How To Fix Wobbly Lawn Mower Wheels - Find Out Here!

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How To Fix Wobbly Lawn Mower Wheels - Find Out Here!

Our Best Guide To Fixing Wobbly Lawn Mower Wheels (Quick Fix!)

Loose wheels can be common with lawnmower wheels, whether they are a type of wheels built with ball bearings or simply regular spinning wheels, they can become loose and wobbly over time, causing an uneven cut on your lawn. 

Most of the time, a worn-out wheel bearing will be the cause for wobbly types of wheels, this can easily be fixed however by tightening or replacing the metal wheel bolt, or buying a whole new replacement wheel if needed.

We've put a short step by step explanation as to how you can fix the lawn mower wheel issue on your model below. 

Symptoms Of a Wobbly Wheel On a Lawnmower 

If you think the wheels of your lawnmower have become loose, then you are probably feeling a shake in the handles of your mower as you use it, you may have these symptoms too - 

  • Side to side wobble in your mower. 
  • Vibrating handlebar. 
  • Uneven cut. 
  • Rattling noise coming from the wheels.

Our Step By Step Guide To Fixing Wobbly Lawn Mower Wheels On Your Mower 

To fix the loose types of wheels on your lawn mower you need to determine whether or not there is physical damage to the wheel assembly on the mower or wheel bearing, if there is, then you will need to replace the whole loose front wheel on the lawnmower, if not, follow the steps below to tighten it up for a quick fix. 

  • Step One - Disconnect the spark plug on your lawnmower to eliminate the risk of an accidental start-up happening while you are using the lawnmower. 
  • Step Two - Gain access to the underside of your lawnmower by tipping it with the air filter facing up to prevent leakage of fuel and oil. 
  • Step Three - Grab the right sized socket wrench and tighten the wheel hub bearing on the loose wheel, then give it a spin to determine whether or not the wheel is still loose or too tight.
  • Step Four - Once tightened, reconnect the spark plug and try your mower out to see if it still feels wobbly.

Final Words 

Overall, fixing wobbly wheels on your mower is nothing to worry about and bearings can be tightened quickly with a socket wrench if they become loose again when used on rough terrain, if your wheels are damaged, however, you may require a replacement. 

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