Best Lawn Mower For Smaller Gardens For The Money 2023 - 2024

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The Best Lawnmower For Your Small Garden Reviews & Buying Guide

Many people assume that small gardens don't need as much maintenance as larger lawns do, but, the reality is to keep a small-sized lawn looking tidy, you need to be mowing the grass regularly just as you would be with any garden. 

One of the advantages however of buying a mower for a smaller garden, is that these lawnmowers don't need to be too heavy-duty, meaning they are more affordable (unless you have very tall uncut grass).

They also don't have to be a self-propelled petrol mower, other options such as electric compact mower models can work better for these sized gardens.

To pick the right type of mower for your small garden, however, can be a challenge, with the vast amount of the market, deciding what features are important and what's not for your lawnmower is a difficult choice. 

So to make your life easier, we have rounded up the best lawn mowers on the market and reviewed them below to help you figure out which lawnmower is right for you. 

Our Top Lawnmower For Your Small Garden -

The Yard Force 40V 32cm Cordless Lawnmower (Editor's Pick)

If you are looking for a cordless mower rather than corded lawn mowers, it could be worth checking out this model by Yard Force. 

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The cordless lawn mower features a 32cm cutting width and operates as a battery-powered mower by using its 40V Samsung lithium-ion battery. A rear roller is included in the design of this model for creating stripes on your small lawn and it has variable cutting heights which range from 20-60mm. 

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Design-wise the battery lawn mower has soft grip handles and side combs that allow the mower to cut patches of grass right up to the edge and it comes with a 30L grass bag to collect trimmings.

A 2 + 1-year warranty is further included with a cordless model. 


To conclude, this Yard Force is a popular choice for people who want to be mowing their lawn grass without corded restrictions. 

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Its battery-powered design not only removes trailing cables from your path when mowing but also makes the mower very portable and lightweight with its soft-grip plastic handles, we also like this Yard Force model due to its quick charging system which allows you to recharge mowing time quickly. 

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Downfalls of this Lawnmower have to be its power which is said to struggle slightly when mowing a thick patch of grass, the grass box is additionally said to be difficult to empty and can release some grass trimmings when in use. 

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  • Cordless design battery mower. 
  • Quick charging time. 
  • Lightweight with plastic handles for carrying. 
  • 30L grass box. 
  • Rear roller for a striped effect. 
  • 32cm steel cutting blade is perfect for small lawn grass.


  • May struggle on tall thick grass. 
  • Grass box is hard to empty and can leak grass trimmings on bumpy ground. 

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Our Powerful Runner Up! - Bosch Lawnmower UniversalRotak 550 

Bosch is very well-known in the lawnmower industry for creating reliable mowers with durable features, no matter the grass conditions you have. 

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Feature-wise, this Bosch lawnmower Rotak 500 model, in particular, has a 1300 watt motor power and a 36cm steel blades cutting width, making the model suitable for medium lawns as well as small. The mower has six height settings included which can be adjusted via its lever, these range from 25-70mm.

Design-wise, Bosch Rotak electric lawn mower comes with a grass box of 40L for collecting grass clippings and is made with an ergonomic design that features ergo flex handles for better control of the mower and an easy start. 

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The Bosch Rotak mower is entirely collapsible for storage too and can mulch leaves due to its special LeafCollect blade. It is recommended that this can cut lawns of up to 550m2 and it has a lightweight of only 13.5kg. 

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Overall, this electric mower Bosch has produced is a great choice if you are looking for a fair price mower that can cut medium-small sized lawns without tiring you out thanks to its lightweight. 

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This mower is also excellent for cutting lawn edges due to its grass combs and has easy manoeuvrability with ergonomic handles. 

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Downfalls of this Bosch Rotak model are the grass collection basket which is reported to not fit properly on the electric mower and leak grass cuttings as you use it. The mower is said to have a very short metre cable for power which can restrict when mowing.

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  • Affordable price. 
  • Popular choice for small/medium lawns. 
  • Lightweight lawnmower.
  • 40L grass carrying capacity. 
  • Space-saving foldable design. 
  • Powerful motor. 
  • Ergonomic. 
  • Six cutting heights.


