Best 5 In 1 Petrol Multi-Tool – Reviews [2019 – 2020]

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Best 5 In 1 Petrol Multi-Tool Reviews

Like most things in life, simplicity is best, especially when it comes to purchasing multiple tools for your back garden.

When you purchase any piece of equipment, like a lawnmower, you will inevitably have one question in your head ‘How often am I going to use it?’

You want value for money and if you have a smaller garden, with minimal lawn, you aren’t going to purchase a petrol-powered mower with a 50-litre grass collection; it would make no sense and be very expensive too!

The Multi-Tool

If you are pressed for space in your back garden, only require a bit of simple maintenance every few weeks and don’t have to take on a particularly stubborn bramble bush, a 5 in 1 multi-tool may be the best option.

Multi-tools offer versatility as well as flexibility to help you complete multiple garden tasks.

Many options that feature a petrol mower also come equipped with a harness, to help support your back during use.

They are also easily more budget-friendly than buying 5 separate pieces of equipment but as with all garden tools, be aware that you usually get what you pay for.

It is worth noting that while multi-tools are cheaper than purchasing multiple items and save space in your shed, they are only really designed for occasional use.

If you need no repeat one garden task multiple times, like hedge trimming, you may find it more beneficial to purchase an actual hedge trimmer.

Common Features of a 5 in 1 Multi-Tool

While there may be minor variations among competing brands, most 5 in 1 garden multitools combine the same 5 pieces of garden equipment.

Hedge Trimmer

Sizes of this tool will vary but many will have a long reach feature with a double-edged blade. Be careful though, very few multitool hedge trimmers will be able to cut through thick branches or have a built-in anti-jam feature.

Strimmer Head

The strimmer’s typically featured in a multitool do not differ greatly from regular strimmer’s but it a similar vein to the hedge trimmer, they may be unable to cope with dense vegetation. The strimmer head is interchangeable with the brush cutter and can be usually be changed without issue.

Steel Blade Brush Cutter

Always a bit harder than the strimmer, brush cutters make quick work of heavy foliage and even small branches. Most multitool brush cutters either feature a double-sided cutting blade or one that has multiple teeth.


A 2 in 1 pruner and chainsaw is a typical feature of many multitools. Designed for cutting down small to medium branches from trees and shrubs, this is very hand for keeping your trees in great shape.

*SAFETY TIP* Whenever you are cutting down branches in a garden, always ensure you are wearing a helmet, closed shoes and that the area around you is clear to prevent injury.

Always cut the branches to the smallest size possible to reduce weight.

Long Reach Extension Pole

If your garden has a lot of hard to reach areas or your mobility is limited, you will find the extension pole very handy. It is designed to not only extend the reach of the pruner/chainsaw but also extends the reach of all the other tools too.

To help you decide which multitool is best suited for your garden, we reviewed 3 of the leading petrol-based competitors to see which offers the best value for money and which is most fit for purpose.

Dealourus 2019 52cc 5 in 1 Long Reach Petrol Multi-Functional Garden Tool

Fitted with a high-performance engine, the Dealourus multi-function tool boasts being the most versatile tool you can buy.

Quick to assemble and easy to change between tools, this long reaching piece of garden equipment will save you time and money with your backyard maintenance.

Its simple design allows you to quickly and easily change between the multiple tool function without wasting time; a really great time saver.


  • Good price
  • Easy to assemble
  • Very powerful; cuts through medium sized branches with ease
  • Quick and easy changes between tools with minimal fiddling; great time saver


  • Very heavy
  • When tools are extended, accuracy is difficult to predict
  • The engine may overheat quickly

UWINGARDEN Petrol Multi Tool

This 5 in 1 multi-tool is a high-quality product, which is easy to assemble and does not waste petrol performing garden tasks.

With the added feature of a free tool kit to help you put it together, you will save time and money putting it together and can get on with the more important parts of your day.

The adjustable harness provides your back, shoulders and arms with support during usage, preventing any long-term injury and helping you support the wieight of the tool with ease.


  • All tools very powerful and fit for purpose
  • Easy assembly
  • High performance without using too much petrol
  • Good price


  • Power trigger prone to sticking
  • Poor assembly instructions; could lead to malfunction or injury
  • Petrol may leak when the product is held at an angle
  • Very heavy
  • Changing between tools may be tricky
  • Requires more maintenance regarding joints needing greasing

BU-KO 2019 52cc Long Reach Petrol Multi-Functional Garden Tool

Hardy enough to handle both commercial and domestic garden tasks, this garden tool is extremely powerful for its size.

With its large engine capacity, you are free to complete your garden chores in minimal time without having to stop to refuel.

Its easy assembly is matched on by its ease of use, with an easy design to allow you to interchange between tools without too much fiddling.

The additional adjustable harness allows you to complete all your garden chores with minimal strain while also preventing any long term injuries.


  • Powerful engine for its size
  • A free tool kit to aid assembly
  • Large engine capacity to prevent excess oil changes; saves time
  • All tools good at aiding with regular maintenance


  • Instructions not clear regarding assembly or tool change
  • Assembly may be difficult
  • Very heavy
  • The harness does not provide the required support; increasing risk of serious muscle strain or sudden injury

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