Best Pressure Washers – Reviews 2019 – 2020

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Kärcher Aluminium Handle – 1 Litre detergent – 5 year warranty – Hose reel High-End Learn More
Nilfisk Soft feel hose – 2.1Kw Induction motor – Easy to use - Lightweight High-End Learn More
Bosch Lightweight – Compact – Easy to use – Multiple settings – Energy efficient Affordable Learn More

Top 3 Pressure Washers

If you are one of those people that likes to clean their own car rather than pay someone else to do it, or likes to clean their patio slabs on a regular basis to keep the garden looking in good shape, a pressure washer is the power tool you’ll need to do those jobs quickly and effectively. A pressure washer is built to remove dirt and stains quickly from a variety of materials, and all pressure washers come with a range of features that makes cleaning hard to clean surfaces effortless. Whatever your reasons for wanting a pressure washer, you can be sure they are the best tools for the job, but they don’t come cheap.

If you are currently on the lookout for a new pressure washer but you do not know where to start, you have come to the right place. We have reviewed 3 of the most popular pressure washers on the current market, and they all offer a range of features and come at different price ranges. If you are looking for a pressure washer, have a look at the 3 below that will be able to do the toughest cleaning jobs with very little effort.

Kärcher K4 Premium Review – Our Number 1

Kärcher K4The Kärcher brand is truly one of the best when it comes to pressure washers and no matter what tools you have used in the past you will likely have used a Kärcher branded product at one point due to their popularity. If you are looking for a quality pressure washer, they don’t come any better than the Kärcher K4 Premium Full Control Home Pressure Washer (VIEW PRICE HERE!). Have a look at some of the features this popular product provides its consumers:

  • Hose reel – A lot of other pressure washers on the market have problems when it comes to the hose reel, and a lot of brands haven’t thought about implementing a way for pressure washes to be put back into storage with their hoses in tact. That is different with this machine as there is a built-in hose reel that makes storing away very easy.
  • Multiple free accessories – Not only will you get the pressure washer you have ever dreamed of, but you will also be presented free a free 1 litre bottle of detergent, a T350, and many other accessories that makes cleaning a variety of surfaces easy.Kärcher K4
  • Aluminium handle – The aluminium handle is a very simple feature but it makes transporting and storing the pressure washer away very easy.
  • 5 year warranty – Having a 5 year warranty with expensive products such as this one will give you great peace of mind knowing you can return and get a repair or replacement should your washer experience any problems.

This pressure washer is very expensive and you will need deep pockets to own one, but once you have one in your possession you will be glad you invested in such a quality product. It not only has the power to do all the cleaning tasks on a variety of surfaces you need it to, but it also comes with a cracking 5 year warranty which will ensure you are covered for years in case anything goes wrong. This product should definitely be considered even if you have no experience with pressure washers as it’s very easy to setup and use.


Features: Aluminium Handle – 1 Litre detergent – 5 year warranty – Hose reel

Pricing: High-End



Nilfisk E 140.3-9 X-Tra Pressure Washer Review – Number 2

Nilfisk E 140There’s a chance you may not have heard of the Nilfisk brand before but they have been manufacturing products like pressure washers for a few years now, and they are a popular brand in the professional cleaning industry. They certainly aren’t a popular brand when it comes to pressure washers, but their range is worth the investment thanks to the power and features they come with. If you are looking for a reliable pressure washer to get all sorts of cleaning done on a variety of surfaces, have a look at the Nilfisk E 140.3-9 X-Tra Pressure Washer and all of the features it offers:

  • 2 year warranty – When purchasing a Nilfisk pressure washer you can be sure you will have spent money on a product that is going to last thanks to the 2 year warranty you will be given.
  • On-board storage – If purchasing additional accessories for the Nilfisk Pressure Washer you will be glad to know there is an on-board storage system which will keep the accessories in one easy to find place.Nilfisk E
  • Soft feel hose – The soft feel hose is a simple feature but it does help when transporting the pressure washer and getting it out to use.
  • Click and clean – A simple to use pressure washer system that requires a click of the button to begin using.

This Nilfisk Pressure Washer will be a godsend if you are looking to clean patio areas as the power it possesses is phenomenal. Nilfisk are a popular brand as mentioned above, but its price does let it down slightly seeing as you can get high-end pressure washers for around the same price.


Features: Soft feel hose – 2.1Kw Induction motor – Easy to use – Lightweight

Pricing: High-End



Bosch AQT 35-12 High Pressure Washer Review – Number 3

If you aren’t looking to spend an awful lot on a pressure washer because you don’t think you will get a lot of use out of it, you should definitely have a look at the Bosch AQT 35-12 High Pressure Washer in more detail. This product is sensational for the price it comes at and as it has many features much similar to those of a high-end product, this one should be seriously considered. Have a look at some of the features this product provides its consumers:

  • Auto stop system – This product is highly energy efficient and comes with the famous Bosch start/stop system that will automatically shut off when it hasn’t been in use for a short period.
  • Water filter – Bosch have realized that most pressure washers on the market succumb to damage because the pumps aren’t protected against lime scale and other impurities that come in water, and this is why they have designed this pressure washer with a built-in filter that will clean the water before it is used.
  • Multiple settings – You will be able to clean a variety of surfaces using multiple settings with this pressure washer. Just select the setting you need for the application and use it as normal.
  • Compact – You will find that this pressure washer is also a lot more compact than some of its competitors because it’s handle can be folded down with the wheels for easy storage.
  • Lightweight – This product is one of the lightest pressure washers on the market because it isn’t filled with pointless features you don’t need or want.

In terms of how many features this product has it certainly doesn’t come near the high-end products, but it does have similar features and should be considered if you are looking for something that isn’t going to cost you a lot of money. It’s easy to see why so many people add this product to their garages because it’s very easy to use, lightweight, compact, and doesn’t cost very much money at all.


Features: Lightweight – Compact – Easy to use – Multiple settings – Energy efficient

Pricing: Affordable




You should definitely consider the Bosch Pressure Washer out of the three above if you want something simple and affordable, but if you are looking for something that is powerful and feature-rich, you would have to look at the other two above. It’s clear that there is only one product here that is able to offer everything you need though, and that would be the Kärcher Pressure Washer purely because it is built by a reliable brand and has all the features you need.


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