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The Best Hedge Trimmers Reviews & Buying Guide

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Hedge trimming is an important part of keeping your garden well-maintained and tidy, a scruffy hedge can give a bad first impression to your property meaning you should make hedge trimming a priority. 

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Finding the right type of hedge trimmer for domestic gardens is not always an easy job, there are garden hedge trimmers with different cutting diameter sizes and engines, along with safety features and noise levels, meaning you need to be certain your getting the best model on the market for your work. 

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To make things simpler for you, we have rounded up the best garden hedge trimmers on the market and reviewed them to help you decide which type of trimmer is right for you. 

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So without further ado, let's get into the reviews!

Our Top Hedge Trimmer -

The VonHaus Cordless Pole Hedge Trimmer (Editor's Choice)

The VonHaus cordless pole hedge trimmer uses an electric system for power and features a 20V battery along with 45 cm dual-action cutting blades that can cut branches up to 14mm in thickness.

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Notable specs of this battery hedge trimmers model are its adjustable telescopic pole which can go up to 2.44m long for cutting tall hedges. The device also has a charging time of 60 minutes and blade teeth spacing of 14mm. 

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Design-wise, this cordless hedge trimmer has a multi-angle head that can be set between positions of 45-90 degrees to cut vertically and horizontally, the model has a two-stage safety trigger too and weighs around 4.5kg in total. 

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A two-year warranty is further included with the hedge cutters model for buyers protection.


If you are looking for a cordless hedge trimmer that can help you trim your tall hedge, then this extendable model by VonHaus is one of the best options on our list. 

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Not only can you reach tall hedges with this machine, but you can also cut all types of hedge and branches thanks to its great blade quality and powerful battery which provides a stable power source for long periods of use. 

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Downfalls of the VonHaus cordless hedge trimmer are its battery which is reported to fail after long term use, the model is additionally said to be a little heavy which can be hard to balance when used extended. 


  • 45cm dual-action blades. 
  • 60 minute charging time. 
  • 20V battery. 
  • Multi-angled head for precision. 
  • Telescopic extendable pole. 
  • Two-stage safety trigger. 
  • 2-year warranty. 

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  • The battery can fail after long-term use. 
  • Reported to be heavy. 

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Our Runner Up - Mcculloch HT 5622 Petrol Hedge Trimmer

This McCulloch petrol hedge trimmer features a 22.7cc petrol power and has a total power output of 0.65kW. 

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Main specs of this hedge trimmer are its 56cm blade length and 22mm blade gap, the model uses dual-action cutting blades too and has a soft start-up for less resistance when operating the machine. The device has a speed of 2365 cuts per minute and uses an anti-vibration system for stability too. 

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Design-wise, this McCulloch petrol hedge trim is designed ergonomically and has an adjustable handle for better control over the machine during use, it also has visible fuel tanks and a tool-less air filter cover for easy maintenance. The total weight of this trimmer is 5.2kg. 

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Overall, this McCulloch petrol hedge trimmer is one of the best power tools on our list if you want a lightweight trimmer that can handle larger hedges and thicker branches with ease despite its small design. 

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We also like this petrol trimmers model due to its easy-to-work features such as its soft start-up system which makes hedge trimming easier to do, even for beginners. 

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Drawbacks of the McCulloch model have to be its power system which is said to keep cutting out during use, the model is also reported by some users to be a little heavy after a couple of hours of use. 

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  • Great blade quality and size. 
  • Can tackle medium and large hedges along with branches. 
  • Soft start system. 
  • Ergonomic design. 
  • Anti-vibration. 
  • Easy to maintain.

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  • Can give interrupted cutting. 
  • Reported to be heavy. 

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Bosch Home and Garden 0600849F70 18 V Cutter 

Bosch is no stranger to the garden tool industry, this cutter, in particular, comes with an electric models design and uses an 18V battery pack to power it's cutting which has a no-load stroke rate of 2600 per minute and covers 200 square meters per charge. 