  • The grass collector leaks grass clippings. 
  • Shorted corded cable.

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Hyundai HYM3300E 33cm Electric Lawn Mower 

If your looking for a lower price yet high-quality lawnmower it could be worth checking out this electric lawn mowers model by Hyundai. 

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Main specs of this model are a 1200 watt motor and a metal cutting blade width of 33cm, the Hyundai model additionally comes with a roller to get that striped finish on the ground and uses three different adjustable cutting heights ranging from 20mm-60mm to tackle different lawn heights. 

[aawp fields="B0883BD7H5" value="thumb" image_size="large" image="2"]

Other notable features of this lawnmower are its 30L grass carrying capacity double folding handles which allow you to store the lawnmower more compact, the model further has a quick-release mulching plug and 10-metre power cable. 

The overall weight of this Hyundai model is only 9kg and it comes with a three-year warranty upon purchase for buyers confidence. 

[aawp fields="B0883BD7H5" value="thumb" image_size="large" image="3"]


To conclude, this small Hyundai lightweight lawnmower is a great corded mower to choose if you have an even level lawn ground and want to get into the tight spaces and edges with your mower thanks to its small design. 

[aawp fields="B0883BD7H5" value="thumb" image_size="large" image="4"]

This Hyundai model also has some nice feature specs such as its mulching feature and fairly high watt motor which makes the overall lawnmower great value for money considering its low price. 

[aawp fields="B0883BD7H5" value="thumb" image_size="large" image="5"]

Negatives of this model are height adjustable mechanism which is said to be very difficult to set, the mower is also said to perform very badly on the bumpy ground or overgrown lawns due to its lack of power from the motor. 

[aawp fields="B0883BD7H5" value="thumb" image_size="large" image="6"]


  • Low price. 
  • Mulching feature. 
  • 30L grass box. 
  • Lightweight lawnmower. 
  • Fold handles allow for easy storage.
  • Adjustable cutting heights. 
  • Three-year warranty. 


  • Not good for uneven ground. 
  • Height adjustable mechanism for cutting is difficult to set. 

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Flymo Speedi-Mo 360VC Electric Rotary Lawn Mower

Flymo similarly to Bosch are also very popular in the lawnmower market and tend to excel when it comes to making compact mowers. 

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Notable features of this Flymo rotary mowers model are its 1500 watt motor and 36cm cutting width, the electric model additionally has cutting adjustment heights that go from 20-60mm depending on the type of lawn you are mowing. 

Design-wise this rotary mowers weight comes in at only 11.5kg and is perfect for cutting medium-sized lawn types or smaller ones. It additionally holds a 40L grass box for collecting grass trimmings and is easy to carry thanks to its folding handles. 

[aawp fields="B086X1XNXJ" value="thumb" image_size="large" image="2"]

A vision window is further added with this rotary lawnmowers model as a grass level indicator and it uses a 12-metre power cord. 

[aawp fields="B086X1XNXJ" value="thumb" image_size="large" image="3"]


The Flymo Speedi-Mo rotary lawnmower is one of the best lighter models on our list and is perfect to use if you want to avoid the weight of heavy petrol lawnmower types, it has a carrying handle and a great length of power cord for flexibility when mowing. 

[aawp fields="B086X1XNXJ" value="thumb" image_size="large" image="4"]

We also like this Flymo model due to its range of cutting heights which allows the sharp blades to deal with not only average lawn grass, but also tougher dry grass.

[aawp fields="B086X1XNXJ" value="thumb" image_size="large" image="5"]

Downfalls of the Flymo model have to be its warranty which is said to not cover a lot of parts on the design, the lawnmower is additionally said to have quite a poor build quality. 

[aawp fields="B086X1XNXJ" value="thumb" image_size="large" image="6"]


  • Great range of cutting heights. 
  • Perfect cutting width for small gardens and medium gardens. 
  • Foldable handle. 
  • Very lightweight. 
  • 12m power cord. 
  • Cushion of air for better manoeuvrability. 
  • 40L grass carrying capacity. 
  • Vison window as a grass level indicator. 


