Best Cordless Electric Hedge Trimmer – Reviews [2019 – 2020]

Best Cordless Electric Hedge Trimmer – Reviews [2018-2019]

Assuming you have grown your hedge from scratch, you have put a lot of time and effort in and want to keep it looking its best. Even if you didn’t, hedges provide a natural and attractive alternative to conventional fencing and can add a touch of class to any property.

As your hedge develops, you may be faced with more complications in relation to keeping it the desired shape, especially if you have grown it overhead height or if the breed of hedge has thick branches.

Why choose a cordless trimmer

When trimming your hedge, you don’t want to be tethered to the wall, especially if you are sculpting it.

Even if you aren’t cutting it into the shape of a dinosaur, cordless hedge trimmers are usually the best option in residential areas. They are also lightweight and easier to maneuver than corded alternatives.

Also, they tend to be quieter, so you are less likely to annoy your neighbours with your garden maintenance.

Choosing Hedge Trimmers Size

When picking a hedge trimmer, one thing you have to consider is the size you will need to effectively cut your hedge.

As various models come with shorter or longer blades, it is important to pick one that is suitable for your landscaping job.

One way to help with this is to simply look at your hedge’s aesthetic features. Is it tall? Do you want to cut it above head height? Or are you looking for a trimmer to help you give you hedge a more unique and artistic shape?

As a plant, does your hedge have thicker on thinner branches? If they are thicker, you will require a hardier model.

Smaller Hedges-

Generally, smaller hedges can be cut with a blade of around 20 inches. You may even be able to use a trimer, pruner hybrid which is easier to maneuver but makes the job simpler.

Larger/ Taller Hedges

For trimming larger or taller hedges, you will require a trimmer with a longer blade. A blade of around 22-24 inches is best for this. If however, your hedge is above your head height, for your own safety, choose a trimmer that includes a telescopic extension pole; this will provide much-needed accuracy while also minimising risk.

With these points in mind, we reviewed 3 brands of cordless hedge trimmer commercially available to see which might be the best option for you.


Designed with a rubber grip and a defined front facing shield to protect your hands, this trimmer is great for hardier hedges.

With its 24 inches double-sided blade, it can tackle foreboding branches easily and can cut branches with a thickness of up to 18mm.

It is lightweight, easy to use and the battery life is 23 minutes after a 2-hour charge; allowing plenty of time to get any needed pruning done.


  • Durable and hardy; suitable for larger hedges but also great for trimming smaller ones
  • Minimal noise
  • Lightweight and easy to transport
  • Double-edged blade for additional cutting power
  • Easy to use to trim difficult to reach areas


  • The battery has to be purchased separately
  • The charger has to be purchased separately
  • Short run time of around 20 minutes; for trimming larger hedges this may not be enough time





Black & Decker 36 V 

This lightweight but durable hedge trimmer is full of power and great for use in domestic settings.

With a blade of 55cm, it is not for use on pruning hardier more established hedges but is perfect for medium or small. If it does encounter a branch that it is unable to cut through, it has a convenient ‘anti-jam’ button on the handle, which retracts the blade.

There are additional safety features, such as a hand guard between the bale and the blade to reduce injury if the trimmer is dropped.

It also prevents strain related injuries if you are using it overhead; the bale design reduces the load on the arms, back, and shoulder to prevent muscular injuries.


  • 1-hour battery life after 2-hour charge
  • Built-in anti-jam; push a button and blades retract
  • Great safety features
  • Bale handle; reduces weight on arms and upper body
  • Dual action blade


  • Not suited for larger, thicker hedges
  • Requires two hands to start, may not be suitable for reaching difficult areas

Bosch AHS 50-20 LI 

With a comfortable soft grip handle, multi-position front handle and additional safety features for overhead work, this trimmer is great for use on small to medium hedges.

Similar to the Black & Decker model, this trimmer has an anti-jam mechanism, so if you encounter a thicker branch, it will automatically shut off to minimise damage to the blades.

It has a clear handguard to simplify overhead work, while also protecting you against any accidental drops. It also has an integrated sawing function for cutting back thicker branches, while its blade tip protects the blade from wear and tear when the trimmer is being used close to walls, paths, and fences.

Defined as a lightweight trimmer, with a weight of just under 3kg, it prevents its user from putting additional strain on their arms and lower back.


  • Anti-jam or block system
  • Transparent hand guard; great design for allowing safety while cutting overhead
  • 40-minute runtime and quick charging time of 1 hour
  • Lightweight and easy to transport
  • Automatic shut off if the branch is too thick to minimise blade damage
  • Dual action blade


  • Not suitable for more established hedges due to blade size; ideal for small to medium sized
  • The on-off trigger can be fiddly; has to be held all the way in to turn it on


Remember, when picking your trimmer, make sure it is fit for purpose with your hedge; purchasing a blade that is thicker than you need may seem like a good idea for use on medium or smaller hedges but it can cause damage to the branches and stunt the hedges growth.

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