for breakage, rust and damage prior to using them and also involves the cleaning and oiling of metal tools.

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