Hedge Care

7 Steps to Repair a Cut Cable on Your Hedge Trimmer

Discover how to breathe new life into your hedge trimmer by following these 7 straightforward steps to repair a cut cable.
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A Practical Guide to Determining Who Is Responsible for Cutting Boundary Hedges

Identify the surprising factors that determine hedge ownership and maintenance responsibilities to avoid costly disputes with your neighbors.
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Box Hedge Trimming Mastery: Timing Your Cuts in 3 Steps

Ideal box hedge trimming requires precision and patience, but with these 3 simple steps, you'll be on your way to a perfectly manicured masterpiece.
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Can Hedge Trimmers Cut Branches?

Cutting beyond a hedge trimmer's capacity can lead to damage and inefficiency, so what's the secret to trimming tree branches like a pro?
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Can You Cut a Beech Hedge in Winter?

Winter is the perfect time to prune your beech hedge, but will you make the most of this opportunity to shape its future growth?
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Do I Have to Cut the Hedge on My Neighbor's Side?

Maintaining a harmonious relationship with your neighbor depends on understanding your responsibilities for trimming the hedge on their side.
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Farmers' Guide: Best Times to Cut Hedges

Nurturing nature and maintaining your farm's beauty requires strategic hedge cutting, but when is the best time to trim without harming wildlife?
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How Often Should You Trim Your Hedges?

Maintain your hedges' shape and health by discovering the ideal trimming frequency for your specific hedge type and growth rate.
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How to Determine the Best Time to Cut Your Beech Hedge: 3 Key Steps

Discover the secrets to a thriving beech hedge by learning when to prune for optimal growth and shape, and how to avoid common mistakes.
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How to Properly Prune Conifer Hedges: Timing and Techniques

Schedule pruning sessions strategically to unlock your conifer hedge's full potential and avoid costly mistakes.
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