How To Keep Lawn Mower Tyres From Going Flat? Find Out Here!

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How To Keep Lawn Mower Tyres From Going Flat? Find Out Here!

Why Do My Lawn Mowers Tyres Go Flat All The Time?

Fixing a flat tyre on a lawnmower is not easy, and to do it frequently can be become frustrating and annoying, impacting the overall efficiency of the lawn mower when cutting grass. 

Solving a quick-fix puncture on your lawn mower tyre might make it functional for a while, but uncovering the real causes can stop your tyres from going flat all time, some potential causes could be; leaky valve, rough terrain, heat or age. 

Luckily, you can stop your tyres from going flat all the time by addressing these causes above, and we have put together a guide below that will help your figure out the cause of your lawnmowers unprecedented punctures and how to solve them quickly. 

So without further chat, let's get into it!

What Is The Right Pressure For My Lawnmowers Tyres?

Before we can understand why your mowers tyres keep getting a puncture, you should be familiar with the exact pressure your tyres need to be, as this can also impact how often they will get a puncture. 

Figuring the optimal PSI for your lawn mowers tires is pretty easy, as it will be stated on the sidewalls of your tyres, meaning all you need is a gauge to check when your tyres need pumping. 

If the sidewalls of your mowers tyres have rubbed out over time you can always look them up according to the manufacturer, having a PSI that is too high or too low for your tires can cause a variety of issues.

Why Do My Lawn Mowers Tyres Keep Going Flat?

If you keep getting a puncture in your lawnmowers tyres then there could be a variety of underlying causes which need to be trouble shooted so as you can figure out the lawn mower repair. 

We have listed out some of the most common causes that can increase the risk of puncture in your backyard lawns mowers tyres to help you out. 

The Tyres Are Old 

Firstly, it could be worth considering whether or not your tyres just need replacing due to age. Worn out tread tracks and sidewalls on your tyres will mean occasional punctures are likely to happen more often than not. 

So biting the bullet and kitting your mower out with some new tyres can help solve this problem quickly. 

They Have Had Too Much Heat 

Excess heat can cause the air in your lawnmowers tyres to expand and raise the inflation, making a leakage or puncture hole more likely to occur. 

You can always keep track of the pressure in your mowers tyres by monitoring it and avoid high pressure from warm temperatures by storing it out of direct sunlight in the shade.

A Leaky Valve 

The valve on your tyres is where you can inflate or deflate your tyres, if this stem gets damaged or corroded, it could result in a possible leaky valve stem and flat tyres. 

Luckily, you can always replace your valve stem from a lawn mowing service shop if need be to see if this fixes the issue.

Your Mowing On Rough Lawn Terrain 

Rough terrains and debris in your garden can lead to tire puncture easily, so it's best to kit your mower out with the appropriate tyres for this kind of terrain if you can avoid them going flat too often. 

Bumpy ground and tree stumps will wear your tyres down quicker than they would on flat terrain, so sometimes the tyres themselves are not to blame.

Sharp Objects Are Too Blame 

Not only can uneven terrain and bumps make your tyres flat, but so can hidden sharp objects in your lawn, look out for nails or hidden screws, as these can all be common culprits for holes in your tyres. 

Small sharp objects will be hard to avoid, but you can try giving your lawn a deep search beforehand if you are tired of punctures. 

How Do I Fix My Lawn Mowers Punctured Tyres? 300

Now we know the common causes for flat tyres on your mower, your probably wondering how to fix them so as they can last you for a long time and not keep going flat so quickly. Do note, fixing a lawnmowers tyre puncture is very similar to fixing cars, the tyres of a mower are just much smaller.

To remedy your lawnmowers flat tires, we recommend trying out some of these steps below. 

  • Step One - Put your lawnmower on to a flat surface so as the rims don't bend and jack it up, raise the mower high enough so as the flat tyre can spin and so as you have enough space to work around the tyre with freedom. 
  • Step Two - To locate where the tire for the puncture hole is use soapy water which will bubble and hiss over the hole. You can also look for any unusual objects which are in your tyre and pull them out if you manage to detect them. Make sure to fully remove the sharp object with some tweezers, if it breaks off inside you could have a bigger problem as a result. 
  • Step Three - Grab a reamer tool and widen the puncture in the tires with the tubes and file, thread in a tar strip into the hole leaving a third of the tar strip sticking out at the end. Cut the sticking strips as close as possible to the surface of the tyre. 
  • Step Four - Refill the lawnmowers tyres with air and see if any is leaking from the patch spot you have made, if not, you can remove the mower from the jack you have it mounted on and continue to mow again as normal.

Tips For Looking After Your Lawn Mowers Tyres

One way to prevent your mowers tyres from getting frequently flat is by checking the pressure regularly on your tyres, you can do this by buying a pressure gauge so as you can check when the PSI is getting either too low or too high. 

We have bullet pointed some other tips for taking care of your mowers tyres below. 

  • Insert tubes in your tyres - Having tubes inside of your mowers tyres might be less common but keeps your tyres airtight, even when they get punctures, they also don't separate from the rim which makes them less likely to go flat. Putting tubes inside of your tyres can also prolong their lifespan. 
  • Cut the grass often - Taller grass will often carry more debris and put more strain on your whole mower, leading to weakened tyres over time.
  • Go for quality - Buy your mowers tyres from a trusted dealer, there is a huge amount of counterfeit tyres on the market nowadays, remember, cheap is expensive in the long run!
  • Construct a shed - To keep your mower out of direct sunlight and the tyres at optimal air pressure store it in a cool shed or DIY one if you don't have one. 
  • Be careful with the cleaning - Certain chemicals in the soap can encourage the wear down of your lawnmowers tires over time, stick to natural soap rather than harsher chemicals when washing your mower.
  • Inspect your lawn before mowing - If flat tyres are happening often and your tyres are new and in good shape, try inspecting your lawn before every mowing session for sharp objects before they become embedded in your tyres.
  • Know when it's time to replace - Sidewalls and treads will wear down, so know when it's time to replace the mowers on your tyres rather than put a strain on your mower to work with old ones.

Frequently Asked Questions About Flat Lawnmower Tyres

Can you buy foam-filled lawn mower tires? 

Yes, you can foam fill your lawnmowers tyres which will make them stay inflated without the need for air and compression, this can be a great solution if your tyres are prone to getting punctures over and over again.

Is it possible to replace a valve stem insert? 

Replacing a valve stem insert on your lawnmower is easy and can solve the flat tyre issue if your valve has been leaking from corrosion.

How long should lawnmower tyres last for me? 

Lawnmower tyres should last around five years, but this all comes down to factors such as how hard your terrain is and how often you use your lawnmower.

What's the optimal PSI for lawnmower tyres? 

For riding mowers, the average PSI for front tyres tends to be around 12 to 14 and for back tyres around 10 to 12. This does all depend on the certain brand of tyre however, you can check the optimal PSI for your specific tyres on the sidewall.

Final Words 

To conclude, preventing your lawnmowers tyres from going flat comes down to finding the underlying causes which are causing these continuous punctures, whether the tyres of your lawnmower are old or your tyres valves are leaking, these could all be the culprits that keep your mowers tyres going flat. 

You can help prevent flat tyres from happening by additionally keeping your tyres at the optimal PSI and always checking your lawn before mowing for any sharp objects.

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