  • Poor warranty. 
  • Not the best build quality. 

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Einhell GE-EM 1233 1250W Electric Lawn Mower

This Einhell GE-EM 1233 electric mower is one of the cheapest lawnmowers on our list in comparison to previous models. 

[aawp fields="B00ID7EOOK" value="thumb" image_size="large" image="1"]

Main specs of this model are its 1250W motor and 33cm cutting width from the horizontal blade which makes it suitable for small gardens. The mowing height has different adjustments ranging from 20-60mm and it has a grass carrying capacity of 30L. 

Carrying handles are additionally integrated into the design of this Einhell mower along with a cable relief clip to protect the cable from damage. Wide wheel sizes also make the model easier to move in a small space and is all supported by its plastic housing. 

The overall weight of this Einhell mower is 11.1kg and it comes with a one-year warranty. 

[aawp fields="B00ID7EOOK" value="thumb" image_size="large" image="2"]


Overall, if you on a budget and need a reliable mower to cut your small flat lawns then this Einhell lawnmower is highly recommended. 

[aawp fields="B00ID7EOOK" value="thumb" image_size="large" image="3"]

The mower can handle up to 300 metres of squared gardens and long grass with ease thanks to its range of five different cutting heights. Its design is also said to be very easy to assemble and able to handle dry grass conditions or wet patches of grass with no problems. 

[aawp fields="B00ID7EOOK" value="thumb" image_size="large" image="4"]

Drawbacks of this lawnmower have to be its cable length which is said to be a little short, the mowers motor is additionally said to be quite noisy in comparison to other corded mower models. 

[aawp fields="B00ID7EOOK" value="thumb" image_size="large" image="5"]


  • Low price. 
  • Great for small gardens. 
  • Variable cutting heights. 
  • Edge cutting deck. 
  • Adjustable handles. 
  • Lightweight. 
  • One-year warranty. 
  • Wide rear wheels. 
  • Grass box of 30L.


  • Short cable length. 
  • Noisy operation. 

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Our Verdict - Which Is The Best Lawn Mower For Small Gardens?

To conclude, after we have compared our best lawn mower reviews for small gardens, we can confidently say the top model on our list for cutting your small garden is the Yard Force Cordless Lawnmower. 

We rate this cordless battery lawnmower as our number one thanks to its reliable design and quick charging battery which gives you more minutes of mowing, making it ideal for use on small backyard gardens that don't need too much power. 

This mower additionally comes with all the key features you need such as variable cutting heights and is a good choice for professionals who want that neat edge and striped effect on their small garden. 

As a runner up, we would also suggest considering the Bosch Lawnmower Universal Rotak 550 model if you are after a little more power. This Bosch model has preferred height adjustments which range up to 70mm along with the ability to cut gardens up to medium size, not just small thanks to its 36cm steel cutting blade.

What To Look For In The Best Lawnmower For Mowing Small Gardens (Our Best Buying Guide)

Now we have found our top two lawnmowers for mowing your small lawn, it's a good idea to get to know the essential features you need to be looking for in one of these smaller sized models, we have also listed out some tips for mowing your small-sized lawn in our buying guide below, so as you can be using your new small mower in the most effective way possible for your lawn. 

So without further ado, let's get into our buying guide!

Best Features To Consider In a Lawn Mower For Small Types Of Lawn

From the right sized cutting width to variable cutting height adjustments, there are some essential features you should be considering in your lawnmower to ensure it will give you the best cut on your lawn. 

We have listed out the most important features for you to consider in your small-sized mower below so as you can know exactly what to look for in your best powerful mower.

