Top Trees For Small Gardens - Our Picks

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Top Trees For Small Gardens - Our Picks

If you have a small garden, then you probably think that your options are fairly limited in terms of plants that you can grow. However, with a little creativity, you can grow all sorts of different things, including certain trees. Trees and bushes offer more privacy and really bring your garden to life. With this in mind, please read on below to see our top choices for trees for small gardens.

Ornamental Cherry Tree

Cherry trees have a beautiful pink bloom that looks great in the garden. However, a standard cherry tree is not going to be ideal if you are lacking space in your garden. Fortunately, you can get an ornamental version. These trees will still grow quite a lot, but not to the extent where it will take over your garden. By carrying out ornamental cherry tree pruning between October and November, you can keep it under control and make sure it blooms year after year.

Japanese Maple Tree

Japanese maple trees are commonly grown in Asian countries, but they grow perfectly well in the United Kingdom too. These trees grow gorgeous deep red leaves that will really make your garden stand out. The good news is that they are fairly small in size, so you don’t have to worry about them growing out of control. Heavy Japanese maple tree pruning should be carried out between late autumn and early winter.

Crab Apple Tree

Crab apple trees are great, when it comes to saving space in your garden. The great thing about these trees is that they are brilliant for wildlife. As well as this, the fruit that grows on them can be used to make things like crab apple cider or crab apple jam. By keeping on top of pruning, you can make sure that your trees grow back year after year and they will produce an abundance of fruit.

Holly Tree

British holly bushes make a great addition to any garden. Each winter they will produce bright red berries and glossy leaves. These trees are particularly good if you enjoy crafting as they can be great for homemade Christmas decorations like wreathes for your front door. It is important to keep on top of pruning if you want to make sure that the plant grows properly.

Peach Tree

Many people wrongly assume that peach trees will only grow in warmer countries. However, they are actually far more resilient than most people think and will, in fact, produce fruit when grown in the United Kingdom. You simply need to make sure that you plant them in an area where they are going to get plenty of sunshine. Peach tree pruning should be carried out around mid-February for the best results.

Fig Tree

Fig trees are not known for producing reliable fruit crops in the United Kingdom, but it is possible. Even if they don’t produce much fruit, they still look great. If you have a small garden, then the fig tree is a great option to consider. Fig tree pruning should ideally be carried out during the winter months. This will ensure that any fruit that is growing doesn’t get killed off and prevents the risk of killing off any future crops.

Birch Tree

Birch trees are great in all types of garden. However, if you have a small garden then you should make sure that you are buying the right variety because some of them can grow to up to 30m which isn’t going to work if you are lacking space. There are several varieties that you can plant which will grow to a much smaller height which would be perfect. Birch tree pruning is something that many people get wrong. A lot of people think that you should prune them during the winter. However, this isn’t the case. For the best results, prune your birch trees in late summer to early autumn.

Red Robin Tree

The red robin tree is not as common in British gardens as some of the others on our list, but it is a great option if you are low on space. With contrasting red and green, these trees look great all year around. In terms of red robin tree pruning, you can do maintenance pruning at any time of the year, up to three times a year, and proper pruning during the winter months when the tree is dormant.

Purple Birch Tree

If you want to add some extra colour to your garden then the purple birch tree is a great choice. It has beautiful dark red and purple leaves that will bring your garden to life. In order to keep your purple birch growing healthily, you should make sure that you prune it between late winter and early spring to get the best results possible.

These are just a couple of options, in terms of the best trees for small gardens; there are hundreds of others too. If you want to make sure that your trees don’t overtake your garden and they remain healthy, then you should make sure that you know the best methods and best times of year to prune them. Each tree will require different maintenance, so it is important to research them. As long as you carry out regular pruning, then your trees should grow to a healthy height and keep your garden looking fantastic all year around.

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