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In terms of the blade on this trimmer, it has a 20mm diameter which has teeth for cutting branches of up to 25mm in diameter. It also has a blade guard for cutting along walls and paths and the whole device can be charged in just 60 minutes. 

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This Bosch electric trimmer uses a cordless design thanks to its battery and has a total weight of 2.5kg. 


To conclude, this Bosch hedge trimmer is an excellent choice if you after an electric hedge trimmer that doesn't compromise on power and run out of charge quickly. 

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Its cutting diameter and speed is more than enough to tackle your standard conifer hedge and it has a lot of freedom thanks to the absence of a cord.

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Negatives of this Bosch trimmer are its overall durability, the model is reported to struggle more cutting thick types of hedge after long term use, the model is also said to get jammed easily and is not suitable for heavy-duty work. 


  • Very lightweight. 
  • Great battery life. 
  • 20mm cutting diameter. 
  • Fast cutting speed. 
  • Blade guard included. 

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  • Struggles more after long-term use.
  • Can get jammed if used on heavy-duty projects. 

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Ryobi ONE+ 18V RPT184520 Cordless Pole Hedge Trimmer 

The Ryobi One+ cordless blade hedge trimmer uses an 18V motor and 2.0Ah battery as its power source which can be used in Ryobi's other one+ power tool range. This battery can be charged in 60 minutes. 

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Feature-wise, the Ryobi pole hedge trimmer has a 45cm diamond ground blade for hedge trimming and cutting thicker branches with an 18mm blade gap. Its model additionally has a 115-degree articulating cutting head which can be used in four different positions. 

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The extension pole of this trimmer can reach up to 2.9m once fully extended and the model further comes with; a charger, shoulder strap and blade sheath. 

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There is a two-year warranty included upon purchase with this Ryobi model. 


To conclude, this Ryobi cordless hedge trimmer is one of the best lightweight hedge trimmers on our list for cutting all kinds of hedge and is an ideal model if you want to achieve major cutting in minimal cutting time. 

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We also like this Ryobi trimmer for cutting larger branches thanks to its diamond ground blade type which is very durable. 

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Negatives of the pole hedge trimmer are its top head heavyweight which is said to make the machine feel unbalanced. The blade guard is said to be a little difficult to put on the tool too.


  • Powerful long-lasting battery. 
  • 60 minute charging time. 
  • 45cm diamond ground blade. 
  • Adjustable cutting head. 
  • Extension up to 2.9m. 
  • Two-year warranty.

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  • Blade guard is hard to use. 
  • Very top-heavy.

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Flymo EasiCut 610XT Electric Hedge Trimmer

For people who are looking for a very lightweight compact hedge trimmer, this Flymo EasiCut model might be right for you. 

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Notable features of this Flymo electric hedge trimmer are its 500W motor and 10m cable length, the model uses 60cm dual-action diamond ground cutting blades and has 22mm teeth for cutting the overgrown hedge. 

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Its design has long reach-adjustable handles which extendable for taller mature hedges and has a blade tip protector, the weight of the long-reach hedge trimmer comes in around 4.1kg. 

A two-year warranty comes with this Flymo model. 


Overall, this corded Flymo EasiCut extendable hedge trimmer is a good choice for taller hedges that need regular maintenance and aren't too heavy-duty. 

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The design of this Flymo trimmer keeps it lightweight and makes the model very compact for use, allowing you to trim domestic hedges with ease and no fatigue. 

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However, the small Flymo corded hedge trimmer does have some downfalls, for example, the trimmers safety features have been reported to fail sometimes during use, the model is also said to start to cut out after long term use which reduces its overall reliability.


  • Lightweight and compact. 
  • 60cm dual-action blade. 
  • Plenty of power from mains.
  • Adjustable handles. 
  • Can reach taller hedges. 
  • 10m power cord gives uninterrupted cutting.
  • Two-year warranty.