  • The type of mower - Whether you choose a corded electric mower, a cordless battery mower or petrol-powered mowers, you should consider which type will suit your garden best. In general, most people recommend going with a battery or corded model for a smaller lawn as you will not require too much power to mow with. If you choose a battery mower just ensure it has equal power to a corded one.
  • Rotary or cylinder - For a small garden size and a low typical price, the majority of electric mowers will come with rotary blades rather than a cylinder of blades. Cylinder mowers tend to be quite expensive and aren't suitable for dealing with a variety of lawn types like rotary mowers are. 
  • Cutting width - The lawn size will determine how big the cutting blade on your mower needs to be, bigger types of lawn will need a cutting width of around 40-50cm, while small lawns will be able to get away with a width of 30-40cm, small widths can help you fit into smaller spaces, while bigger widths will speed up your mowing time, so it's best to get one suited to your style of garden.
  • Cutting heights - Having a range of cutting heights on your model is essential if you want to be able to mow a variety of grass heights without struggle, the lowest setting will allow you to maintain your lawn while the highest can help you tackle an overgrown grass patch. Mowing at the correct height level is essential for the health of your garden.
  • Power - Whether you choose an electric or battery mower, you should consider how many watts the motor comes with as this will affect its total power, battery capacity is also something to look out for on a cordless model as the larger it is, the longer you can mow for without charging.
  • Grass capacity - For collecting grass trimmings if you are not mulching, you will need to ensure that your model comes with an adequate grass box capacity so as you don't have to empty it too often. Your grass box should always be able to hold above 25L grass for small gardens.
  • Extra features - Mulching features and side combs can be great extras to look for on your mower if you want to fertilise your lawn while mowing as well as reach the edge of flower beds without hassle.
  • Weight - Compared to petrol-powered lawnmowers, electric models don't tend to weigh too much, but you should still consider the overall weight, especially if it is not a self-propelled lawnmower and requires push effort. You should ideally look for a weight of under 13kg for a small-sized lawnmower.
  • Warranty - Like most of the previous models we reviewed above, your typical mower should come with at least a one-year warranty, however, some models can even have a 5-year warranty which is useful in case any parts go wrong with your electric model.

Tips For Using a Lawnmower On a Small Garden

Anyone can mow a lawn, but only some people can mow a lawn well and give it that professionally manicured look, so to help you get the best cut on your small garden we have listed a few of our favourite tips below. 

  • Mow dry grass - Mowing your small garden when its wet can clog up the storage space in the grass box and give an uneven cut, the golden time to mow tend to be evening, as the ground will typically be dry and there is less heat, giving the grass a longer recovery time before the sun comes out again.
  • Start with a high cutting size - Only cut the top 1/3 of your grass blades at all times, this means having your mower set on the highest preferred height for your lawn type at all times, scalping the grass can severely damage it and result in an unhealthy garden.
  • Mulch on your lawn - Mulching allows you to have to empty your grass box and is a great natural fertiliser for your lawn.
  • Keep the blades sharp - Dull blades can tear your lawn and make it look weaker, always sharpen your blades when needed or after 25 hours of mowing time each season.

Frequently Asked Questions About Lawnmowers For Small Gardens

Can I use a small mower on the bumpy ground? 

This depends on just how much the bumpy ground is uneven, uneven grounds may cause issues for manual mowers, but most electric models should be able to handle it. For very uneven ground you may want to try petrol-driven mowers.

Is a manual garden lawnmower more difficult than self-propelled mowers?

A manual garden lawnmower is better for small gardens than self-propelled as the user doesn't need to put too much effort into mowing, however, for gardens on a slope, a self-propelled mower could come in handy.

What size cutting width should I get for a 300 square metres garden? 

For 300 square metres, cutting size of around 40cm should be sufficient.

How do I create stripes on my lawn with a small mower?

You can create stripes on your lawn only if your mower comes with a roller, this tends to be the choice for professionals as it gives a neat finish to a strip of grass.

What is a robotic lawnmower?

Robot lawnmowers don't need any user interference and mow your lawn for you by creating borders in their system.

Our #1 Lawn Mower For Cutting Small Gardens Professionally

Our number one lawnmower for cutting your small garden is the Yard Force Cordless Lawnmower thanks to its cordless design which makes the mower less restrictive and perfect for small lawns, the mower additionally has high-quality features all for an affordable price. 

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For an alternative, our second choice was the Bosch Lawnmower Universal Rotak 550 as it is more powerful and a little more suited to heavy-duty mowing. 

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