About Me!

JAMES L. JENNINGS Profile PicHey all Im James and I love gardening.

I am also a family man, a loving husband and a father to 2 amazing (yet very energetic kids!).

My father, and his father before him, and his father; for the past 3 generations, my family have always been into gardening. The green fingers is a gift passed down to me and I thoroughly enjoy it!

I also have worked in the manufacturing department for Bosch and DeWalt so I like to think I know a thing or two about tools and such!

Combine my upbringing in the world of gardening and years of professional experience in the technical department of two of the largest tool manufacturers in the planet, I like to think I have enough to give you fair and unbiased reviews.

On this site, I work with my Writers who are also vetted by me personally on their expertise on gardening and power tools.

We earn a small commission on the products we recommend and this is at no extra cost to you.

Please let me know if you have any questions or requests here.