When & How To Prune The Plants In Your Garden

If you are a keen gardener, then you will already be well aware of the different types of pruning and how important pruning your plants actually is. It is this process that will keep them growing back healthy year after year. Below will find all of the information that you need to help you master your pruning techniques.

When To Prune Lavender

Lavender is one of the most common plants in British gardens. It has relaxing and medicinal properties and an instantly recognisable scent. When pruning English lavender, you should aim to remove two thirds of the plant. It should be done in mid to late August so that new shoots can grow before Winter.

When To Prune Buddleia

Is Buddleia invasive? It can be seen in gardens all over the United Kingdom, but it also grows all around the countryside, too. It is very often seen near British railways. If you have it in your garden, then it should be pruned in early to mid spring. It is important that you never prune it during the winter as you risk frost damaging the new shoots.

When To Prune Hydrangeas

Hydrangeas are another very common garden plant in the UK. If you want to know when should hydrangeas be pruned, then the simple answer is as soon as the blooms start to fade. This will allow them to regrow every year.

When To Prune Roses

Roses are probably one of the most popular flowers in the world and they are incredibly common in British gardens. When it comes to pruning roses, it depends on where in the world you are. For warmer climates, you should aim to prune them early in the year, but for colder climates you should aim for anywhere between January and April.

When To Prune Honeysuckle

Honeysuckle is something that every British person will have tasted at one point in their lives. The sweet nectar inside is a treat that everyone will recognise. To keep your plant healthy, you should aim to prune honeysuckle in early spring.

When To Prune Plum tree

Plum trees are a great starter fruit tree if you want to begin growing your own fruit. Many people will tell you that they need to be pruned in spring. However, pruning plum trees in summer is also perfectly acceptable and will work too.

When To Prune Blackcurrants

Blackcurrants are another great edible plant that grows well in British gardens. Pruning blackcurrant bushes can be done any time from late autumn to late winter, giving you plenty of time to get them ready for next season.

When To Prune Forsythia

Although Forsythia is a very popular plant in the UK, it is important to remember that they can grow very quickly and end up quite out of control. In order to avoid the flowers from taking over your garden, you should aim to prune Forsythia in late summer or early autumn.

When To Prune Weigela

Whilst Weigela isn’t as popular or common as some of the others on our list, it is still found in gardens all over the country. To prune Weigela effectively, it is best to do so after the first bloom. This is because the flowers actually only bloom on wood that is a year old. If you cut it back too soon then you risk losing next years bloom.

When To Prune Gooseberries

Gooseberries, again, are not as common as they once were. They are certainly an acquired taste that’s for sure. However, there are still plenty of people who enjoy them. If you have them in your garden, then it is important that you master the art of pruning gooseberry bushes. Ideally, the bushes should be pruned in the winter. Simply cut away any dead wood and your plant will be ready for the next year. However, you may need to do so a couple of times a year to maintain it.

When To Prune Fig Trees

Pruning fig trees is actually quite a difficult task, especially if the tree is quite established already. However, it is important if you want to be able to benefit from the fruit. You will need to prune your trees when the fruit is not growing, which will be during the winter months. Do so by simply cutting away the dead wood and the fruit will grow back the following year.

When To Prune Viburnum

One of the good things about viburnum is that you are actually able to prune it all year around for maintenance purposes. However, if you are going to prune the plant completely then this should ideally be carried out during the winter.

When To Prune Apple Trees

Apple trees make a fantastic addition to the garden if you have the space. There are numerous varieties that you can plant which will produce ample amount of fruit. In terms of when to prune apple trees uk, you should ideally aim to do so between March and November as this is when the trees will be dormant, meaning that they won’t be producing fruit.

When To Prune Pear Trees

Pear trees are another great fruit tree to add to your garden. Much like apple trees, there are a number of varieties that you can plant in your garden. Like apple trees, pear trees should be pruned during the winter months when they are no longer producing fruit.


Hopefully, you now have all of the information that you need in order to care for your garden plants properly. By carrying out proper maintenance through pruning, you can make sure that they grow back bigger and stronger every year.



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