How To Deter Parakeet - Read on..!

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How To Deter Parakeet - Read on..!

If you want to deter parakeets from nesting in your yard, you should try bird repellent. Bird repellents work by emitting a scent that birds find unpleasant. This causes them to avoid your property.

What Are Parakeets?

Parakeets are colourful birds that love eating fruit and berries. They are very noisy and aggressive when feeding. They eat seeds and nuts and drop them everywhere. They also make lots of noise. You should never put any seed in the feeder.

In summer, they eat apples, pears, plums, cherries, grapes, strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, elderberries, blueberries, etc. You can buy automatic types of bird feeders (which is expensive) or you can use a regular feeder and fill it with sunflower seeds. Don't give them too much food, otherwise they'll start fighting each other, and you won't be able to control them!

What Foods Do Parakeets Go For?

Parakeet food consists mainly of seeds, nuts, fruits, berries, and vegetables. They will eat insects and small rodents if they don't find enough food at home.

Feed Them Different Foods

Most parakeets prefer to feed on seeds and nuts. Seeds are easier to digest than fruit, which makes them more nutritious. Some people recommend feeding parakeets with sunflower seeds because they contain vitamin E. However, parakeets often get sick after eating too many seeds.

Fruits and berries are high in sugar and low in fiber. They are not very healthy for parakeets. Instead, give them fresh vegetables and greens.

Insects And Rodents

Parakeets love to eat insects and mice. They have sharp teeth and claws that help them catch their prey. When they're hungry, they sometimes attack pets and livestock.

What Are Parakeets Scared Of?

Cats, dogs, hawks, owls, and snakes are considered enemies of parakeets. They will flee if they see any of these animals.

Why Do Parakeets Build Nests?

Determined parakeet build nests to protect themselves from predators. They create a cozy environment for their eggs and chicks.

They usually choose a tree branch as a nest site. The branches are strong and sturdy so they can support the weight of the babies.

The parents keep watch over the nest while the babies are still inside. After hatching, they leave the nest and fly around looking for food.

How To Deter Parakeets

The best way to get rid of parakeets is to remove any potential nesting material from around your home. It may seem like a lot of work, but it will pay off in the long run. You can also use bird repellents to keep the birds away.

Remove Any Potential Nesting Material

You should remove all types of potential nesting materials from around your house. These include leaves and twigs, grass clippings, sticks, small branches. Make sure that there isn't anything near your roof. You don't want the birds building nests on top of your chimney.

Use Bird Repellants

Bird repellents are available at most pet stores. They come in two forms: liquid or gel. The liquid form works better for small birds such as finches. The gel form works better for larger birds such as doves and pigeons.

  • Liquid Form

This type of repellant comes in a spray bottle. It has an adjustable nozzle so you can control how much product you put out. Spray the repellent on the ground near where the birds are likely to land.

  • Gel Form

This type of repellant is usually sold in a tube. Use this product by squeezing some into a bowl or other container. Then place the bowl close to the nest. The birds will be attracted to the smell and won’t return.

Keep Your Yard Clean

If you want to deter parakeets from nesting in your backyard, then you should clean up your yard regularly. Remove weeds, plant flowers, and trim trees and bushes.

If you see signs of damage, repair them immediately. Keep your lawn mowed short and tidy. Mowing the grass down to three inches will make it difficult for the birds to build a nest.

Don't Feed Them

It's not good for the birds if you feed them. They will become dependent on human food and won't learn to forage for themselves. Also, they might get sick from eating spoiled foods.

Other Ways To Stop Parakeet From Building Nests In Your Backyard

  • Put a net over the top of your chimney
  • Add some scratching posts
  • Cover up your garden with wire mesh or bamboo screen
  • Install an automatic feeder
  • Buy a bird cage and place it near your house
  • Get rid of fruit that is too old for birds
  • Prevent parakeets from flying into trees
  • Keep your lawn short
  • Plant flowers around your home
  • Attract birds by adding food sources
  • Place bird houses close to your property
  • Repair damaged roofs
  • Get rid of pest control products
  • Clean out your gutters
  • Make sure there are no spikes on your fence
  • Take away their access to water

Sum mary

Parakeets are popular pets. They are intelligent, friendly, and easy to care for. You can buy parakeets online or at local pet stores. Make sure you select a reputable seller who sells only healthy parakeets. Also, remember to provide your parakeets with proper nutrition. Feed them a diet rich in protein and fat. Always keep their food stored safely. Finally, clean up after them when you're done feeding them.

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