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  • Safety features have been said to fail.
  • Cuts out after long term use.

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Which Is The Best Hedge Trimmer For Trimming Your Hedges & Branches?

To conclude, the best hedge trimmer out of our top reviews for trimming the hedges in your garden, no matter their size and density, has to be the VonHaus Cordless Pole Hedge Trimmer. 

We rate the VonHaus cordless hedge trimmer as our favourite thanks to the model's high reliability and well-built design which isn't too heavy in weight and can tackle cutting of wood as well as the densest hedges. 

The model's design also has excellent extra features such as its multi-angle head which can help your trim in any difficult positions along with its two-stage safety trigger model which makes the model comfortable to use.

For a second choice, we would also recommend the Mcculloch HT 5622 Petrol Hedge Trimmer. This model is the only petrol type we have reviewed on our list and is best suited to more heavy-duty work, however, we love this model because of its great blade size and anti-vibration which keeps the model pleasant to use. 

The only reason we placed this model second is due to the fact it is not eco-friendly and can give interrupted power during use. 

What To Look For In The Best Hedge Trimmers (Our Buying Guide)

Now we have compared and reviewed the top hedge trimmers on the market for keeping your hedges tidy, you might be on wondering what features you should be on the lookout for in your best model, as well as what is essential and what's not. 

We have composed a short buying guide below that will help you out. 

Best Features To Consider In a Hedge Trimmer 

From the battery and engine to the blade width and adjustability, there are few important features you need to be looking out for in your best hedge trimmer before making a final purchase decision. 

We've listed the most essential ones down below. 

  • Power source - First up, we have the power source, some hedge trimmers will come with a petrol power which uses an engine to power the blades while others will operate either from the mains power output or via a lithium-ion battery inside of the device. Petrol trimmers are often the best for being heavy-duty while electric mains cable models are cheap. Battery models are the most expensive but give freedom.
  • Corded/cordless - If you choose an electric hedge trimmer, corded models will often be cheaper and have the benefit of giving you plenty of power with no uninterrupted cutting, while battery models don't have a power cord so no restrictions, but they do run out of charge and are often more expensive. 
  • Battery power - For cordless models, consider the capacity your battery has and see how long it can run before buying, consider the charging time also only use compatible batteries in your device.
  • Blade length/type - To cut hedges quickly, a larger cutting width might be better, but for smaller domestic hedges you can get away with a smaller standard cutting width, consider the type of your blade too and make sure it is durable.
  • Design - The design of your model should be lightweight and durable with an adjustable handle and head for extra control over the device. An extendable pole is also useful for reaching tall hedges. Safety features such as a two-stage mechanism are beneficial to stop accidental start-ups of the machine.
  • Warranty - Your new hedge trimmer should come with a one-two year warranty to ensure you are protected against any faulty models. 

FAQs About The Best Hedge Trimmers 

What is the general price range of an affordable hedge trimmer? 

This depends on the personal choice of the model you make, but the most decent hedge trimmer models range between £100-£300 for a standard hedge trimmer. 

What are some handy features in a hedge cutter to look out for? 

Anti-jamming systems, anti-blocking systems, safety mechanisms, multi-angle adjustable head, comfortable grip and anti-vibration feature are some helpful extra specs to look out for on your trimmer. 

What does a shoulder strap do on a hedge trimmer? 

A shoulder strap can be useful for steadying even the lightest models and taking more strain off your hands for extra control when trimming.

Our #1 Hedge Trimmer For Keeping Your Garden Hedges Neat & Tidy

Our number one hedge trimmer is the VonHaus Cordless Pole Hedge Trimmer thanks to its reliable design, easy to use functions and high powered cutting speeds. 

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We also suggested checking out the Mcculloch HT 5622 Petrol Hedge Trimmer due to its anti-vibration design and decent blades which are great for cutting the average domestic hedge.

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